How to choose a winning Domain Name for your website SEO

Domain Name for your website SEO means nothing without careful branding. Learn how to choose a domain name coupled with branding to achieve great success. Domain name sounds familiar to most and can be easily purchased. Many years ago, the keyword-matched domain name you picked for your website used to have a much higher impact on search engine rankings. However, in 2012, Google realized that there are a lot of websites with appropriate domain names but not enough interesting content to keep visitors on the sites. Thus, Google decided to change that. As you know, keyword is key! Many website owners and webmasters realized that if the domain names matched the main keyword for their websites, that increases the chance that their websites would rank for that keyword. Therefore, business owners would develop the tendency to buy keyword-matched domain names (KMDN) for their sites, though with little focus on quality content. This was smart to do as KMDN was, by itself, an import…
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