Google Adsense clone script is an ad server, a powerful ad management and ad serving script developed by Inout script, a brand of Nesote Technologies.

Google Adsense clone script by Inout, otherwise called Inout Adserver, is a powerful ad management and ad serving script for webmasters. Inout Adserver combines Adsense, Adwords, Adroll and many features centered in a business model ideal for starting small and scaling larger as the business grows. Take advantage of the most advanced and powerful ad serving script on the market along with its popular addons.

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Our powerful dashboard allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. All the functions you require to manage ads, Advertisers, Publishers and their revenue are incorporated into Inout Adserver. The advanced and powerful architecture design enables easy management of your Ad server saving you time, effort & money. Powerful revenue generating add-ons are available: CPM, CPI, CPA, HTML & Time Targeting Ads. Buy it once & own the most popular Advertiser-Publisher Networking script on the market. It means you can add unlimited amount of Publishers, advertisers and have as many impressions and clicks as you can handle. Feast your eyes on the most powerful ad server script on the market. Check out the Inout Adserver demo-.

Google Adsense clone script Value Add-ons

Inout Adserver comes with very powerful and popular add-ons that offer you amazing revenue opportunities. Some of the popular add-ons include Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) Ads, Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads, Cost Per Action (CPA) Ads, HTML Ads & Time Targeting Ads. Adserver is an ad serving script developed in PHP & MySQL for personal or small businesses. It allows its owners to start their own revenue generating ad serving business. We have combined cloned features of AdSense, AdRoll and AdWords into one script. Our powerful dashboard allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. Powerful revenue generating add-ons are available: CPM, CPI, CPA, HTML & Time Targeting Ads.

Google Adsense clone script Inout Adserver Features

 Inout Adserver and its three Editions boasts of a plethora of powerful features and functions that makes it the most successful ad serving script on the market.

Advertisers & Publishers Management

Manage progress and activity of both Advertisers and Publishers. Easily review Ads, view click and impression stats, track fraudulent clicks and payment/withdrawal. As your e-Business grows, you can continue to add more advertisers and publishers. Inout Adserver is designed to scale and deliver consistent performance as users and traffic increases.

Ads Management

Create text, banner, catalog and flash (swf) ads easily with Inout Adserver. Approve or Reject ads that are awaiting your approval. Easily find ads you are looking for from among thousands with search filter on keywords, target locations and statistics.

Ad blocks & Ad Display Management

The script owner can define custom Ad blocks (NO! They are not for blocking Ads). Ad blocks are defined parameters for an Ad Display Unit. Ad Display Units are ads that are displayed on Target Websites. Various options on ad display units are pre-defined but feel free to define your own parameters on your Inout Adserver.

Keyword Management

Manage your targeting keywords for the ad server by adding or restricting keywords against the ads. The right keywords may be used to efficiently target its market and undesirable keywords can prevent ads from being shown in those sites and save impresssions, thereby improving efficiency yet again.

Easy Ad Code Generation – Search & Display Network

Ad codes can easily be generated and they resemble Adsense codes (to improve familiarity). Ad sense codes operate differently for both Search and Content Display Ads. Keywords are used to target Search Ads whereas Content Display ads use meta content to display ads.

Fraudulent & Repetitive Click Tracking Mechanism

Integrity of the clicks are crucial. Inout Adserver can tell the clicks apart from one another based on its source. Ad tracking mechanism will detect clicks from publishers on the ads and it can capture repetitive clicks. It will also reject ad clicks that are coming from IPs were the ads where not displayed.

Ad Rotation for efficient Ad Management.

Over a period of time, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of Ads and it is difficult to manage them without automated Ad rotation. Ad rotation feature allows you to set preferences to ads based on clicks, counter, the age of the ads or a combination of these stats. Now your popular ads and/or new ads can be pushed more and your less popular ads to be posted less thereby increasing clicks for the publisher and greater visits for the advertisers. Everybody wins with ad rotation.

Single-sign-on Accounts

Inout Adserver allows you to run your system in single-sign-on mode wherein a single registration as well as a single login is enough to get access to both advertiser and publisher accounts. Needless to say, you can switch between single-sign-on and dual-sign-on any time.

Front-end Customization

Change the look and feel of the Inout Adserver script by adding elegant background images, advertiser image, publisher image and home page slide images, directly from admin area.

Coupon Codes for Advertisers

​Admin can define coupon codes for advertisers from his control panel. Advertisers can redeem these at the time of registration or adding funds. Adserver allows you to define single use and multi-use coupons which can be flat rate or percentage based. ​

Ads Re-targeting

This is an adroll clone feature where ads relating to a domain can be shown to their visitors in other websites they visit. Keep interesting audience alerted with this phenomenal ad re-targeting feature.

Lots more features here on the official website for Google Adsense clone script Inout Ad server

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