Website security plugin BLACKHOLE Pro

Blackhole Pro is a WordPress security plugin that automatically detects and traps bad bots in a virtual blackhole, where they are blocked from your website. Blackhole Pro is the solution to bad bots; say bye bye to them with Website security plugin Blackhole Pro. Bad bots are the worst. They do all sorts of nasty stuff and waste server resources. Blackhole Pro helps to stop bad bots and save server resources for legit visitors. Blackhole Pro adds a hidden link to your pages. You add a rule to your robots.txt that instructs bots to stay away. Good bots will obey the rule, but bad bots will ignore it and follow the link.. right into the blackhole trap. Once trapped, bad bots are blocked and denied further access to your entire site. Benefits include Stops leeches, scanners, and spammers; Saves server resources for humans and good botsImproves traffic quality and overall site security. There is a free and a premium version of Blackhole.  Click here to see the differences between…
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