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About the company, the product and the founders

Link-Assistant.Com Company Description

Link-Assistant.Com is the maker of SEO PowerSuite – — the all-in-one SEO software for search marketers, digital agencies and bloggers. Link-Assistant.Com is a small and dedicated company that competes on software excellence and customer service.

The company embraces the changing role of SEO in today’s digital marketing world and believes that brands will keep relying on accurate SEO data to succeed online.

Link-Assistant.Com was started in 2004 by Viktar Khamianok and Aleh Barysevich with zero venture funding and has grown to a professional software house with 500,000 customers worldwide.

What about SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is the leading SEO software for online businesses, enabling them to easily perform multiple search engine optimization tasks as a system and with a strong reliance on accurate data.

SEO PowerSuite was created as a way to simplify SEO for non-professionals. Over the years, the toolkit has become one of the leading tools for improving web presence, trusted by SEO amateurs and geeks alike.

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The software is desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux). SEO PowerSuite is used by over 500,000 people (some from Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft, Disney, and Toshiba), including every 3rd SEO in the world.

SEO PowerSuite is a toolset made up of 4 individual programs — Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant — delivering best results when combined.

The software is available in 3 editions: Free (limited functionality, no time limits), Professional and Enterprise.

The founding story of Link-Assistant.Com’s SEO PowerSuite

Link-Assistant.Com started back in 2004 when two developers, Viktar Khamianok and Aleh Barysevich, decided to launch a custom software development business. They built a website and picked search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of attracting clients and improving their online presence.

At this point, Viktar and Aleh knew very little about SEO, but it didn’t take them long to realize that there was no comprehensive product on the market to take newbies like them by hand through the entire SEO process. They did find a bunch of small tools, each focusing on one SEO task. They found a great keyword research tool, a Google PageRank checker, another tool to spot broken links, but no one great product to do it all.

That’s when it hit them: THEY should develop the world’s greatest SEO software! So that was how the idea of Link-Assistant.Com was born.

A couple of days, nights, and gallons of coffee later, Viktar and Aleh came up with a prototype of the first app in the SEO PowerSuite series, a link building tool called LinkAssistant (hence the website and company name, Link-Assistant.Com).

They tried promoting their own site with LinkAssistant, and it worked great. They took it public and after a short beta stage attached a price tag to it. And you know what? It started selling like hotcakes! It was an incredible feeling the founders could hardly describe: joy, excitement and knowing they’re on the right path!

Then followed 10 amazing years of steep learning, getting the hang of SEO industry’s best practices, keeping up with innovation and constant changes in SEO, and implementing it all in the tools.

Link-Assistant.Com has grown from nothing into a professional software house with 4 great products on board of SEO PowerSuite. The company has upwards of 20 fantastic team members and 500,000 people from 173 countries who have used SEO PowerSuite over these years.

All of this has been made possible with zero venture funding. Just an idea, Viktar and Aleh’s love for code, their perfectionism in product creation, and a vision for making something great for all SEOs out there.

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