How do you know that Shared Web Hosting is the right choice for your website?

Shared web hosting, unlike dedicated Web hosting, is delivered by a  web server which houses multiple websites. The benefit to shared web hosting is that it is inexpensive. Shared web hosting is incredibly affordable. It is possible for you to host a web site on a shared web server for less than $8 each calendar month in the majority of instances. Dedicated web hosting, however, might cost several $100 per month. What is the disadvantage of shared hosting? One drawback is possible lack of stability of your website. This is because the web server that host your website is also hosting many other sites. Therefore, the power of the web server such memory and processor speed is being used simultaneously by all those sites. This is something called server load which deleted CPU resources on a shared web server.  To illustrate  the problem with this type of web hosting, let's consider the following example. Let's say just one of the sites hosted on the shared web server is having a …
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