Explaindio 3.0 Review - Explaindio Video Creator 3.0 Demo

hey everybody this is Steve and Luke here and just wanna make this quick video to show you how explaindio works for you and how you can utilize this within your own business so we talked briefly beforehand in the review video about how you should be making your videos more entertaining and how you should kind of avoid the car dealership pitch type sales video so if you think about a lot

of local businesses a lot of you know online businesses we're still using these old outdated sales videos and it really it depends on your audience with the for the most part if you notice a lot of stores that create kind of an environment where it's entertaining and the experience is great that oftentimes will bring your kind of your guard down and will make you more receptive to what their message is all about alright

so explaindio has evolved over the years is became out with version 1 version 2 and version 3 so version 2 looks kind of similar to this because it was a 180 of version 1 but if you take a look closely at version 3 version 3 mainly focuses on easy to edit how it brings in a lot of media elements it has a lot of integrations and more in fact I created a list

here just so you can see the major major differences so explain to a version 2 was all about you know creating a really good explain your videos but now you can edit faster and edit easier which i think is very important from a video standpoint is being able to edit your videos faster is crucial so you have multiple animations at the same time which means that you can make him more entertaining and

more engaging so instead of having just one animation on you know seeing you can have multiple animations going on and that just makes things more interactive and then you have full multi-line timeline editing and actually if you go over here you can see that I have created a video and you can see that there are multi lines here so the nice thing about this is this kind of move more towards kind of a Camtasia

style of editing and I really like that because that allows you to speed up the process so back in the day with version 2 you know it would take you 5 times or even ten times more time to edit a video and now you can literally create a video and less or literally within less than half an hour with that you also get access to full 3d animations therefore versus you know just

the plain 2d elements and animations now you can bring it to the next level you can import external 3d elements you can do 3d modeling and animation customization so there's a lot more customization there's a lot more you know media elements being brought in so you have access to 180 pre-made text animations you have 140 pre-made video image doodle object animations you have the easy video creation wizard which just allows you to create

videos at a faster pace so instead of trying to think what do I do you know you got these templates and presets that you can pick and choose from now the one big one that I will say it stands out is the ability to import videos in the most popular formats like avi wmv F of V mp4 and more and what's cool about that it is it'll actually convert that video into kind

of a whiteboard video which is pretty amazing in my opinion so you can literally turn an educational video into a whiteboard explainer video so how cool is that now you can also do use ion integration which is kind of like a online photoshop and you can also integrate pixabay which is basically royalty-free images so you can pull that into the actual video editor itself so a lot of really cool features have been added

to the version 3 upgrade so it even though it looks very similar to version two there's a lot more kind of media elements that have been brought in user friendliness as far as editing so speed of editing is going to be a lot faster so what I want to do now is just to walk you through the actual software and show you kind of what and how to use it alright so as

you can see here made it really quick video with some of these images that I pulled in but let me just go ahead and create a new project here and we are gonna call this test 5 and click create so here's the thing so you can create a new project you can save it you can preview it so before you actually of course render the video you can preview it you can

click on audio and you can add your own voice which is nice you can add an mp3 file you can add some music you can pick and choose from some existing audio music you can fade the audio there's a lot of stuff you can do right here so that's nice so not only can you upload mp3 you can also record straight from your microphone as well you can also import slide packs

mp3 musics images sketch packs slide packs and different font types now as I show you this more in action you can there's a lot more that is built within the system now if you click on settings you'll be able to integrate with you zine and pixabay so if you click on royalty-free images here basically these are free images that you can use inside of your video and there's a site called pixabay.com it's free totally

free you can simply create a free account get your free api ID enter that into the system and I'll actually have more information and training on how to go about doing all that but basically all you have to do is simply click on the images that you like and it'll literally download these images to your computer you can actually retrieve these for later use and I'll show you how to do all that in

just a minute now another thing is if you would rather edit in your own native language if you click language here you can actually change it let's say for example from English to Spanish so you can see all the words and icons have changed to Spanish so let's say for example that you have an outsource team and you've decided that you want to create videos not just for yourself but for your clients so that

you can sell to your clients so if you do that and let's say that you decide to outsource this to the Philippines so you have a Filipino team so you can click on language and of course they can pick and choose the language so they have Filipino here now of course we know that the majority of times with Filipinos they are they know how to speak in English and they'll probably edit in English

but that's there just to make it more user friendly if you choose to go down that route now as far as creating elements let's just go ahead and create a new scene so we're gonna press this button here and we're going to create a new scene you're gonna have different scenes or different storyboards within a whole video so if you think about a movie within one scene there could be something happening within that

scene so there are many different varieties of different ways that you can go about this it depends on what you're trying to do so if you're doing a video sales that are you might want to start out with some facts if you're doing a video ad you might want to start out with immediately just go straight into it because the video ads say for example a YouTube ad you really want to get

down to what you're trying you're trying to state a problem you're trying to try to get somebody's attention right away so that's gonna be like your headline so we could add some text so we can add text here so you'll notice that when I add in an element and these are the elements down and this is kind of where you're working with your working area and then of course up here is your

time line so this is a new feature of explaindio so you're gonna see layers and layers of timelines here so if I add another text for example you're gonna see that the text over here now we can add this we can just say and this could be your headline and maybe this could be your sub headline now if you look closely here put this one here and we'll put this one here now

there's a lot of things you can do with the text you can actually animate the text you can change the font family you can change the size so in this case let's say I want to do something like this one here I'm gonna make the size a lot bigger maybe 70 and of course you can make it bigger just by grabbing one of these little boxes here and making it bigger and

of course I got the sub headline I can change the font and make it a little bigger like that and one thing you'll notice if I put my text over here it blocks obviously the sub headline but let's say for example I want this sub headline to be on the top if I want to do that all have to do is move this text up alright you can actually move these around

so think about Photoshop and think about layers you can layer one top on the other so if you have an image you could put the image on the bottom and then put the text on the top you can also lock them so if you lock them you can't move them around so I locked the headline a sub-headline and if I lock the headline if I try to move it around I can't

so what's nice about that is it allows you to work with other elements and other layers as you are working around so things don't move around alright so another cool thing about is if you click this arrow here well unlock these you can add new effects so if I click on add new fact you can actually sketch this by hand or you can do fade in you can fly in and all that

so you know back in the day day with version 2 everything pretty much would be sketched so sometimes you don't want to sketch something so or erase something by hands so you can actually have all these different animation presets so you can so sort of like PowerPoint you can have them slide in from the left to right you can have them spin you can do other things now with explainer videos I'm going to make

them sketch by hand this one here the headline and the sub headline I'm just gonna have it kind of fly in so we're gonna click on add new effects we're gonna fly it in so if we kind of take a look at the preview here we can see that we've written out the sub headline and the headline actually has flown out now if I don't want that I can delete that I

can add a new effect and I can also sketch by hand now obviously you saw that the sub headline was written first I'm gonna move this back up here now in this case I don't really want that so all I have to do is move this over here so back in the day with version 2 if you literally could not do this you would have to kind of work with one element

and then then the next element and the next element now all you have to do is simply move it around like this so if I click on preview now the headline comes first and then the sub headline comes right after that so see how cool that in and see how fast I was able to move things around let's add some other elements let's add let's say a bitmap image so I'm gonna add

an image from local storage and if you you just saw that you can actually add images from you know pixabay from you zine and other things like that so you can pick and choose like this one here and it'll actually pull the image in you can see that here so now you see how this is in the forefront I want to move it to the back right so I'm gonna move the

text up like this but I'm gonna start this here so you can see that now this is actually in the background so there you go so I got the headline and then I have the sub headline another thing you can do is you can also animate objects so let's say for example that I want to add a sketch image and the nice thing about explain do is they have built in sketch images so

I can literally pull in different images like arrows pictures and more so really really cool stuff here this guy here and you know what I'm going to I think I'm gonna create a new scene because I don't want to clutter things up here so I'm gonna press this here create a new scene and then I'm gonna add a sketch image so I am gonna use I'm gonna use this guy here because I

want to animate what's inside of this box alright so nice thing about this too is you can animate this little guy here so I could move this guy out here I could let add animation I can move him over here alright and let's see here the text I think I'm gonna add it on top and I'm gonna say today we're going to learn how to build a garden and the little man

I want him to a kind of appear maybe first so I'm gonna create a new scene so you kind of want to keep these clear and then of course we can add you know animation slides so we can add flash animations and there's a lot of built-in things as you can see here so I'm gonna I'm gonna add a single and then I'm going to add a sketch image of guy here and

by default you'll notice that typically they are sketched by hand but of course like I showed you earlier you can always change that you don't have to have it sketching the hand all right so I'm gonna move this guy over here and let's just take a look at the preview and we just saw that okay unfortunately in this case the guy was on the bottom so I'm gonna move the guy to the

top so all the the actual action is actually happening behind him instead of in front of him now another thing I want to show you is if you notice when this scene actually happened the man came in and the knee course he disappeared so we can actually prolong the actual effect here by dragging this over and we can see that he actually you know stays for a longer period of time now another

thing is if you close the canvas you'll actually be able to add you know actually see the a preview of the scene itself effects so you can click on effects and if you select the effect you'll actually be able to kind of adjust the effect so it flies in here but we can say we want it to fly in a certain way and we also want to increase how long it actually

comes in slides text and scene so each scene could have a different audio element within the scene so that's kind of how you would be able to voice over things so and another really cool thing is you can create the video from just this scene alone so if I wanted to do make a video just for this I click this and you can export that scene alone so there's a lot more

other features you can add 3d objects you can add slides so if you want to just do the PowerPoint slide route you could do that you could have videos you can add jiss you can add images like I showed you text and more so as far as version 3 goes I think is well worth it because there's a lot more media elements that have brought into it more integrations that have brought into

it and it's just faster and easier to produce your video so instead of taking a whole day you're now spending about an hour to make your videos another thing that I will say is explain to you this time around does provide really good training I will say that version 1 and 2 they kind of dropped the ball on video training but if you want to know how to actually use the product than

max I will say that version 3 is a lot better and they have a ton tons and tons and tons of videos that will really walk you through beyond what I've taught you today so with that said go ahead and grab explain to you and start creating your entertaining videos that'll help you convert more sales

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peX2EM6m6Xo


hey everybody this is Steve and Luke here and just wanna make this quick video to show you how explaindio works for you and how you can utilize this within your own business so we talked briefly beforehand in the review video about how you should be making your videos more entertaining and how you should kind of avoid the car dealership pitch type sales video so...