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hi everyone i am alex from the extra paycheck blog and welcome to another extra paycheck video in today's video I will be talking about five duels and five domes of search engine optimization so let's get right into it first let's do the five things you should do if you want to do proper SEO for your website for your blog for your clients or for your employer as well if

you're taking care of the sco sides of their site or blog okay first the most important part is of course writing high-quality content if you look at all the Google algorithm updates over the years every single year there are people panicking and screaming that Google has changed some something in their algorithm and they're losing rankings or the websites gasps completely removed from google and it always happens because people concentrate on things like getting somewheres links

or trying to trade Google however people who concentrate mostly on writing good quality content never complain about those things because Google never punishes them and in fact Google rewards websites that produce high-quality content so content is the number one thing that you need to concentrate on seconds you have to be consistent with your content you can't write three blog articles this week then go silent for three months then come back into one post per

month for a few months then write a lot then write nothing for four months at a time you have to be consistent and it's not only for Google it's also for your readers if people know that you publish two brand new posts every single week they will come back to your website at least once a week to check your content given of course if they like your content that your contours of high

quality and people can relate to that now if you do content consistently people will come back to your website more often and Google will send their crawlers to index your new pages to index your new content quicker and more often because they know that your website is consistent and it's always updated so they will make an effort of updating your index a lot more often compared to a website that doesn't do consistent content number

three you need to get backlinks they still matter for your website not as much as we used to but there's still a ranking factor now when I say getting natural backlinks it means basically having people link to your content because it's that good one of the examples that I could give on my own website extra paycheck blog when I release podcast episodes would get those guests would usually linked to that episode from their

own website because they want their audience to get more value from their website and how they get more value by providing more content on the same subject so this is one of my ways of getting natural links backlinks that are highly relevant people linking to me that aren't linking because I pay them to do it or because I asked them to do some kind of a link exchange they're linking because my content

is relevant about their own content on whatever they're talking about and they think their audience will see value in my content this is why a link to it natural backlinks still matters number four you should have done it already but if you haven't yet you need to have a responsive website your website needs to load quickly and it has to look good on every single device that people use tablets smartphones iPads computers wherever people

access to your website from it has to be good and it has to adapt to that device now most premium things on WordPress high quality things they do that for you automatically you don't have to do anything you just post your content with images with text and the team will take care of everything else and make it look good on whatever device people access you can consult the service like the mobile-friendly test something

like that I'll link to it below in the description of this video this is a google service we simply type in your URL your website address and Google will tell you if your website is mobile friendly or not this super important because in 2016 at the end of 2016 was the very first time that traffic from mobile devices surpassed traffic from desktops and Google made it a clear point that there will be concentrating

on mobile traffic a lot more so you have to make sure that all the mobile devices can access your website easily that it slows quick and that it looks good last but not least SSL certification meaning that your websites will have the HTTPS at the front of it instead of http this is a security measure and google has also made it very clear that they will be looking into at the self as

a ranking factor even though you might not be selling anything directly on your website you're not collecting any private information from your visitors Google still wants to see as a self-certification on your website and it's very very easy to implement the date a lot of proper website hosting platforms they offer free SSL and it's often as easy as clicking a few buttons to have it installed on your website now I use two different hosting

platforms they both offer free SSL and that's something that you really should be looking into at 2017 will see increased of SSL websites and those websites will get higher rankings compared to website they don't have that encryption again now let's move on to five don'ts of search engine optimization the first one is being do not buy any backlinks do not participate in any traffic exchanges and back link exchanges and i would suggest staying away

from pbn private blog networks they're probably found the work fine right now however over the past few years a lot of pbn networks have been discovered by Google and other search engines and websites who use those pbn to create backlinks has been penalized by Google many of them love their rankings completely and got the index from google so don't make that mistake it might be working now on some the more expensive more sophisticated ppl

but I think that eventually Google will figure that out and those websites will lose all their backlinks and they will actually get a penalty from google so don't waste your time and money concentrating on trying to once again trick Google algorithm get real backlinks don't pay for your backlinks don't get shitty ones don't you know go on fiber or other websites that offer you hundreds of backlinks for five dollars just don't do that

stay away from those backlinks build natural backlinks as I mentioned in the in the previous point of what you should be doing with your SEO number two do not buy traffic a lot of beginners when they have a brand new website there aren't any traffic coming to their website they have a tendency of going to sites such as fiber once again and paying five dollars for 20,000 targeted visitors guys that that's not that's

not good those visitors are usually fake they're just boss if they're not boss even if somebody is paying somebody to just click on your website and you get at that visitor to your website those visitors don't care about your content they don't care about your website they will never read what you write they will never buy with your promoting they will never sign up to your email list they're just simply useless they are

of no value to you all they do is they show up in your visitor stats but it's completely useless because it's not real traffic it's not targeted traffic no matter what the sellers are telling you you simply can't get thousands of targeted visitors by paying five dollars or whatever the cost may be now there are also traffic exchange networks where you basically sign up and you click on other people's websites to earn credits

then in exchange you use these credits to have people click on your website once again you are clicking on people's websites you aren't really looking at what they're selling what they're doing because you don't care all we want is your credit so are all the other people are the same network they just want to earn more credits to kind of have people come on their website but what you're not realizing is all this

traffic once again it's completely useless people just want those credits they don't want to look at your website dental care what your website is about they will not become your customers so don't participate in traffic exchanges dome pay for that kind of traffic if you want to pay for traffic do PPC use Google Adwords use Bing ads use facebook ads now that kind of paid traffic will actually benefit your website and even then you

have to know what you're doing because it's so easy to lose a lot of money would pay traffic if you don't know exactly what you're doing it's not targeting properly and if you're betting too much money on cool it on clicks there are many reasons to lose money with that but PPC was known platform is the only way to actually get real traffic that you're paying for I prefer free organic search engine

traffic number three do not steal content don't just go on different websites and find content that you like and reposted of yours this will grant your penalty from google and your website will become completely useless here will disappear from google write your own content instead you could get inspired by other people content but make sure it doesn't look any anything similar as there you have to make your own original content and Google will give

you extra points for that original content by ranking higher and by bringing more people to your website number four do not keyword stuff this also applies to a lot of beginners when they hear things like keywords that need to have keywords in the content they simply start thinking how do i put the most keywords in my content how do i repeat my keyword every 80 words or hundred words or whatever it is don't

do that try to put your keyword in the title if it's possible try to put it in the first paragraph do use it a few times in your content but only when it really makes sense to use it don't try to you know stack your tags with your keywords to just hide your keywords in your text somehow and don't start to put it in your content in not natural ways so yes

do your keyword research do use your key words in your content but don't Oh do it don't just concentrate on those keywords right naturally and if you are writing naturally those keywords should flow natural as well they should come in into your content from time to time and that's fine that's how it should be last but not least number five do not look for shortcuts when you're doing search engine optimization there are some

tools that will help you find keywords there are tools that will help you look at your competitors rankings how what kind of keywords their ranking for what kind of backlinks are getting at that's fine those tools are totally fine but there aren't any real shortcuts to getting to doing great SEO and to having a website rank within a first day or 2nd day or even in the first month you know brand new websites

at this point are taking six months or more to really start seeing increase in rankings from google and other search engines it's a long term project and you should be prepared to wait to see the results for your website it's not going to happen overnight and no matter what problem you find online that will promise to give you this magic button for only a hundred dollars or to teach you how to get number

of rankings on Google overnight those are all scams don't fall for those programs create content get your backlinks share your contest on social media make sure your contest is amazing be consistent and you will see improvement in your search engine rankings don't look for shortcuts and you will do just fine if you enjoy this video do click the like button leave a comment if you have any questions and if you like this channel

in general please do subscribe and it will help me get more videos to you easier so if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for any future videos also do use the comment box below and I'll try to create more videos for you guys and put them on this very channel thanks so much for watching [Music]

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5 SEO must-do things 2hi everyone i am alex from the extra paycheck blog and welcome to another extra paycheck video in today's video I will be talking about five duels and five domes of search engine optimization so let's get right into it first let's do the five things you should do if you want to do proper SEO for your website for your blog for your clients or for your employer as well ifyou're taking care of the sco sides of their site or blog okay first the most important pa...