Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Full Review & Tutorial

Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate: Hello, this is a full review of this video editing software. good night today we're looking at the new CyberLink release of power director version 16 you look at the new features and a short introductory tutorial so let's get into it [Music] okay today I'll talk about cyber links newest version of PowerDirector version 16 and I'll concentrate mainly on the new features in this version but first a quick clip giving an overview of some of the capabilities of CyberLink PowerDirector 16 again this

year voted by PC Magazine Editors Choice panel as the best video editor of the year for very good reasons no matter what's going on in your life turning your video clips into breathtaking movies that tell your stories is what power director is best at attractive lightweight and incredibly easy to use you'll want to get creating wherever you are nothing catches the spirit an atmosphere of a family event like a well crafted movie gather up

video clips from everyone and combine them in seamless designs that take it all in and throw in your own flavor with video design tools as unique as your family amazing travel videos are all about telling a story that people want to watch about creating an atmosphere that transports them to somewhere else evoke the sights sounds colors the hustle and bustle and the excitement that comes with exploring new places using PowerDirector simple drag-and-drop tools they

create video so good your wonder hell is so easy if actions what you're after you're in the right place power directors action camera Center puts all the high-powered tools the pros use to create eye-catching action highlight reels in one spot speeds a big component of a lot of action footage and speed is what power director will give you when you're cutting correctly stabilizing and colorizing hours of video into an exciting energetic showcase PowerDirector there's a

reason PC Mag called it the best video editor of the year this is the first in a series of tutorials next up is a beginner's guide to PowerDirector 16 with some professional tips included not only about PowerDirector 16 but the other CyberLink products are used which include audio director and color director as well as how to organize your media files for easier workflow just to mention a few videos coming soon so you may want

to subscribe and gong the bill so you receive notification soon as I laid up a new video now out of some of the exciting new features of PowerDirector 16 ultra start let's explore some of the new color tools added to PowerDirector 16 many of these come from color director itself we'll look briefly at the new color match feature however it deserves its own tutorial where I'll cover how color match works in detail grading

with look-up tables I know there's lots LUT s EndWar okay so now we're going to do is look at the color match all we do additionally is highlight the two tips we want to actually match one to the other make a color match we then select the one we want to color from then we hit the match and you'll notice by the way it changes and all we have to then do if

we wanna set it permanently hit the apply button a bit further up Bob's your uncle see the little eye on the left hand side okay let's do some testing using over link standard video clip and we'll do some cover adjustment and to a split screen so we can see what the difference is oh don't like that here okay the green will go the blue color but not that extreme change the saturation a

bit increase the shadows a little bit you'll see what happens well you can certainly quickly do a color adjustment and see what it does okay let's try and do a preset and see what the result of that is exactly the same with a split screen and we'll use tangerine just as an extreme example not too bad really there to show you the power of color grading I'm going to use a slightly different style clip

what we've been using up till now this one was done in a Panasonic gh4 camera with a cine like Dedinje which is very flat by contrast low saturation low colors and we'll show the power of what you can do with the color grading that is in power director itself okay so here's the raw clip you can see it's very flat with little contrast and limited color saturation let's see what we can do

to improve this clip in stages first we'll use the color adjustment tools in power director 16 to get it to a reasonable level at least in contrast then we'll use a lot to finish it off and see how it looks let's get to it okay so now what we can do is have a look at our grade and it's all as faded glory you know how to color adjustment sound adjusting a few things

like exposure do something brightness a bit risa contrast that's rationed a bit give it a bit more bright there and just shadow work there a little bit and you can see the difference between having an on and off okay so after that we're happy with that relief color just Madonna we'll go and select to control a couple of lots and this first one it when loaded up here they show us thing loading things will pop

up in a moment hallo dear Lucky's like the changing a color cast to something totally different if you just want to adjust what's there you just use the color adjustment there's a black and white love and more we'll try you I'm slightly more conservative when Rui you and that's good that's really got some vibrancy in it so there but we I've that and we have a look what the final result is I'd say the differences that's mine about now

okay so first just a quick reminder what we started with I think it makes quadric difference okay let's just try one more lap this one will brighten up even more you okay how's that let me know in the comments below what you think I must say the moving of some of the color director fishes into PowerDirector to do color adjustments and lots and a few other little things as well really does up the market value

of power director because you can do some good basic color grading with those two features alone and we haven't touched on the color match a couple of other minor things that have also even come across from color director video colors designer allows you to combine up to seven different video clips into a single color complete with animated opening and I'll be doing a detailed video tutorial on this product soon to using power directors simple drag-and-drop

tools they create video so good the wonder how is so easy okay now we're gonna have a look at some of the plugins that are available within PowerDirector 16 starting off with the new blue effects us that one vehicle paint effect which comes fully working there are some others but they're only in a trial if you need them you can actually pay for them they are substantially discounted from one hundred and twenty nine

to forty nine I think okay so let's have a look see what's going on now we're just going to try one here which is called curtain effect yeah that's a cartoon effect and we can try another one let's try pencil rubber yeah you see it's very quick and easy to do if you put them on the affixed line you can sometimes get parameters to adjust the intensity and so on of the particular effect we're

now going to show you some particle so we start off with something fireworks I think and basically these are a little different you drunky do drop these on to the effects track there you go it's on the track now we double quick see the parameters you've got time interval between each one the depth the size of them you can even create master marks on the mask another water if you want there's the effect you can't

actually dynamically change them just while you're testing and through there you go one of the major updates has been to 360 degree video editing they've added titling suitable for 360 degree work new designer is being extended to include PIP designer features and importantly 360 degree video stabilization has been added however demonstrating his product here when it has only a small percentage of people using 300 degree videos it's possibly unwarranted but I will be doing a detailed

video tutorial in the near future now let's explore a couple of smaller updates that are still significant earthly modifications to the way you can control audio volume on a clip in the timeline in this case we're looking at a video clip with an attached audio section and you can see when you place the cursor over the little line which is indicating current audio volume it changes to a double arrow with this you get instant control

to increase or decrease the volume of the total clip CyberLink have also introduced a new hot key which is the ctrl button on your keyboard this solves the most frustrating imitation of previous version of power director by providing concise positioning of keyframes on the audio volume line seen here hit the ctrl key and it snaps to the line instantly this was very frustrating as positioning a little hand on to the line in the previous surgeon

was very hit and miss the ctrl button solves that problem entirely worldone CyberLink this is just a small addition made the general tab of the Preferences window relating to shadow files which are used to streamline the real-time rendering in the timeline very large files such as the four kalsa to a resolution videos this allows you to - in essence create de facto smaller files to make the real-time rendering faster on computers that are not

so powerful this feature has existed for previous versions of PowerDirector but now you have the ability to choose the resolution you want the shadow files to render in so with some testing you can get the best and smoothest real-time rendering that your machine can cope with for these large resolution videos certainly a worthy enhancement so just go to the top menu bar and select the small Preferences icon and open the preference window select the general

tab then look to the right side third to checkbox down ticket the shadow file selection and note there are no extra parameters to choose the best resolution from it's that simple but I recommend you test each setting with a variety of clips to find the best speed for your machine and remember if you add special effects do color grading or other similar changes to your clip it may slow the real-time rendering quite significantly

and joy now I'm almost finished this video but there is one question yet to answer its power director 16 worth upgrading to in all honesty when I first considered this issue on the basis of a typical power director 15 user the answer was not clear-cut but actually wavered towards the negative not to upgrade I should explain this I use power director for this new channel and another channel I have had for some time

so I have a choice to make suited to my circumstances not necessarily relevant to other users I have little choice because it doesn't make sense to use an old version when I'm developing videos for power director tutorials so I needed to look at a different way from more common use what are the advantages for someone else who's satisfied with power director 15 and believes it does everything they need looking at all the new features

including the true velocity engine version 7 included in power director 16 if power director 16 speed of improvements are not an issue for you and you don't see any need for 360-degree video editing then it comes down to the following issues consider the speed of rendering improvements the use of a native 64-bit video editing application will have a dramatic effect on your computing experience a 32-bit application allows you to read up to 2 gigabytes

of RAM at any one time so even if your system is 8 gigabytes of RAM only 2 gigabytes of it will be utilized therefore a number of high definition videos that you can process simultaneously is very limited but with a 64-bit application you can fully utilize your systems available Ram leaving no resources to waste not only will you be able to process a lot of high definition videos at the same time you can

process them faster which can be between a little faster to sometimes half the render time also increased efficiency and easier use of many functions from Phaedra director 15 that have been improved in version 16 the addition of new color grading tools and then ask the question is the potential upgrade cost of 60 to 70 US dollars worth it only you can answer that for your situation for me these enhancements will make my workflow

much improved so yes I would upgrade but bear in mind I edit about at least two videos a week you may have a different workload time may not be an issue for you I hope this video has helped you towards making a decision that is best for your requirements my next video is about media organization of workflow management which applies to almost any entity may use except those that provide collaboration tools for large

production films such as Adobe Premiere DaVinci Resolve Final Cut Pro I think that others that don't come to mind right now but I will cover them in a separate video so if you want to improve your work trophy workflow efficiency make your media content easy to use and control this accessibility construction and backup please subscribe and hit that bill yes song the bill that will guarantee you get every video notice when it's released and

don't forget to use what is the most powerful way you can influence YouTube to like me the comment section below this video it can help you make a difference and I do try to read every comment and respond if I have something to contribute anyway thanks for watching and hope your time was well spent until next time hooroo from me [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate: Hello, this is a full review of this video editing software. good night today we're looking at the new CyberLink release of power director version 16 you look at the new features and a short introductory tutorial so let's get into it [Music] okay today I'll talk about cyber links newest version of PowerDirector version 16 and I'll concentr...