How to Get Your Content into Google's Featured Snippet | Ep. #203

get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity you're listening to marketing school with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric soo welcome to another episode of marketing school I've Eric sue and i'm neil patel and today we're going to talk about how to get your content into Google's featured snippet so what does that

mean exactly when you're searching what is content marketing for example or what is inbound marketing the little snippet that you see that pops up sometimes it's going to be the first result actually that is known as the featured snippet and that can be you know some people in SEO space call it ranking 0 I will say this I mean more than anything there's more literature that should be read around this and there was

a post actually that I've read yesterday when i was on plane from ma's somebody wrote about how basically they be studied I think over 1.4 million featured snippets and here two key takeaways so I highly recommend reading that one first you know there's only so much we can get done in 10 minutes in a podcast but if you want to do it i mean for example if you're looking at i remember you

know i'll go back to ma's as an example the beginner's guide to SEO and when people were searching for that somebody else was actually ranking higher than them because their post was more optimized for the future snippet so what they did is basically you have your h1 tags so these can be like your your sub headings and then you have like a paragraph right after right so you have a subheading it might be

like what is SEO is the subheadings that's that's an h1 right and afterwards you might have a couple sentences talking about what SEO is so you just want to organize it that way maybe like the paragraph is right after and then the the what is SEO portion and then from there you know you can start to you know be featured in the snippets and that's exactly what they did where they just made

a couple of adjustments optimize it a little bit for the search engines and all of a sudden they started ranking higher in terms of taking over that featured snippet so they had the featured snippet and they had the number one organic raking and their traffic went up so the other thing to think about Rich Snippets is you tend to only show up when there's some sort of question that could be entered Google's not

going to put these rich snippet feature boxes when people aren't answering a question so it's not only important to answer questions within your blog posts but you have to target the right keywords or phrases for example any type of like phrases that involve like how to what is or how do or how does right those are the main for how to install a toilet what is SEO how do you bake a cake so

take those four phrases how to what is how do how does if you can do that and then you can answer questions based off of that you're much more likely to rank higher so just think about what people type in this relate to your field you can use any keyword tool like Google Keyword planner to find other phrases related to these four areas like how to and then type in keywords like how

to rank number one on Google for example right so once you answer a lot of these questions use the heading stuff that Eric was talking about you're much more likely to get included for Rich Snippets but the moment you're not answering questions you'll find that you're not going to be placed in any of these boxes because they won't be they want to exist like for example if you just type in apple imac there's

no rich featured serps nipa at the top why because people aren't answering or asking questions about an apple imac it has to be questioned oriented and if you're still unsure how to find really popular questions within your space go to Korra go look up keywords within your space go look for the most popular questions and go create blog posts around those questions and you'll find that you'll be much more likely to be placed

in one of these featured boxes quick breakdown right here so the featured sniff it overall breakdown this is actually coming from that post directly so if you're asking a question for example you have two different you have three different options actually when you're looking at a featured snippet so you have the paragraph that you know Neal and I were kind of just alluding to so if you guys like what is content marketing you

get like a paragraph of content describing what it is and then there is an option to kind of read more if you want so you go to the post and then you have lists as well so list will be you know obviously a numbered list from like one to ten for example and then you have a table tables are typically used for comparison so just a breakdown of you know when you're asking

a question for example naívi two percent of snippets will be paragraphs four percent will be lists and then three percent will be tables prepositions will be you know typically twenty-nine percent of those will be lists and then for comparisons eleven percent at a time it's going to be tables you have a lot of different options to look I do recommend looking at this post and I also want to give you this additional tip

it as well in terms of optimal features if it links if we're talking about paragraphs for example the maximum number of words that you want to have is 97 and then the average here says 45 and then for a list you want to have a maximum of eight items average for 4.2 and then for a table you want to have three point six rows average and then a maximum of nine again it's

hard for us to get you to visualize this here but when did when someone does a study before 1.4 million snippets i think it's it's you know it's stuff that you know we do want to get to you because it's good data so Neal you have anything else you want to add to this sure and here's something from word stream when they're analyzing snippets they figure that snippets are most likely pulled from seventy

percent more pulled from results that ranked number one two or three on the first page of google and the rest of them thirty percent roughly come from physicians number for all the way to position number 71 on google so if you're trying to figure out hey how do I get you know in this snippet box well go look at all your rankings or pages that ranked the highest go to Google search console

look for all the keywords click the positions box and it will show you all the keywords that you rank for and what positions try to optimize the pages in which you have a lot of number one two or three position or an essence rank on page one for a lot of the terms that you're going for and final note you can always use a tool like SDM rush I think it does

show you which snippets are showing up for um I think hrs also shows you that too as well Neal have you seen that I haven't seen that but I'm gonna check it out now for those of you that want to mess around with SEM rush they do let you kind of do like no a trial where you can get like a stripped down version so I do think you can use

sem brush for that anyway that's it for today's episode of marketing school we'll see you tomorrow this session of marketing school has come to a close be sure to subscribe for more daily marketing strategies and tactics to help you find the success you've always dreamed of and don't forget to rate and review so we can continue to bring you the best daily content possible we'll see you in class tomorrow right here on marketing school you

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get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity you're listening to marketing school with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric soo welcome to another episode of marketing school I've Eric sue and i'm neil patel and today we're going to talk about how to get your content into Googl...