Domain Authority or DA is not a new SEO concept, as many Internet marketers know. DA has always been an important website ranking factor. However, those who are new to search engine optimization may not quite understand its role in website ranking. So let us examine domain authority!

Domain authority, what is it exactly and  why is it important in SEO marketing for website ranking?

Your Domain authority is an important SEO optimization feature that can be assessed by certain websites. One such site is SEOMoz. Domain Authority of a website is the extent to which  its standing is valued in a particular industry. SEOMoz evaluates DA based on more than forty distinctive indicators. It uses  a scale of 1 to 100 to measure the domain authority of a website, indicating the lowest as 1 (website gives headache) and highest score as 100 (sensational).

What is the key to DA ranking?

SEOMoz considers Two fundamental mechanisms for its DA ranking: MozRank and MozTrust. An appreciation of these assessment indicators will definitely help you enhance your DA. MozRank is a multifaceted scientific algorithm which constitutes the foundation of the DA score of a website.

Link building is the key to this algorithm. When you build your SEO link building campaigns, you must consider two fundamental elements. The first one is the number of links found on external websites that refer back to your web pages. SEOMoz calls it quantitative authority. The second is the reputation of those websites that link to your site, which is referred to as qualitative authority. These two factors determine your website’s link popularity.What is Domain Authority or DA and why SEO MozRank is important in assessing search engine optimization or SEO marketing strategies for website ranking?

If you think about it, quantitative and qualitative authority represents how often another website uses yours as a reference. Furthermore, the importance of that website determines the weight of that reference. Considering the mean MozRank score is only 3, most websites on the internet do not carry a lot of weight. Therefore, when your MozRank is higher than 3, that makes your site quite special to your visitors. It means your website has a high trustworthiness. SEOMoz calls it MozTrust, and it could not be more appropriate

Now let us take a closer look at MozTrust.

It is based on “the distance of a web page from a trusted seed site”. Let us think about that for a moment. When a friend (A) introduces you to someone (B), your importance to Friend B will depend on how trustworthy Friend A is; how much authority or weight s/he carries. If  Friend A is a well known real estate investor, then this may suggest that you may be very important in real estate investing to be considered as a reference by Friend A. Your introduction to Friend B is duly noted! Does that make sense?

Having said that, there are a few things to consider. One is how long you have been around. Are you new to the field? Or Have you been around for a long time? That is your domain age. If people have known you in the field for a while, then your trustworthiness carries more weight, right?

So, here is the take home message:

    • Domain age means more domain authority.
    • The quality of your backlinks (the sites that refer others to your web pages) boosts your domain authority
    • Domain registration: Do not own one good-quality domain and a bunch of low DA ones. It may affect the DA of the domain you care about. You may also want to register your domain for multiple years. If your domain is about to expire, then it may imply that it is not that important to you. So keep this in mind!

So, what is important to you when building links?

    • Make sure you increase backlinks from high-quality websites related to your niche.
Exact Match Domain Authority Niche Site

Exact Match Domain Authority Niche Site: Live Like a King From Your Couch.

  • Be sure to build your links naturally over time; your backlinks should always be increasing, which indicates that your website is becoming more and more popular.
  • Strengthen your link diversity. If you are in real estate investing, your backlinks should not come only from foreclosure sites. It should come from sites of real estate brokers, lenders, general investing, real estate agents or agencies, etc.
  • Last: the most important thing is to provide high-quality content, and your visitors will come back often and refer your sites to friends on other related sites.

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Thank you for your attention!

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