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you hello and welcome to the short training video on how to choose the right sir domain name okay if you go to google and you type in google free AdWords tool basically the number one that comes up should be this one if work on this and it's now loading google adwords you can actually sign up for an account as I've said in the in the blog and that'll get you

it's free it'll get your 800 results as opposed to just 100 which is all you get if you don't sign up but I for now we'll just leave it at this one hundred more than sufficient okay so let's type in our keyword or keywords i should say and that is keeping chickens okay huh keeping chickens even right keeping chickens okay we don't want to be just in the united kingdom so we're

going to get rid of that and change that to all by flicking on the little cross okay we want the one phrase really rather than broad are exact basically broad gives you a much wider range of keywords exact is exactly what it typed what you type in and phrase is what we want basically it'll give us phrases that we can work with okay before you can search unless of course you're already here

you're actually signed up and logged in I need to type in this annoying thing which I can never make out but hopefully that's it and there we go now you've got a hundred here keywords oh you should have round about a hundred basically the monthly searches starting with the top one here keeping chickens basically the same the 18,000 100 people search for that keyword phrase every month meaning that they want some information on keeping chickens

basically so if you have a product or sign up for an affiliate product promoting keeping chickens then obviously there is a market for it and the competition is low which is a bonus as well now ideally what you want is a domain name that is basically keeping chickens calm because that will help you very much in the Google search engines because Google like to when somebody types in a phrase they like to

be as accurate as possible so having the exact domain name would probably get you on the first page of Google and with a little bit of their you know a little bit of backlinking and that I'm sure you could be up there at in the top two or three but anyway that there we go with keeping chickens that's going to be our we're going to see if we can register that for a

domain name okay right I've now come over it so www dreamhost com this is who I use for hosting I've used them for a great many years and to be honest have always been great with me I've never had any problems with them the customer service is brilliant if you've got problems you can email them they'll get back to you talk you through it they really have been very helpful anyway you can

sign up if you wish your login but alternatively let's just click on domains and basically you can check domain ability so what we'll do here is type in keeping chickens which will be very very surprised if it's if it's still available I don't feel somebody else has already started doing this but we shall see running very slowly at the moment there we go the names already Satan thought it might be trying something else

right what we could do is let's try net which is the next best to calm but again I think I'd be surprised if it's available but you never know now slowly got my thoughts as much the last one would raise dog I wouldn't really go for any of this to be honest if those three are not available it's time to go back to the google adword sites and pick another domain name now

that's fun as well that's exactly what I expected to be honest okay we'll go back to the google adwords site i wouldn't talk to any of these keyword phrases if they've got less than 3,000 monthly searches to be perfectly honest because it just wouldn't be worth you doing it there wouldn't be enough people searching to buy your products so let's have a look down here here keeping chicken keep chickens oh not too bad

that's nearly 10,000 here for instance you've got chickens which is quite low competition for 1.2 million searches so you might think oh yeah let's do that but to be honest chickens is too it's not focused anybody could type chickens in it it's not really got anything to do necessarily we keeping chickens so I certainly wouldn't go for that you need to be more targeted than that and let's try keep chickens at 9900 not

some bald Lampl right let's go back to dreamhost and type in keep chickens again we want calm if with young obviously keeping chickens would was the ideal domain name to be perfectly on this book keep checking coms already Satan as well let's try dotnet and dog but to be honest I think well for my personal choice I wouldn't go for dotnet I'd keep searching on to look at finder com domain oh there

you go I could have keep chickens dog if I wanted and if that's the case basically it's going to cost me 995 no just on the ten dollars if I click on that I can register it and after pay for it via paypal or something but basically that is all there is to it what as I say I wouldn't personally choose that domain I'd be looking at something else let's see how to

keep chickens yeah good up that one even let's try that how to keep chickens dot-com it's what they call a long tail keyword because there's more than more than a couple of words in it but even so if there's enough people and that's already gone but again if there's enough people time pit in every single month how to keep chickens then it would be fine darknets gone again you might be okay we

dog but I would personally stick to comms actually when you sign up on login now that's taken as well when you signup and login to dreamhost and I'm presuming with other sites as well it does actually give you alternatives when it says there it's there it's already been taken this isn't doing this at the moment cuz I'm not logged in right let's just try and what are two more raising chickens let's try that

it's quite a lot of searches for that let's try that you're back to calm it isn't absolutely necessary to have the exact keyword phrase but it is a very good idea as I say it will help you tremendously when it comes to ranking on the first page of Google because unfortunately if you're not on the first page of Google that's really if you're not in the top five you've pretty much on the first

page you pretty much had it really you need to be on the first page of Google in the top five otherwise you're not really going to get any free search engine traffic you're gonna have to just rely on paid traffic although you can do it you can get get your keyword phrase up there by paying for backlinks etc and but it's far easier if you can just do it like this just

bear with me a moment let's try one last one how to raise chickens and this will be the last one on sir I see what we get hit now how did he go Garnett possibly well as I say I would personally always prefer the dot-com it's a dot-com isn't available then I wouldn't really go down this road would go back and pick different keyword phrases as I say if you once you sign up to

wear whichever hosting company you're going to use and it will give you as possible suggestions you just have to check them against your list on the google adwords site to make sure people are searching for it because there's no point in having the main name if nobody like that nobody's actually searching for it's not going to help you in the rankings at all okay i hope this has been useful to you and

i'll be back soon with another training video until then take care

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you hello and welcome to the short training video on how to choose the right sir domain name okay if you go to google and you type in google free AdWords tool basically the number one that comes up should be this one if work on this and it's now loading google adwords you can actually sign up for an account as I've said in the in the bl...