Magic Submitter Review- Does It Really Work?

hi folks are your peers here and in this video i am showing you right now the exact model for getting my sites to the top of google and this is my exact linking structure of what i'm doing right now and this is what's working right now even with the last p 1 2 point 0 what date that just happened a week or so ago literally my sites were

untouched with this update outside of actually moving up in the search results so i was very happy about the about the penguin update now what you're looking at here is a multiple tiered linking and i'm going to show you how i'm doing this and i'm going to show you the software that i'm using to pull this off and I've got a very special offer if you decide that the software or something that's

that you're looking for now this is a it's May 31st and this is only going to be available for a very limited time you can see the countdown timer above so this what's this what's the countdown timer hits 20 then obviously the the offer is no longer available so what you have here is you've got first of all you got your money side this is the site that you're trying to get ranked

this can be like an affiliate review site or if you're trying to rank for you know like a big-money keyword this is the site that you're trying to get ranked now what I'm doing is I'm taking and I've got a combination of age domains as well as web 2.0 and social network sites that include blogs hubs and wikis that are linking to my money sites so we got these tier ones which which

again they include age domains they got blogs bookmarking sites web 2.0 sites social network sites press release sites these this is a good combination of a variety of different types of sites so you got this as your tier one that's linking to my money side okay and then you've got this set of tier two so we're basically here with this tier 2 and tier 3 we're basically backlinking our backlinks and what we're doing

is we're we're linking in tears okay so this is what's working really well for me right now and if you were to go and have to do this yuly there's no way you can pull this off there's no way you can pull it off and be it in multiple niches and be able to stay sane so there's a tool that I've been using for the last several months called magic submitter and

we'll pull it up real quick and a magic submitter will automatically create accounts for you on all of these different service types so you see you've got article directories you've got bookmarking services you got blogs you've got video sites you've got profile links you've got PR sites WordPress blogs microblogs statusnet blogs PDF sharing sites blocked platforms plug bookmarks guest book marks link directory zwicky's web 2.0 s citations pro pr8 profiles and in squad of lenses

as you can see this is a large variety of services that so that magic submitter will go in and automatically created account so basically what happens is is you go in here and you create a you create a profile and magic submitter will even generate the profile for you let me just show you how this works real quick all you have to do is just create this create profile and you basically give

it a profile name and you want to keep everything separate by projects so you create a project and then you'll create profiles underneath that project but once you click this little fill profile button this will automatically go out and it will automatically create or it will download a pre created email account for you and it will automatically populate all of this information right here so I'm just going to do that real quick I'm

just going to click OK and you can see this is going to go out and it's going to create an email account for me and then when it gets done it's going to automatically populate all of this data okay and then once you create this email account then you can turn around and go in and create accounts of all of these different service types that I just showed you so this takes just

a second here to run so going to pause the video and then I'll be right back okay so you can see here that this automatically created our profile and we've got our email information right here all you have to do then is fill out your website URL usually I just fill in something like google com right here and the reason I'm not filling in my actual side I'll show you that here in just

a second then you fill in your company name and then you fill in your description and you click test connection and this is going to go out and it's going to let you know it connected successfully so you click ok then you click Save okay now you'll see right here there's none of these accounts or it have been created right here on this right-hand side so what you can do is you can

go in here and let me just show you all these service types you so you got bookmarking if you're wanting to be bookmarking this comes with several bookmarks already plugged into this to the service you got blogs I mean look at this this is mass this is going to generate massive amounts of backlinks and then you got a video sharing sites look at this all these video sharing sites you've got wordpress blogs these

are these wordpress blogs where you can submit your articles to and this is what i'm using and again one of the reasons why i was untouched was obviously because i buried my anchor text what I was linking to my money side I varied that I had a very good very I had a very good variation for that but also because I was getting a broad mixture of links from all different types and

all different sources that's what makes this thing work and that's why I magic submitter works so well so you can go in here and you can click this little button right here and you can just pick which service tops you want so you want video you want PR sites you know whatever it is that you want and you click run now and this is going to go in and it's going to

automatically create accounts for all of these different service types it's going to go in and register the accounts and it's going to go in and it's going to check the emails and click the verification link so you don't have to do any of that stuff so in a matter of minutes you can create literally hundreds of accounts pretty much on autopilot da and there's a way you can go in here two options and

you can obviously set at where you can set your catch up to where there's a service that will solve the captions for you very this is the most awesome tool that I've used hands down I've used a lot of SEO tools I was a huge advocate for for se nuke for a long time but magic submitter is hands down the best software on the planet that I've found and the cool thing is

is these campaigns so basically what and this is what that where this comes in handy with with these multiple tiers is you can do this by using campaigns so all of these tears that you're seeing right here this is all done automatically with a magic submitter all because I'm setting up this campaign to run and I can set it over 10 days 14 days 30 days ever how long that I that I

want to and I can there's multiple campaigns that you can pick within magic submitter I have my own custom campaign template that I'm using let me just show you how this this works and that's that's one of the bonuses that you're going to get as part of this promotion that i'm doing is if you take action with magic submitter before the clock strikes zero then you'll actually get my very own campaign template that

you can load into magic submitter for yourself there's some other bonuses that i'll talk about here in just a second but i want to show you how this works so you go to campaign wizard this thing walks you step by step of the way so i'm just going to type in test here we're going to go to one of these campaign niches and i'm just going to type in the test on

all this stuff so we can proceed to the next proceed to the next page so you can see exactly way this thing works so you can set this thing like i said to do 10 days 14 days 30 days ever how long you want this submission to run you can do this so what I'm seeing to be the most effective is I'm running between 10 and 50 de campaigns is what i'm

using so even once you do that all you got to do is just click the next button and then these are the profiles that you've created so remember i showed you where we created the email account and i was explaining that you could have magic submitter to go out and create all these different campaigns or create all these different profiles on all of these web 2.0 and blogs and social network sites and article

directories so these are all the profiles that you use so all you have to do you can create multiple profiles under one project and you just basically select because we want variation we don't want it all go into one profile so we want to we want to set up you know several different profiles that way it looks like it's coming from all these different sources and having complete variation of where our links are

coming from so once we do that simply simply click Next and this is the campaign template this is what tells magic submitter what to you know where the links to point to so like what i was saying here where I've got the tier one's pointing my money site and then I've got my tier 2 links pointing at my tier 1 and tier 3 2 tier 2 and so on so this is

how that I'm able to do it is all because of magic submitters campaign wizard and the campaign templates so you basically can create a new template it also comes with a plenty of templates that you can choose from but one of the bonuses that I want to give you as part of this promotion that I'm doing is my very own custom-made template for magic submitter that I'm having massive success with and basically

you can load this this template up in the magic submitter and you'll have the same you'll be able to use the same template that i'm using so i just want to show you what this does so basically you just create you can click create a new template so let's say you want to you want to have some articles article submissions you just drag this over let's say you want some blocks emissions you want

wordpress blogs and let's say you want you want to do like bookmarks okay so you just drag bookmarks and you can like you can sort these at hey bruh how you want them so like let's just say you want all these point it at the money site you can just you just drag this over and then you drag it to the to the money side you drag it exactly where you want

it to be and this template will go out or this campaign template will go out and submit article directories to your money site blocks to your money site and submit to these WordPress blogs with links to your money site then you can take this this bookmarking and you could you could use it as a tear to link to link to link to these to link to this other stuff right here so

you can link to the blogs you can also link to the wordpress blogs so it basically ever how you want to have your template setup you can drag more of these bookmarks over here if you wanted to drag that over and do it like that and then if you wanted to you know go a third-tier deep you let's say you wanted to have links pointed out these bookmarking services you could do that

it's completely completely at your control okay so this is just something just that is demonstrating for you to show you how effective this thing is so what I've done is I again I've created my own campaign template and I've tested this and it's working really well for me and I want to give you that if you order through my link within the promotional period that we've got here so once the clock strike 0

then this offer goes away plus I'm going to be also throwing in not only just the custom-made campaign template but I'm also going to be giving you three live Q&A coaching calls now normally i charge a thousand dollars an hour to do SEO consulting however you're not going to pay anywhere near that you're going to get this as a free bonus you can get three live Q&A calls from someone that's using the

magic submitter software every single day so all you have to do to get these bonuses to get the custom made campaign template to get the three live Q a cause of total value of thirty five hundred dollars all you have to do is sign up for magic submitter by clicking the link below which is my affiliate link and I will get you hooked up with these with this campaign template well as the coaching

calls the coaching calls are going to start next week and it's going to be one every 30 days so they will be recorded so you'll be able to get the live recordings of these calls now there is a catch though the catch is that you have to order before the clock strikes zero or before the first 50 people to take part of this offer once 50 people order magic submitter through my link

then this promotion goes away I'll pull the page down and so if you come back and you see that then no that's what happened to the time run out or I feel the maximum amount of orders that i was going to allow so what you do once you order all you got to do is just send me your receipt forward it on to Derek and SEO black ops calm that's Derek at

SEO black ops calm give my team 24 hours to get you set up with a campaign template as well as the coaching calls will send you all that via email so I look forward to seeing you on the calls this is derrick pierce take care thank you and I'll talk to you soon

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hi folks are your peers here and in this video i am showing you right now the exact model for getting my sites to the top of google and this is my exact linking structure of what i'm doing right now and this is what's working right now even with the last p 1 2 point 0 what date that just happened a week or so ago literally my ...