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Easy Backlinks software is a link building tool for ranking high your youtube videos and your websites. Here are ways this software can help you do that.

Easy Backlinks software:

  1. Easy Backlinks software automatically creates accounts on 100s of websites for you
  2. It syndicates your website content to over 100 high PR websites generates high quality backlinks both instantly and progressively.
  3. Drip feeds your syndicated content over days/weeks/months for natural progressive link building
  4. Embeds your videos on Web 2.0 websites for generation of massive one-way links
  5. Syndicates content from your own RSS feeds
  6. Syndicates content to your blog network
  7. Easy Backlinks software is 100% web-based; absolutely no software to install
  8. There is no restriction on how many computers utilize your EasyBacklinks membership.  So feel free to allow your independent workers to access your account
  9. Due to the fact that EasyBacklinks is cloud based you will be able to utilize it on any computer or device.  You in no way have to download a thing
  10. Because the software continues to make improvements and create new features, you will become the first to know and obtain access without having to spend another single penny!
  11. Say goodbye to demanding captcha services, proxies, a VPS and paying a VA to create accounts for you. All is included with your membership at no extra charge
  12. The software developer has taken every precaution to ensure your website do not get de-indexed. De-indexing will not occur to you when you activate your EasyBacklinks subscription. There is no ‘spray-and-pray’ excessive speed back-linking which may get you into trouble with Google simply because your links are drip fed. There is also no tell-tale foot prints to give away your sites to Google. Used as recommended, EasyBacklinks will keep your websites really safe
  13. Do not forget: every little thing is taken care of for you with EasyBacklinks. Automatic account generation, content and video syndication, drip fed campaigns, RSS syndication and much more.


How to rank video in youtube using Easy Backlinks with Shortcuts

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