Website ranking factors update specifically in 2017 most webmasters and SEO experts should be aware of to focus their SEO marketing efforts most efficiently.

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Website ranking factors can be intimidating to many webmasters. Although many SEO experts are correct in their detailed analysis of Google ranking factors, most webmasters can get by if focusing on the most important SEO strategies. Many of you may remember when Backlinko’s Brian Dean listed 200 Google ranking factors several years ago. Most webmasters who read this post have to agree that this was very impressive. In fact, it probably makes many webmasters wonder if they can ever follow all these SEO strategies to implement effective search engine optimization. We are here to tell you to not worry. SEO is just not that complicated. You really do not need to implement all 200 Google ranking factors Brian Dean was correctly told you about. This is not to dismiss his great work. This is a great SEO reference for all webmasters who want to learn search engine marketing and event for SEO experts.

How many of these website ranking factors you need to use will depend on your goals and time you can dedicate to SEO marketing. Today we are here to tell you that you can still get laser-targeted traffic with just 4 to 10 most crucial website ranking factors. The fact is, the top search engines do not consider these website ranking factors to have the same weight. As a result, you can increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts by focusing on the most important SEO ranking factors. Of course, you have to keep in mind that search engine optimization is a dynamic process which, therefore, changes over time. We will provide updates as needed when significant changes in these website ranking factors occur. So let’s review a few important SEO ranking factors that can give you the most bang for your bucks. Of course, you have to always remember some basic SEO principles such as SEO title, description (meta tags), and sitemap. These website ranking factors can be verified on Backlinko, SEO Power Suite, Search metrics, and other authoritative websites.

So let us go over the most crucial website ranking factors you can use as SEO strategies to optimize your website toward targeted visitors for high SEO ROI.

  1. The first SEO ranking factor is content

It true as they say: “content is king.” Notice that a year ago, keyword at the beginning of your title tag was the first most important SEO ranking factor. Google’s Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsey admits that content is one of the most crucial Google ranking factors. This should not come to you as a surprise, as there has been an increasingly big emphasis on content months after months. So it was a matter of time before content overtakes the keyword-centered SEO ranking. It is also important to be aware of the fact that the top search engines have been also shifting toward natural, human-written content for a while. You also probably know that many Internet marketers tend to replicate pre-existing content by using article spinner software.  That will probably become problematic for many webmasters. These robot-generated articles will also turn off visitors unless they are edited by humans to make sense. In addition to being comprehensive, your content should not be short. Although 300-to 600 words are acceptable, you should try to go much further –perhaps closer to 1000-1500 words. The top search engines consider longer articles as being more detailed and, therefore, probably more relevant.

  1. SEO organic backlinks
SEO backlink tool Magic submitter, only tool for natural contextual link building campaigns

Magic Submitter is an SEO backlink tool, one of the few SEO tools to harvest natural contextual link building campaigns (progressively)

Backlinks or natural link building is for sure one of the most crucial website ranking factors. However, bad practices by webmasters to get an unfair advantage in search engine ranking has led Google to penalize webmasters who use spammy backlinks. Hence, for your backlinks to be useful, they must consist of a progressive organic link building process. The best way to build your one-way-links naturally is to have regular, good content your visitors are crazy about. People who visit your website content will share it to their friends on social media and other websites. That is if they like it! Do you notice how we have to refer to good content? That is why content is king! The other interesting thing is that those links will be shared most likely on other popular websites. That means your links are shared on websites with high domain authority. We will discuss domain authority soon in another article. Make sure you are visible on Facebook or other top social media websites. Google still appreciates Facebook as an important social media site for important link sharing. Please do not forget Google+!

How can you execute good link building campaigns to optimize your SEO efforts for website ranking?

Again the first thing to do is to create regular high-quality content that are of interest to your users. Once your website visitors are interested, then they will share your links to friends and domain-authoritative websites or social media. One way to generate good content is to get ideas from good articles and rewrite something as good or better on the same topic.

  • Now you can start promoting your websites using the SEO strategies described here in this article or elsewhere on via search engine submission and SEO tools. Some link auditing software tools and Google search console are good first steps. You may also contact high-quality partners for backlinks. You may find a software tool like IBP quite useful for such a task.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly

    Internet Business Promoter, the ultimate search engine optimization or SEO optimization tool for internet marketing success

    Internet Business Promoter or IBP is an effective search engine optimization seo tool for site auditing, SEO tasks to perform, search engine submission, and how to contact relevant webmasters for link building

  • If you are using WordPress, it is quite easy to find premium responsive themes from WordPress developers such as Studiopress, Cyberchimps, Happy themes, and others… This is very important, as Google has shifted towards mobile-first indexing. Remember more people own a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer. So mobile-first is how you should approach your website. Responsive wordPress sites are automatically mobile-compatible. SO there is no problem using WordPress. Do not publish your website until it is done. Google does not like broken links or information that makes no sense. So remember to use Google search console when you are done.

3. Other factors such as main keyword phrase at the beginning of your title tag and SEO title; H tags such as H1, H2 are still important; page loading speed is crucial to both SEO and your visitors. A slow-loading website is not considerate to its visitors. Use a fast web host. A cost-effective vps is a sound investment! Interserver offers a cloud vps starting at just $6 per month, and you can increase your power and disk space every $6 you spend. If you use wordPress, host your website with a WP Engine. Hosting WordPress sites is what they do for living.

  • Take-home message on the most important Website ranking factors 2017 update

SEO is a dynamic and continuous process. Your SEO results will change every single day. If you do not keep up, your ranking will automatically go down. Whether it is content or link building, every day or at least every week, something must happen or you will see the consequence either way. So build high-quality backlinks and fresh good content that has value to your visitors. Submit your website to search engines and directories. Establish a social media presence, and use a high-quality web host for your website. That’s it! Share this web page ( to your friends and colleagues if you like it.

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