Explaindio v3 Basic Training from ProSlidePacks

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a explaindio 3.0 getting started basic training video if you have already created a video in explain yell then this is not for you because this is for those people that may have some difficulty in getting started and just need to know where some things are and that is the purpose of this video but if you like to stay and watch then that's cool

too this video is also going to be cataloged indexed and then the table of contents will be added to it but that will be on my website so I will get you'll get that information if you look in the comments of this video this is explained to you and this is the 3.0 to 6 version so when you bring explain to you up this is what you see now what I like

to do is point out a few things so that when you're in here you know where you're at because you're going to see this screen on screen similar to this for 3 steps before you actually get into the meat and potatoes of creating anything here and explain to you what ended up happening is you have to create a project you name the project then you have to create a scene once you

create a scene you'll be in your still being a screen that looks similar to this only this bottom border won't be here now this is actually a holdover from explain to you too because none of this functionality is here is here anymore this goes away once you create a new project so and also for those of you that are getting the the monthly libraries see on this import button you're getting zip files ok

so when you get to slide packs in the zip files then you want to browse to a slide pack and come in here alright so let me just browse to one real quick and go down here to the drive monthly media and I'm just going to pick the kinetic typography so you click on that there is the zip file then you start the import now it says import complete okay so also if you're

adding true type fonts if you want additional fonts in here because it's explainable comes with a set of fonts okay but this is I'm making this in October 22nd so I imported I also shared some Halloween fonts out there in the file section of the main explaining board and so there are two type fonts so you can come in here you get to load them one at a time but here's how

you would do it you'd go out browse to the folder where the TrueType fun is not the zip file the actual font not the zip the actual true type font unzip it put it in a folder then you go out there and select the font at a time and bring it in this is how you would do it okay so now that I have that in here I still have not created

a project or a scene yet and you know that because you see this border you see that this scene button is not highlighted okay and none of these other buttons are alive they're grayed out so create a project okay hit create button alright now you see all the buttons are lit up so now we have an active project and you can see it right up here it says test project I just type

that in but we still don't have a scene to put anything in this is the time line once the scene is created you'll get one track and from that point forward you can create additional tracks you have to have at least one scene before you can do anything so now you click on this plus button and we create a scene you do have the ability to save scenes so for example if

you were creating some real estate videos or some other genre and you start off the same way you just add different information all the time where you create the one scene and you save it so when you come back in you can just load it from here but right now we're going to create a brand new scene ok so now we are in an area called the canvas now the way you know

that you're in the canvas is because you have these buttons down here at the bottom these are the buttons that allow you to create to add the different items to explain to you in order for you to create your project you have to add audio button add 3d object button which is this is the ZF 3d objects you would bring in either by using the convertor that Andrew sells for converting FBX

to ZF 3d or if you are lucky enough to have 3d studio max then if you went out and got Flair 3d which is the basic platform you use to make those graphics then you could actually install the plugin and convert FBX to ZF 3d and then you could do it that way too ok this is the animation and slide those of you that know me out there know I create slide templates

and SWFs mostly SWF slightly this is how you would load those here this is where you would go to load a video here's where you bring in your if your JPEGs and I guess P and G's JPEG PNG is I'm not sure if anybody does bitmap anymore really the BMP files here's where are your sketch images are here's where you add text and this is where you would close the canvas okay so just

as a quick example we're going to create some text alright so you come in here here's the default checks now what you would notice about the text is that over here you have a dialog box where you can change the text color you can select a font font size style if that font had one and a background effects list I like this font here so you can see there's the style there

and you can use this to adjust the size of the text or you can just pull on these handles here now you noticing that is resizing proportionally right but if you click on that now you can do anything you want with the text and change it in multiple different ways okay so let's just start right here and keep it simple text size text font family here's an effect if you want to put

now you really can't see this but you want to put a shadow under it let me change the text color that way you can be able to see what I'm doing here there's red now if you put a dark bloom around it see it gives you that kind of cloudy effect some of the others are that's a strong shadow that's white see there is a black shadow it looks like about two points

the next one I think is about four see and then you have the white counterparts under there now so we're going to keep this simple for now here's a paper button now with this with this these are the background graphics these are 1920 by 1080 jpg graphics that you can create and there are in the in the folder and the programs directory or in your in your finder and the applications directory I

just create a black because there was no black paper in there all these are just like patterns if you have 1920 by 1080 graphics you can put them in here if you don't use that size then it won't fill the whole screen so now once you put all your graphics out here and we're just going to start with text you can close the canvas and what you will notice is see how here

you can't move it only on the canvas this is where you would preview your effect here is the timeline as you add items here they will stack up in this area now if you wanted the text to sketch here's where the effects are so let's just add a simple sketch effect once you have the effect then you can see it on the screen if you need to move this text around then lookie

here here's the open canvas button so you go back and here's where you could change the size or put in a different location of the screen you close the canvas and there it is now I know I might be going kind of fast I'm trying to slow it down while I'm trying to walk you through these things I will go back over some of the stuff so remember this is a basic

training so I just want to get you up and running so you can make something so you can say oh that's cool all right so now that you're out here in what I'm calling the preview area in this text box here you have a couple of things that will control your flow now if you notice when you click on this track here it will redraw so I've drawn the text full and then

they asked the shadow right but if you want to draw an outline you check this box here until your draws in outline form now it is possible that in outline form or in full draw mode you can draw in a different color and then when the drawing is done it can appear in whatever this main text car is now what does that mean okay so when you're on a text field you

can click on the effects here and see where it says overwrite sketch line color right now it's checked on black so if I check this now just drawing a character in black but then it turns to red because red is your chosen text color so let's just say if I change this to green it starts drawing in black first than now screen it works with outlines he is drawing black outline but it fills

it in green so if I go over here and change this to red so your draws it in red then it turns green so I go back to the text and click on the draw fill text C draws it in red then it turns green so baby steps all right so now what you can do if you want you can click on another effect and I go to the animation presets and

this will allow you to fly the ticks out let's see yes just pick one by random see there's your effects now you don't always have to start this off with a sketch you can create a different animation and have it slide in from the right so see how this working your effects are here now if you want to reorder the effects see what I just did I just put my mouse on

it help my left button down and drag up so here's what the effect order is now now if I hold my mouse button down and drag up see now I've changed the order of the effects okay so you say well I want the beginning to be longer but the ending to be shorter okay let's put these little balls before so you can pull this out now to make the initial effect longer and

if I shorten this then you know the second one is shorter right okay so now you say well it comes in and goes out doesn't give a person a chance to read it okay well wait there's more the pause after action so what you can do here you can add space and let me open this again so you can see what I'm doing see that space in between there now so it

comes out and waits while these many seconds and remember that explain your runs at 24 frames per second so this is 65 frames so just just a little bit over two seconds 2.7 seconds to be exact so you can tick this down if you need to to get it to where you really need it to be and there you have it and so you can stack effects here and do a lot

a lot of other things okay so now that's death text okay if you had loaded a slide you'd have the ability to open up the slide and go in here and do something with it so let's just do that now because I know people bought slides and say okay well how do I use my slides not know how to use text I'm going to get rid of this for now if you

want to remove something now remember we're in the preview area so if I go back to the canvas there's the text what you need to understand is that when you create an effect this is your landing position so if I put this out in the middle and you can't run any animations in the canvas remember the canvas is where the buttons are closed the canvas and see that's basically the home position or

whether the effect is going to render the text or graphic item okay all right so we going to go back to the canvas we're going to get rid of this text and you can get rid of the text in a preview area now we're going to go to here which says add animation and slide I spend most of my time here because I have SWFs that I load but here is all your

explain to your templates now remember I loaded the kinetic typography I believe so here they are now my 1b for complaint is that this this numbering here is a problem for me I mean I would like to know you know tell me what this is and you can actually go in and change the names of these if you like so before I start here let me go back in so if

I go to my explain to your directory and see I'm in Windows so under Program Files I'm going to scroll down and here's explain DLC I got a bunch of versions I'm I'm a beta tester so you know I have keeping separate folder so if I had to go backwards I can okay now here right here is the slides folder and by the way if you want to put some new paper in

you wonder chemist textures under paper and see there's all the paper right there and there's the black I created so you can rename these so you know what they are okay just so you know here's the slide folder now here's that kinetic typography folder I was just in right so let's just say that I want to change the name of this one to be I mean I'm just making up a name on the on

the fly okay so you can come in here review each one of these make some notes and come in and change them to suit you all right so now I'm going to go back in here and load an explain you know template go back to the kinetic typography and see there it is right there typeset one I just renamed it this information here describes what this template does or contains so lets you

know that there's one video that you can use as the background and normally it will tell you about how many text fields and looks like there is an image included and this is 750 by 500 image these are the components that are inside of this slide the text you're seeing here is text placeholders just to give you an idea of what the slide does so you can add single now you may have

heard a rumor that it used to be in the ability to load all of these slides at once well that's gone you have to load on one other time and that's there is a reason for that not going to get into that today remember this is a basic training okay once that message goes away and you see this dialog box you should be able to load here's something you need to be need

to be aware of if you don't check this box when I click Add this slide will be sketched now because there's nothing on the screen with this blue background there's well you don't need to sketch the color blue so generally what you're going to do is check this before you come out not only once you check this once it stays there is no preference where you can just start it this way but

once you check this as don't sketch it's just stay that way okay now you have full screen explaindio slight loaded up so close canvas and there is your slide now you're going to go in and see the inner workings you want to click on the slide button and click on customize this animation now here are the guts of the explain the old slide please forgive the dinging in the background that's people on Facebook

that are communicating with me and please forgive my ears here because this is my signature when I'm doing videos is my moose ears because I am in anguish Alaska so let's run this slide just to see we got going on here all right this is description of the first immature graphic and also notice when I run this slide it jumps me back out of the edit area so now I have to go

back into customizes animation description of description of right here so the first see there's the first image or graphic image or graphic now this text over here is the second set that pops up over on the sides of screen so let me run this see there's a second so if I came in here and change this to see there it is the second so I guess you know that I'm typing on that

text and I can just say image your video so that's how you would come in here and make changes if you want to change the color of the text there it is you can also change the font if you so desire now if you notice there because I change that the font now it's bigger than the line that's behind it so your choice would be to come in here and reduce it down

to a font that fit so let's see and go a little bit bigger try 35 okay it looks like 40 yeah okay well I might do 45 yeah nope so 40 is my limit all right so you might want to say well let me Center this on this block here this rectangle these are the offsets right here so I know the y offset is the up-and-down X is the left and right

so I believe ya see so I can just move that down even it up some if on this ii i want to move it over then i can just use this one over here and the description of well you know I can just move it up and down or whatever just does it show you how that works all right now it looks like you can accept an image so there's a

background image an image area one image area two different disadvantages that you don't know where those areas are or how they're interacting so what I normally do when I come into a template I'll fill up all the templates and then take a picture of it or take a screen snapshot and create a catalog so I know what the template does or you can rename it in such a way that it gives you

a hint know me that the notes inside of there that we saw when we were loading the template will tell you where these images are but this one did not so let's see so let me get this picture well it says back on image so let me put a background image in there so okay that lets you see I was able to put a background image in so if I run this

from the beginning see there's the background okay so let me see what was happening with image 1 now when you hit the gallery button the gallery button is popping up SWS right now you could put real pictures in this folder and let's see if I still have my folder open so let me get out of the slides folder here's images as you can see they match up to what's here if you want

to put JPEGs there are P and GS in this folder you can okay because this is where they're located so I'll just grab this guy right here and while I'm at it I'll just grab the girl and put her in the other because so now image one is a guy image two is the girl background image so let's run this again and see what we have there she is and there he is

and they're gone now one thing I've learned is that generally it's an either/or you're either going to have images or video sometimes the slides are designed to do both let's see so I'm going to go down here into the videos and this set of videos here comes with explain to you three they're free when you download the program it says 100 background HD videos right here says mp4 and FLV but when you're loading

videos from the canvas you can also load avi and MOV although the transparency is not respected so you won't see any any transparency if you load an avi or MOV with transparency in it but you can load the file so if that's not an issue for you then now we've had a big reason this videos Mira created because there was a lot of people saying they wanted to see transparent at movs when

Andrew Andrew said that would we like to see that and it's a resounding yes from multiple people out there I'm thinking we're up to 30 by now saying let's do it so let's play your site and see what we got okay so now see the video is on top of the images and it's running a little bit slow probably because it's buffering the video right now wouldn't know me when you render this out

you don't have that problem and so if you wanted to render just this one scene you would do it by clicking on this button right here okay it shows it to show you some other advantages of using this slide I need to get rid of this video because it's covering the whole screen so when you read the video click on remove okay now I'm going to do the same thing for the images

the background image got to go though okay I'm going to leave these other two images because those are the two characters right so in animation these are built-in animations generally each template if you're if the person who created the template is using the base explaining your template that all developers again that I sometimes use sometimes I don't then these animations are in the background okay so you can select them by choosing these this supposed

to be like a page turn pretty nice okay number four oh there's some rain so if I ran this the rain is behind him I'll guess while trying to determine whether the rain was in front or behind so the rain is behind them the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain or behind the graphics okay let's see there's some snow we got snow yesterday here in Anchorage Alaska bah humbug and so it's

only five of those there now the second set of animations are arrows so if you put a call to action down here or some other link or button that's what would do it for you so there's a couple different arrows or if this video was on top of a dialog box or or a email box that capture name and email addresses then that's how you would work that so there seems to

be quite a few arrows in here so it's ten arrows and five animations okay so there are certain people that they may want to put their own background in they may want to have two characters an animation but they don't want this blue background cuz their theme might be orange or or the red and green for Christmas so you come in here to outline now you see all these multiple outlines some of

this is those black bars that you saw under the text so let's rerun that okay so I'm going to stop here on this one now you notice that this is an SWF that is what I call free running so the template actually brought her out here and put her in this spot but she's actually maintaining her own animation within again that's for an advanced video I do have one when I did some

videos on explaindio too if you look you go to youtube and look up alaska Borak or you look up pro slide packs calm and you will see a series of video that talks about how these things are made and some other stuff okay so getting back in here to the customization now this one is normally the background this first one yep it's the background so you can turn the background on and off and

now here's something else that's kind of weird this is a gradient background right you can change the color on the background but the minute you do that it's going to be flat so I'm going to show you what's going to happen here so you know it's a flat background that gradient is gone now if you want the gradient background back you'd have to reload this slide in again and you cannot save what

changes you've made if you reload it back in it's going to start from scratch so just know that now let's see which one of these so it's going to be the last three there okay so see now I can change the bit to color or that thing so I want to make that okay let me to be a contrasting color so there's blue and here is Burgundy and here is our purple so

I'll change those colors so let me just run this a little bit more okay so now I can go back in here and change the color of these so let's make one yellow and let's make this one orange and what color this is but that's how you change the colors or you can turn them off if you like you don't want the backgrounds just turn them off if you wanted to

move the backgrounds let's see which one is that that's this one let me just make it a more palatable color okay now you can do the same thing first you can you can decrease the opacity so you can fade them on out there you want and you can scale them so and see I've scaled it off-screen some so here's the offsets so I know I can bring it over some a little bit too

much there and I could bring it down then I will go back out and I'd move the text to match it that way I can have longer text so that's how that works like here's the orange let me fade out a little bit okay I will move it over first then I'll scale it up some and make it just a little bit wider now let me just move it back over almost

the same size and I can push it down okay you can see there there's a priority in the layering so that's basically how the the outline works now this close button all to get you out of here if you want to get back to just the slides itself here's a text button so these last three control this side of the screen and the first three here control the text on the first side

so let's rerun this baby here okay so see here's you notice I've got rid of the F or change it to a lowercase and out of the space so this is how you change that stuff here's the fonts for that word wrap means that if you if you type longer than the text phil' is based upon what the creator of this slide created then the text will wrap and that's why you have

these offset buttons so you can move the text up and down if you are a foreign language person if you write an Arabic Hebrew and the other then you know you can make the text go backwards but you'd have to have a Arabic font here inside in order to take advantage of this but you know its front and back so you do have some versatility in here okay so let me close

and get out of here so this is a template so if you like I said this background is green forever now that that blue is not going to come back unless I reload the template so boom is gone open up the canvas go back here and it's in kinetic typography down here at the bottom see that don't sketch button is still there and there it is back again remember this is the canvas

area how do you know you're in the canvas area because you have these buttons on the bottom of the screen can you run your animation in the canvas area no you cannot okay so let's get out of here and again go in here and make the changes we just discussed all right okay so one of my specialties let me just go ahead let me just stand one button for a second get rid

of this what I like to do is create SWS and if you look in the file section at the top of the explain to your group you can see some of the yes wfs I've created I'm just came up with these things these are frames now notice that when the slide template came in it came in full screen right but this graphic which is a 720 or 1280 by 720 graphic comes in I

guess what half size so what you do is you want to hit full screen proportional now what it look what happens so it expands it proportionally now if I just see it full screen well sometimes we do that it will distort it if it was around it wouldn't be around anymore so seen it it has some animation you can put either a picture or video in here now the problem is because

against white you can't see it right so here's where paper comes in handy I can put some black paper I don't have any let me try this right here this is Jean that's a nice little decent background okay so even though this is an SWF it still is controlled under the slide panel now there's no text so you don't see a text one through whatever because I created this with just an image

and a video field so come under here and I you can see this is image one so if I browse to my image is let's put the little doggie in there all right there's a little dog now you notice that he doesn't fit the whole thing right so what you can do is you can scale them up and because of how I've created this thing you see that now it's just a

nice little frame would you say what you want to see is notes okay so move him up a little bit and that's how that works or you know if you want to stick a video in here let's try this one and videos to take a minute to load up now with the it is possible with it with the slide templates but people don't do it so much but with the SWF like

this your other different effects different people have available looks like the images on top of the video so I need to go back over here remove the image now you see the video you can animate these things so all the animation controls are under here so let's just slide this in from the left and then once it's finished then the video starts now I could add another effect so that it can leave

the screen from the right let's do that so it comes in and the video is playing along with the animations from the frame and then when you get to the end you'll slide out well I'm not going to make you wait that long but I just want to show you that there the animation does work on multiple elements okay so let's get rid of this one go back out here you can just

straight upload a video so and you can sketch videos so let's see let's try the piano now if I don't check this box it'll sketch the video then the video will start playing if you don't want that to happen then just check this box but we're going to try it and see so click on add and our is that if it is the piano and again videos pictures also stuff comes in what

I'm calling half size right if I wanted this to be larger I can hit proportional so you know that's keeping the aspect ratio at a picture and if I had to hit fullscreen see it stretches it I can go back to proportional let me just make it smaller so the sketch won't take so long let me go out of here because let's actually draw on the piano and there it is so

you do have the ability to sketch video and now what did here's something that you need to consider it sketches it and then it comes in right so now if you wanted it to leave with an effect because you can't have it slide in then sketch it has to sketch the first thing has to be sketching if you want that to happen otherwise sketching is not going to be available to you so

let's hide it on the right so it sketches in it plays and then when it gets to the end it will slide out I'm not going to make you wait that long okay so now I'm going to leave the piano in here I don't have any animated Giff sorry bit images you know that's just a picture so I have JPEGs so you can also sketch an image you don't have to so I'll just

put this over here and then while I'm here I'm just going to go get a sketch image now these are s these are SVG images and you have a library of them if you have your own SVG images then you can put them right here in the SVG folder so in FEG folder your images have to be in a folder and then your images will be inside of there and the way

you see the preview is because this is the SVG and this is a PNG as a thumbnail for your image okay so let me pick this one and you can resize it or whatever you want to do I can grab onto it put it way you want okay now that's crazy isn't it so how do you control this stuff well look up here in the track and see this is the starting

is the starting line right here and was everyone top is going to be on top so the piano was the first one in that's why it's on top of this guy here so it's the piano then this graphic then this guy now if you wanted to have these things happen at different times you just simply slide it on over so I'm going to slide these two one over and then start up

there so our piano is drawn and then while it's doing this thing you have the picture drawn okay and then the guy is going to be drawn all right so now if you click on here this is only going to play the lengths of the items time so because this is a short time it's just going to play for the length of that picture and stop now if you want to see

everything full-length you can come over to the scene preview and Pat into the warning down here because sometimes a seeing preview may be slower than the actual video when it is produced and when you render it out it does it is pretty nice and fast so and you can make multiple scenes now this is going to run until it comes to the end of this video I'm not going to wait that long

and what I like to do is stop these things so now you get kind of an idea of coming out here and creating so you create us I created some text for you sketch image bitmap I don't have any animated gifs but it works the same as the bitmap put a video out there for you showed you this the explaindio slides and the SWFs okay not sure if I have any 3d

objects always I guess there is a sample out here okay haven't played much with this interface because I only do mines a different way but let's see what happens okay there's the guy down there walk in so forgive me if this is not a good demo for the 3d I'll have to get back with you on that one and audio now quite honestly I don't have much experience with audio in here because I

I host a radio show and do some other audio and use Pro Tools Sony Vegas for audio in auditions so normally I'll create my videos and then bring it into an video editor and strip audio there so I'll have to get back to you on the audio portion of it but there is this audio tool here on audio and then you can click on voice and record with your microphone let's see

if you don't hear what I'm doing testing one two nope it's not connected to the mic that I'm on right now because Camtasia has control over it but you can record with the mic here or load an audio file you can click here for music and bring music in and those are a couple of ways that you can do in there there's some music tracks here that you can add if you

just want to add some music let's see if okay well give me a beat anyway that's that's audio right there so you can get more audio tracks if you need now once you've created your video or you fill up your slide and you've done what you need to do and are you going to do is make the one scene for now and you just want to render this out you come up here

to create video now for me the best settings is leave it unperfect set this to stable okay and then you hit the start export button that's going to put you into the explain to your export video folder now if you're looking at the explaindio route see that export video folder is right there so see that's the one that's already in there okay so then you it's going to take the name of the

project but you can rename it and then render it on out and you will see right here now as a reminder request from Andrew and others that this initial text needs to be some other color okay because the when it's finished it'll turn you have a black background with white ticks on top of it but I don't know why they would have I mean some old eyes are not going to be able

to see this stuff so this yellow is going to tell you I'm going to I'm going to stop the video until it gets closed okay now you can see that it's getting close to the end as adding the additional frame it's going to say export done so this is where you're anticipating okay now does work and make my first video or my hundredth video and let's see what I got patience is

a virtue here okay so as you can see export complete now if you don't want to hunt for that folder you can click right here and it will open up the video folder and I it really open it up off screen so I'm going to close this box and bring it over there's the my test see chess project is what I call this project but I knew we named it my test so

let's see what we got Oh ah that's all I can take anyway yeah forgot I left that music check done but anyway as you can see everything worked nice um I need this to hook Andrew up with some new beats man anyway now I'm up to fifty minutes so far so I'm going to quickly go through you got your first scene down you like that okay so you can click on this button and

create a brand new scene and now now see the new scene is right here but it's waiting for you to add an element so if you add some text now you can see that you have a new scene here and this s button means that this is very short so you need to add some time so what I'm going to do is it's going to change the font to my favorite font

close this and imma go in here and add the sketch effect which will add some time to it and as it did as you can see it did add some time so now we have two scenes right so I'm going to run through this really quick so over here in the scene tab this seemed to have controlled each scene you do have the ability to put a background video under the scene

so if you load a template you don't like the background color or you want to have a video playing in the background this is where you would add that that background video this here is after the scene so this scene here after it's done I can set this to fade out shift up shift down move around the whole nine yards right and then this scene after it's done I'm going to have it

fade out okay so it now this is too long for me to show this an example so I'm going to do I'm going to scene preview this one so it draws the text and normally he feels a video it would fade out since it's so short you can render these things individually so I'm going to just render this scene really quick I'm just going to take the default scene name it should

only just be a second two this render is to give an example of some of the seeing effects now if you're interested in the effects just create two short scenes and then render them out at the top up here see what I'm doing I'm exporting a scene not the whole project okay so let's see what this Louis shorty looks like so it was already morning at my export folder if you click on this

button normally your photo will pop up on your screen since I have two screens it's popping up on the other one so let me start it that's basically how this stuff works this is the basic there are some other options and tools and tricks that you can do up here there's a presentation mode that not to get into some other time the wizard is a new feature that still being developed so I'm

not going to go there just yet remember I say that if you want to export everything it says export project but if you're just going to export this scene and it says export scene this is how you know where you're at and hopefully this will help you guys get started and everything else just feel free to experiment you know know that I'm only using text and I brought this text in through the

canvas so I don't have any options to go to a slide because it's no slide it's just text from your canvas so you click on the text button and you see that it's there now if I had loaded it can move some stuff over real quick for this demo and maybe I just didn't move it correctly so like I got a couple of issues I need to resolve remember you can go in

here each way you adjust all that text it doesn't look like you can add a background image you can add a video let's see what happens with the video okay the videos covering the whole screen so let's run this okay so let's get the piano in the background with this with the slide stuff over it okay that's interesting so let me go back in here and get rid of this video remember that you

have the animations and the outlines that control the background and everything else you know it's black these things here they are controlled in under the outlines let's see that's the background that's that one that's that one okay so these are other two that haven't popped up yet so how you control those and you can change their color so as well as the text color so if you want him back in here you

can change the text color too let's change it to a red and this changes into maybe yellow seeing so anyway I'm added our what point am I have to stop here hopefully this help if you have any questions put them in the group and then I'll make another video to help you also know that Anthony and Charles and Ron and others out here that also have good information you can also search for Pro slide

packs in YouTube and you will see a slew of the videos I've already made for you most of those are version 2 but the concepts are pretty much the same more version 3 videos are coming up soon thank you ladies and gentlemen hopefully this helps you get started with explaindio version 3

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQtOa1G6jVk


hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a explaindio 3.0 getting started basic training video if you have already created a video in explain yell then this is not for you because this is for those people that may have some difficulty in getting started and just need to know where some things are and that is the purpose of this video but if you like to stay and ...