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hey everybody my name is Mark and I'm the newest team member here at Before we jump into today's class I'm going to take just a second to tell you a little bit more about myself so I've been a teacher in a variety of capacities pretty much my entire life and a couple of years ago I started my own web and graphic design business not long after I started

I met a guy named David Cox when he was starting pc classes online we hit it off right away and we started working on different projects together and as we worked together we learned that we had one major thing in common and that was our mutual love for teaching so this year when he asked me to join his team officially not only as a web and as a graphic designer but also as

a teacher I knew it was going to be a great fit and I was going to have a lot of fun so over the next couple of months i'm going to be teaching on a variety of different topics but i'm going to focus mainly on web design and specifically on wordpress so if you are going to be building a website for yourself or for your business chances are one of the first things you're going to need to do is to choose a theme now today i'm going to give you four tips that i think will help you make a great decision when you choose a theme and if you follow these tips i think you'll be able to choose a theme that's really going to serve you well for a long time and one that's going to make your money and your time well spent so

let's jump into today's class choosing a wordpress theme coming up next on pc classes online com Oh all right if you're watching this video chances are you're trying to build possibly your first wordpress website and that's awesome in fact you've probably already started looking at some themes that you want to build your website with but I'm going to ask you to hold on for just a second because today's class is going to give you

four tips that I think you should keep in mind when you look for a wordpress theme and if you keep these in mind I think you're going to make a lot better choice in the end now as I was preparing for today's class I thought of an analogy that I think might help you get your arms around why this is important the analogy is the supermarket now we all go to the supermarket

on a regular basis or at least somebody in our family goes to the supermarket on a regular basis because that's how all the food gets in the cupboard right so when we go to the supermarket we really should go with a list because if we don't go with a list chances are pretty high we're going to come home with a cartload of things we did not need and we're going to forget things

that were really important especially us guys because I know when I go to the supermarket it's almost a hundred percent guaranteed that I'm going to come home with things like Oreos and potato chips and soda and all kinds of things that I really don't need and I frequently forget the important things especially when I'm shopping when I'm hungry right well today I would like you to consider this list kind of your grocery list

for choosing a wordpress theme because if you use this list you're going to know what to look for and even if you get distracted by some neat little theme that gets your attention chances are much better you're going to buy the thing that you really need instead of the one that's getting your attention at the moment just like the oreos get my attention when I'm at the supermarket so let's jump into my list

for tips to help you choose a wordpress theme number one before you start looking at themes I want you to make a list now what I mean by that is this I want you to make a list of what you would like visitors to do when they come to your website what do you want them to do do you want them to fill out a form do you want them to

read a blog post do you want them to look at your gallery of work do you want them to read an article that you wrote what exactly would you like them to do when they come to your website action items is what we're looking for here now as you make this list of action items trying to be as specific as you possibly can because the more specific you are the more focused your website

design is going to be and ultimately it's going to be a lot more effective when it's focused and when you know what you want people to do when they get there so start writing these things down and try to keep your list pretty short one two three things is good for is okay more than four is probably too many action items and your website will probably feel a little disjointed and lack focus

so number one the first thing I want you to do before you look at a theme is to make a list of what you want people to do when they come to your website so number two the second tip that I want to give you for choosing a wordpress theme is to pay attention to sales satisfaction and support so pretty much anywhere that you buy a wordpress theme is going to have these

things available for you to read sales satisfaction and support you'll be able to see how many times this particular theme has been sold so if a theme has only been sold a couple times or if the numbers really low my recommendation would be to wait it might be a fantastic theme but I think it's wise to wait until some other people have purchased it and it gets a chance to be used and

maybe work some of the kinks out you can also see what version it's on how many times it's been updated it's called a changelog so you can look for the change log and see what version they're on because if they're on one point oh you might want to consider waiting especially if the sales are low so my second tip is to look for sales satisfaction and support the satisfaction piece is this wherever

you go to buy this theme you should be able to see people's comments for example you might see questions that people are asking and you can see how the author has been dealing with those questions how well have they taken care of people how satisfied are they what kind of rating did they give the theme because usually you'll see one to five star ratings and I would like to see it is close to

five stars as possible and a lot of different ratings as well and the support piece is kind of what I already started with there how well does the designer interact with the people who buy their theme how friendly are they how eager are they to answer questions in fact a lot of the best themes out there have a special website you can go to to get support from the theme writers in fact

some of them even have a forum where you can discuss issues and challenges that you have with the theme with other people who are also using the theme so I think that is really important to be able to find if at all possible so my number 2 tip is pay attention to sales satisfaction and support now my number 3 tip for choosing a wordpress theme is don't get distracted by shiny things look

at the structure now what I mean by that is this it's really easy to go out there and look at demos of a theme and a lot of times the demos are showing you every single thing every single thing that the theme can do it's showing you pictures sliding in and having cool transitions and it's got all these little widgets that do neat little things and that's great but don't get so distracted

by shiny things that you don't notice how well it's actually created and how good the structure of the theme actually is because here's the thing your content for your website is not going to be the same as the content in that demo so what I want you to do is I want you to look at these demos or maybe if you look at a live site that's actually been built using this theme

I want you to try to look at it with your content in it what would you put in those places do you have the content that would make this theme come alive so don't get distracted by what someone else has they're also look at the structure and and try to determine if this theme is flexible enough to look the way that you want it to look most good demos are going to show

you the different types of page layouts for example that are available make sure that it's as flexible as possible because a lot of times I've seen people by the demo or the theme that distracted them but when they got into it they realize it wasn't very flexible at all and they kind of regretted their purchase so number three don't get distracted by shiny things try to look at the structure of the theme and

number four look outside your industry or your topic here's the problem that I see over and over and over I'll have a client that is a dentist or a client that is that sells insurance or maybe they have a dance studio or whatever and so they tend to look for themes that are specifically built only for their industry and that's okay because sometimes you can hit a home run that way but more often

than not the best themes that are available are usable by any industry and a lot of times when you focus on one specific industry you tend to not get the best choices available to you so my number four tip is to look outside your topic and outside your industry and try to see the broadest possible opportunities that you have to buy a wordpress theme so that's my top four tips let's go over

them real quick again number one before you start looking for themes make a list of what you want people to do with your website number to pay attention to sales satisfaction and support number three don't get distracted by shiny things look at the structure and number four look outside your industry or your topic so now that you have your grocery list ready you can start looking for some themes and then the next couple

of weeks I'm going to make some tutorials or actually some reviews of my favorite themes I'm going to go a little deeper into each theme to tell you what I like about them and what I don't like about them so if you have not built a website yet keep an eye on this channel because i'm going to show you the themes that i think would work best for most of you so thanks

for coming to today's class before you leave would you do something for us would you like our video because that helps get the word out four more people and what you can are sharing this video on Facebook or Twitter we really appreciate you guys for supporting our channel and we look forward to seeing you the next couple weeks thanks for coming class dismissed

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WordPress themes 3hey everybody my name is Mark and I'm the newest team member here at Before we jump into today's class I'm going to take just a second to tell you a little bit more about myself so I've been a teacher in a variety of capacities pretty much my entire life and a couple of years ago I started my own web and graphic design business not long after I startedI met a guy named David Cox when he was starting pc classes online we hit it off right away ...