Explaindio 3.0 HONEST Review

hi there this is Paul creator of video wave now in this video I wanna go over the bonuses that we have for explaindio 3.0. here that'll blow you away but before we get to all that it's very important to to understand if you're not familiar with me that every time that we review a product this is an honest review it means that you will see if a product is complete

garbage you will get a review that is honest and say it is garbage because we don't want you to waste your money and your time as well both are very important so my business partner Ben and I will be giving you complete truthful reviews on every product that you will be reviewing right so before we get to that we just want to mention that we give two thumbs up to explain you

and it is one of the best all-in-one video creators out there but before we review each part of the explain your application and also tell you what's the benefit that you'll be getting with it and what you'll be getting out of it one of the key elements that is missing and video creation tools like explained in you or whatever in a video creation tool that you'll be making videos but is the element of

generating traffic and money right and we covered that in video wave as you remember but we explained you another video creation tools one of the key the missing element is the element of generate traffic and generated your money if the any video creation to allow there doesn't do those two things then you're just wasting your time it's completely useless in the grand scheme of things is that correct absolutely so that's the reason why

I want to give you something that's never been shared before and that is a new project that I've been working on that's been getting me stunning results I mean that results just fascinating and it's all to do with general traffic free traffic using Facebook on one hand and video on the other hand and it is absolutely powerful it's so powerful that I just wanted to get it over to you because we were planning

on launching it among other projects and the next year right but I wanted to get it over to so quickly in the past three weeks we've been working on it for a while but in past three weeks of results it has generated for me has been phenomenal and I'll be showing that what kind of results it's getting and so on in the next couple of minutes but more importantly before I get there

you'll be getting the complete product a complete web-based application called a video traffic automate or software suite this is a web-based application you're gonna be getting the commercial license the deluxe version and everything so complete upgrades and everything you're gonna be getting access to right away it's a complete value of about two hundred ninety seven dollars or three hundred dollars and you're gonna be getting it absolutely free if you're gonna get explain you from this

page this is only available to the first thirty people only after that this point is paid with a closed forever because I don't want to give it to everybody out there me having some other really cool bonuses which I'm gonna be going over but this video traffic automated software will change the way you do videos completely forever so let me actually go there right now show you the power of it and the

kind of results is generating and also give you a quick demo of it because you'll be blown away when you see this alright so I'm in my Facebook account right now and to the right you will see as you can see here you will see the training options here and if I click on see more these are all the options that are available that are training meaning they're very very popular the so

many people talking about it right now there are different options here we have top trans politics science and technology and so on and so far there are other options as well they can go with but if you see here so you can pick any trend here for example five Netflix right here and what if you can automatically post your videos which is a youtube link to any of these pages that you see

or any of these comments that you see here unlimited of these automatically such that you just work once just one minute of work and then it keeps doing it automatically throughout the day and you can even schedule it ahead of time pretty amazing right not just this this is just one simple method just doing this one simple method let me show you the power of it as you can see here this facebook

fanpage that I've been working on past three weeks I generated almost all of this but quite a bit of these five thousand four hundred ninety three likes amazing right and this has been done with free traffic and I didn't even share with many of my friends there's only about fourteen people out of these five dollar not five hundred people who've joined for free to this particular fanpage of mine I've done it with absolutely

free traffic using this trans posting automation strategy now let me show you if you can see here this is a post reach it says paid is the dark brown and the light brown is the organic organic means free traffic basically just so you know and it's completely organic the whole traffic and all the likes and everything is completely for free this is the strategy we've been using to get these sort of results and

that's just one fan page you can use unlimited fan pages and it's a phenomenal so let's jump right in let me show you how the video traffic Automator Tool Works and it's really really cool actually and it's in beta right now which means you'll be getting access to in about a couple of weeks but you will get access to it alright so I'm in the video traffic Automator tool here and there's so

many things that you can do with it but just for our purposes I'm gonna quickly go over and show you exactly how I do the automated posts and automated videos right so all you need to do once you're in the app web-based application click new post as you can see here and here you can share your statuses here which is basically any text post you can share links photos and videos as well

and for our purposes I'll go over video because that's exactly what I'm doing right now to get that kind of results where I'm getting my fan base gets 5,000 plus fans in a very short period about three weeks or so and you can do this for unlimited fan base at the same time so you could have ten different Facebook fan pages of yours doing it on autopilot and all ten of them can

get about 5,000 fans like this which is about a fifty thousand fans that you can generate for your Facebook fan pages as good as having an email list of fifty ton people which is very very profitable even if each fan is worth for you just ten cents that's about five thousand dollars every month ten cents or not right see the value here that's exactly the power of this video traffic automated tool so all

you need to do here you just paste your YouTube URL whatever you did video URL of yours and then you paste a description and a title very straightforward stuff right so if it is targeted towards a specific sport you just say a video based on that sports so you can get a fan page for sports lovers and then you can sell them products based on that or if it is something true with

celebrities and sold products for Amazon affiliate offers or Clickbank affiliate offers or any type of affiliate offer like Aliexpress and so on you get the idea here so powerful and you just post a post name and you can put the time you want and you can schedule it ahead of time and also the most powerful feature here is repeat every so many minutes what does that mean it means this post can get

repeated in these trends every few hours why is it powerful because of time zones right sometimes people come in a different time zone from a different country this is very powerful because your post can get basically lost in the quagmire of millions of thousands of other posts so by making sure you're doing this it's also always gonna be on the top and you're always gonna get free traffic to your fan pages and I

will always send the video in the description to the actual fan page of mine so that you people are not leaving Facebook but also good thing Facebook which is very high value in terms of Facebook as well regarding your posts correct so that's the power of it now there are so many other features you can do profiles here you can manage your multiple profiles multiple accounts all the other good stuff but this is

the actual really powerful feature that you have here with the video traffic Automator tool now your other bonuses as well this is only for the first 30 people once the 30 people are gone the commercial license that the last version and the complete upgrades everything it's gonna be included with this particular product launch of Mines will be launching sometime next year will be for free which is a value of about 297 or close 300

dollars did you mean reading for free if you get explaining it from this page and then other bonuses as well on top of it you'll see in this page my favorite bonuses I'll quickly go over there are a lot of bonuses here for example we have the social video spark software which is a social media video player tool which also gets you a lot of traffic and this is another tool which is explained

a video marker which you can mark videos and make them viral and also the tools that you see here but my favorite one here is the explain your marketplace bundle what is it it is everything included in one so you can get started up and running normally you have to go to the explain your market play didn't buy a lot of stuff for example royalty free music stock images high-quality video backgrounds and so

on your all of them are included for you for free all you got to do it just upload them into the explaindio interface and boom you're done you don't have to purchase anything else from their marketplace and all that kind of stuff I like my stuff to be in one place right so you can get started immediately without having to purchase additional video backgrounds or royalty free tracks and so on background music

and that kind of stuff right so you can create beautiful videos and we've selected everything we've selected appear for images videos texts and everything and we provided it for you so that's the real power of it so make sure to check out this page and get it right away I'm pretty sure by the time this video is done pretty much 80% of the bonuses will be gone that's how powerful my video traffic Automator

bonuses and all the other bonuses are right now the video that you will be seeing right after this one right now will be created with explain they're completely that's how thoroughly we review the products for you and show you the power the pros the cons and also how to use it the right way so check it out and make sure you get the bonuses be the first in the 30 people who get

it right away because I don't want you to miss out on the video traffic automated tool and all the great bonuses that are exclusive just for my members and my customers hello my name is Pinet Marcus and in this video Pawan and I will show you one of the most powerful and economical video tools on the market it's called explain you and with it you can make doodle videos sketch videos 2d and 3d animations

full motion videos in fact any kind of video it's only one and the only tool you will ever need for creating videos but before I give you an inside look at it let me give you a couple of facts from 2016 that will blow your mind what do you think that Facebook and Google plays so much importance and videos right because of the interaction 92% of online video consumers share videos with others

59% of executives would rather watch a video than read texts 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad and what kinds of results or conversions can you expect from your videos animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20% after watching a video 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online and after viewing a video 65% of executives visit the marketers website and 39% call the vendor incredible

right well if you would like to get similar results explained here is for you there are people who will charge you up to ten thousand dollars for five minutes of video like this one explain your lets you create videos in a matter of minutes not only do you save a lot of money you can also offer more services to sell to your clients interests it then let's see how the Tool Works

at the end of the video I will explain you the various upgrades that are available what do you think awesome right I'm not a designer I'm not an expert at all and this video didn't take me that much so let's go this is the dashboard as you can see the dashboard is divided into three parts the top with the navigation bar the center the timeline which is where all the slides for the project

go and then the bottom where can work on each individual slide for the sake of speed I will use an existing project we explain your presentation that you have previously built but before we move to another screen there's just one thing you need to know which is how to start the project you need to go and press on create project enter the project name let's say explaindio demo and then press create to add

new slides press the Add button and then create new scene okay so now we are going to open the existing project press open project it asks me if I want to save the active project I'm going to say no but it can be saved either inside the tool itself or on a zip file let's open the right one and here we go let's put the audio off and let's start with a

navigation bar on the left hand side you have several options you can open existing projects as we have seen create a new project save the project we were working on or even preview the finished project so this this gives you a preview of the whole project as we've been seeing in our presentation okay you can also import audio this means we can import either voice or audio tracks I should mention here that you

can tape your voice right inside the platform just pressing on this microphone oh for music use the embedded audio files you see you select music and then you can get all of these audio files for your presentation this get more music track section gives you the option to download 500 high-quality royalty-free music loops for flat rate and use them in videos either yours or your clients if you just press and go to page

you can assess the quality next we have the section where we create our video once it's done with a number of options such as for instance video size video quality export speed and something that I really like which is the option of auto marking your videos so that you can post samples on the web and no one can use them then there's the import option you can import packs of mp3s sketches images slides

or even fonts and finally you can see a large version of this slide you are working on and these arrows just to undo or redo any change my mind the options on the right are more administrative you can change your configuration settings set shortcut keys at design or pixabay codes or even change the platform language explainer is translated into 22 languages the advantage here is that you can subcontract your video creation tasks to someone

who doesn't speak much English or work with a person who speaks another language and I think this is awesome because it makes it easier for everyone finally there are sections that take you to various upgrades for instance royalty-free images or royalty-free footage there's they activate license I didn't touch and press this button and and then there's a marketplace where you can get even more images or videos or whatever you need you can also go

to the support tab for any problem you have right now they are about 30 people working for explain yourself in that you have a powerful tool here and one with good support but before we come to the timeline I'm going to hide it now we'll create the scene from scratch I'll show you all the options the program offers for video creation and design to do this we go to the end just dragging

up here okay we go to the last slide and press add scene we'll create a new scene you just need to know that this seems in my personal library are the ones that I've saved previously so let's create a new one the first things to look at are those at the bottom of the screen you can add various objects for instance 3d objects animations or slides videos animated gif that you have imported

into your library bitmap images either your own or ones imported from using or pics of a sketch images and even text you can use the animation slides and sketch images that are already loaded into explain you and in the video section you can even import copyright free videos from YouTube and use them in your timeline let's start with the sketch image so that we can understand the first part of the canvas note that there

are a lot of default categories for instance personal library animal arrows business call-outs girls infographics I don't know loads of them ok office social media for example I took this one from open clipart org where you can find many more I upload it and now look at all I can do with the image flip vertically flip horizontally move on top of bottom scale fullscreen for instance in this case would be scaling fullscreen or even

do it proportionally I can delete the scene and much more even to add movement let's do it smaller ok but I could rotate the image as well if I want it ok or I can add animation and make the image travel along a given path you can at a point as well so the mix like round but so that you can see it better I'll take another image add sketch image I'll

take this one for instance and let's figure out she comes this way and this comes this way I'll tell it to move on bottom select the image right image of the lady and move on bottom and something else I can do in here and paper is to change the background and add a texture if I select this image here it will be added to all my slides I can also add text

now for instance let's say explain the Oh demo and we have the text with all the font and effect option that options that it has to offer ok the fun family it excise whatever I decide this to be okay let's say it a bit bigger now and let's change the font as well alright now here I could close the canvas and preview the scene right scene preview and as you can see we

had two hands drawing two different pictures we didn't ask explain to you to draw text in this case but as you have seen also it's travel along this path we had created now here it would close the preview scene and now that I have gotten so far we can go in to explain these other editing features in the preview section I can play it with voiceover or music or the loop I can

turn off any audio it may have or even create the video from this same scene I'm gonna unclick these points here now I'm drawing your attention to the four tabs here on the Left panel we'll start with scene I could export just this scene reopen the canvas here reopen the cameras like as I do here or else I could do this first thing choose a background image image for the scene my own background

image or from my image gallery then I can add a background video an animated gif or an imported scene voiceover I'm going to choose the video that appeared in my presentation that five second videos countdown timer so that you can see how it looks when it's all combined I see you have the video in the background and then all the images who had used in our first presentation of course this is just an

example but as you can easily see the combination and editing possibilities are infinite and better than that they are very easy to create so once you're finished with this you can decide how you want the scene to end come action after scene so will indicate that the scene should fade out before the next one begins this is the image tab and once again I can add more images either my own or ready-made images

and then I can move them around the slight aspect does not apply here because these are sketches later we will see how it's done with slides and finally now I can work with a set of effects that apply to sketches we selected these in canvas first I open the canvas to see which is the image I'm working on and so here I will select the image for colors and I can do

all these things let's close the canvas I can choose one or more than 30 different types of hands and this case we're picking the paintbrush okay so you see we can paint that amount of colors you can choose the color for drawing the sketch black is the default one but I can change that to green for example this case if I change that to green you see that now it starts on green okay

we can even flip the hand horizontally so you see we have two hands here one of them is completely changed and then draw the hand under the sketch to do this you will need to select an appropriate hand this one for example and if if I draw her hand under sketch this makes it look as if you are drawing on a glass and finally I can decide if I want to insert

a pause up to 20 seconds between this scene in the next once this is done let me show you how you can even add a ready-made slide we create a new scene ok cranio scene open canvas and get an immediate slide created by explaindio ad explain Diaz light you could create it from scratch away with it with the images but you can save a lot of time this way note that one side

you have slight pax and on the other variations on those slides this is the one you saw in our presentation but you can also choose animated characters for instance businessman or businesswoman in a wide variety of situations you can also have like sales letters for instance for video sales letters 3d effects or texts that changes they go okay but let's take the business woman character right now we add her and and this is

a screen we indicate that it does not be when begin with a sketch which is the default in this case the sketch will make sense because this is a complete slide we can also have the slide start in the frame we select we add it and let's let's have it now and go to the to the screen in this case we won't touch anything else and we will close the canvas okay

and we have here the the first preview and let's go back to the scene tab on the scene tab we can do the same thing as before the second tab is SWF instead of image and we can also do the same thing and if we want to we can pause every scene in every frame now we go to slide and here you can see you can personalize the animation I can change

every one of the Tex Avery the pier add a background image background video I'll see it will save right now but for instance I'm going to change the text hello okay how are you right so when I see in preview the change has changed okay you need to you need to be aware that these stops here are on a specific line so the text must fit as well on the tabs now

as I was saying you can add when we customize the animation you can add image can add video add another animation which I do not recommend okay because these are the pre-loaded animations or even an outline of any of the areas in this case though I do not have any effects because I haven't uploaded any images or created any on the canvas and once this is done and to finish up we'll go to

the timeline and to one of the ready-made images that are in our presentation let's drag this here first one with Paul and me okay as you can see the timeline is hidden here but I can change its size to small medium or large that's the medium it's enough and from the timeline itself I can add a whole lot of different effects all I have to do is open the image that I want

to change and decide how I want it to appear on the scene and then how to disappear for instance this one here this is one of the images to this Paul I can sketch him by hand or I can decide to not to sketch him by hand but at another fact Paul or me it doesn't matter add another fact fly in for instance and in this case this character here would be flying

in but if I close here you will see all the effects you can add you can do nothing can sketch sketch by hand or no hand fade in fade out fly in fly out and cover erase there's a rubber being used you can morph I will show you now how it's done and then there are loads of animation presets for instance slide from left or slide from left long okay and whatever effect

I want it let me show you the morph because it's quite interesting in this case I have made the video icon fly in from above I see it here okay I can change the direction that I want it to fly in from or that I wanted to fly out to I also decide how long a pause I want between this scene and the next one and here you can see the more

effect we've done in this videos you can see it in the preview this is really fun you can morph several elements from one image like in this case there are two elements Google logo and Facebook logo coming from the video icon and if you want to once they've morphed you can delete the object that they came from see I want them to morph out of the of the Facebook image and they are morphing

out of the Facebook image okay you can see in the scene preview much better okay everything morphing from there from this line here I can drag items and make them appear either sooner or later for instance this case even I can extend this scene and this makes them appear first or afterwards so you can see how this scene grows as well at the same time and some elements come first and other elements come

afterwards so as you can see all the features that explained your offers for designing creating and editing videos at its current price are not comparable with anything else that you can find in the market and let me tell you more once you buy explaindio you will be able to choose for audios the first is the explain here template club which you can Jane 4 6 12 18 or 24 months for a very

reduced price depending on which option you choose you get immediate access up to 2,400 animated scenes 19200 doodle images 2,400 background images and 7200 stock images by belonging to the club you not only save thousands of dollars when you create high-quality professional looking videos with new images every month you can also sell those videos for prices that your competition can't even come near the second OTO is a very useful 3d converter for explain to you

this tool allows you to use any 3d model or object with explaining or similar editing software it solves the problem of 3d FBX the usual 3d format you will find on the net which cannot be used with most Adobe AIR based tools so if you work with 3d this excellent converter is a must the third OTO offers you more than 220 intro/outro and logo sting animations that you'll be able to use immediately in

your presentations and the last offer gets you explain to your producer companion which has more than 700 animated slides with transitions you can use seamlessly connect video segments just like a Hollywood producer producer companion also includes 200 new custom hand images and transitions patterns dark pattern geometric animations intermediate image animation intermediate video blend and much more click the link below to enter explain you and be ready to start working with one of the most powerful tools

on the market at a very low price what is more you have access to all our exclusive bonuses click to enter now and we'll see you inside

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZLRcCGeUSE


hi there this is Paul creator of video wave now in this video I wanna go over the bonuses that we have for explaindio 3.0. here that'll blow you away but before we get to all that it's very important to to understand if you're not familiar with me that every time that we review a product this is an honest review it means that you ...