SEO For Beginners 2017 - How to Rank High In Google?

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okay there this is your alexo from prositetutorials and in this guide i'm going to share with you several SEO techniques that you can apply to your website so you can get a lot more traffic coming from google i'm going to focus mainly because google is the main search engine on the internet someone that receives the most traffic so when you're focusing on SEO you should always think about Google and also

why do you actually want to get more traffic from Google well one it's completely free so you don't pay for it too if you know what you are doing you can get highly targeted traffic I'm talking about people that are really interested on the content that you have inside of your website and the third thing reason is if you get more traffic coming from Google you can also do a lot more money

on the Internet so in this video I'm going to talk about SEO buckle up your seat belt and let's get started okay so the first question is what is SEO well se has nothing more than you optimizing your own website so you can achieve better results instead of Google search engine for the search term that you're targeting and a search term is basically anything that you go to google and you type in

and set up this small search box because you want to find relevant websites to that topic so you can read more information about that topic so for example let's say that I wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies and I wanted to find some really amazing recipes related to that so what I would do was I would go over here and I would write something like best chocolate chip cookie recipe and this over

here is exactly what a search term is or you can also call it a keyword now once I press google search you can see that I immediately get a listing of ten website pages related to best shop best chocolate chip cookie recipe now let's say that I'm the person who is trying to find more information about this and you're the person who has a website page related to best chocolate chip cookie recipe

what you would want to accomplish through SEO it was you would want the website page appearing on the first page of results which is this one for best chocolate chip cookie recipe and the reason why you would want to accomplish that is because this first page of results this website is over here are the ones that are receiving the most visitors because as you can see below you have several pages all related

to the same topic but quite honestly it's very rare for anyone to actually get to the second or to the third page and very less to the first page of results so what most people do is they search for something let's say best chocolate chip cookie recipe and they stick on this first page of results and they go to one of this way they said they can see over here and most commonly what

they do is they search for something and they immediately go to the three first websites that they can see on this listing and I bet that this first web site that you can see on this listing this first web site over here is certainly the one that is receiving the most visitors from all of the web sites appearing on this listing so that's exactly what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to

SEO you want your website to rank well on this listing so you can get more and more visitors so you want to at least try to rank on the first page of results for any search term or and if possible on the three first positions of this listing because those are the websites that will receive the most traffic from them all and when it comes to SEO there are two parts to it you

have on page SEO and on page SEO is basically anything that you can do inside of your website so you can achieve better results inside of Google search engine and then you have off page SEO which is basically everything that you do outside of your website so you can achieve better results in Google search engine so let's start by talking about on-page SEO for you to understand why I need to do SEO when

it comes to your website the first thing that you need to understand is how exactly does Google search engine actually works and over here in front of you you have a very basic image explaining exactly that it's important to notice it's not humans that perform all of this work it's not humans that go from one website page to another analyze all of their content and see exactly where that website page needs to

appear in Satta google's listing because that would be very time-consuming would be very monotonous because every single day new websites are appearing other websites are updating their content publishing new content so it would be nearly impossible for people to perform all of that work what we have is robots or you can also call them crawlers these are programs made by Google and basically what they do is they go from one website down analyze their

content see exactly what that website page talks about and based on all of that information they gather they know exactly where that website page needs to appear inside of Google's listing and afterwards they perform the same action they jump to another website page perform the same action analyze their content and do exactly the same thing so let's imagine that this is one of your website pages what happens is a crawler goes to one of

your website pages sees the keywords that you have inside of that website page and as I said the keyword is nothing more than a search term and based on those keywords they know exactly what that website page talks about and also based on the words that you have inside of that page because if you are if that page you in that page you are talking about a specific niche then many times you

use words that belong to that niche and based on all of the information those robots know exactly what a page talks about and we release appear inside of google listing afterwards what happens is they follow the links that you have inside of website page and many times this may be a link to another website page that you have inside of your site or for example if in that website page you have a link to

equip edia to another to et/pt page what happens is the robot will follow that link it will go to that eqp a page and basically perform the same action of analyzing that page content and see exactly what it talks about so basically that's what the robots do and they perform the same action over and over again and basically navigate throughout the web just trying to find new content so they can index it

instead of Google listings on-page SEO has changed a lot Realty years and by this I mean in the past all that you needed to do to get a good ranking on Google was basically spam your keywords throughout your website several times and fortunately things have changed a lot since then and you shouldn't do that because if you just spam your keyword everywhere possible inside of your website you will actually get penalized by Google nowadays

it's more important about thinking about user experience by this I mean people going to your website and having an overall good experience inside of your website this depends on a lot of different factors most which I'm going to talk about throughout this video for example it depends on providing high quality content inside of your website providing relevant content inside of your website also having a good navigation inside of your website and if you want

to get better ideas of what exactly you need to do after watching this video something that you can do is simply going to more popular websites inside of your niche and seeing exactly how they are stretching their own content because if the arse is sitting on the Internet then certainly they are doing something right and you can also imitate their structure inside of their content but I'm not saying for you to copy their

content because you should never do that I'm just saying for you to see exactly what they are doing probably they are providing high quality images they are providing a lot of instructions inside of their content they might even be providing videos inside of their content so just get an idea of what they are doing and try to do the same thing inside of your website another website where you can go is called Wikipedia because

typically the content that Wikipedia has is well SEO and you can see after you watch this video you can see exactly they they putting the things that I'm going to talk about throughout this video in practice throughout their website pages okay so let's talk about the first thing that you should always be cautious when it comes to SEO so the first thing that you should pay attention on your website is see that if

you have a responsive theme installed in this case I'm using WordPress and most themes that you can install nowadays are immediately responsive this is very important because more and more people are using mobiles and cell phones to go to your website and other websites out there and it's important for you to have a layout in your website which will automatically adjust to their screen so they can see your website easily and it's not

only because of that it's also because recently Google came out with the new update called mobilegeddon and basically they will penalize every single website which aren't mobile friendly for you to see if your website is mobile-friendly all that you need to do is just grab the window where you have your website and just decrease the window size until we have the size of a mobile screen and if you see that your website automatically adjusts

to the screen then that means that it's mobile-friendly if it's if it doesn't adjust to this screen size then it's not mobile-friendly and I recommend if you are using WordPress to install a new theme that is mobile-friendly or if you don't aren't using mobile friendly then you probably need to program that theme so it can be positive but whatever you do make sure that you have a responsive theme install on your WordPress website

another part that is really important nowadays is the upload time of your website and this is basically the amount of time that your website takes to upload on someone's computer mobile cell phone screen and so on and especially nowadays because most people are using mobiles and cell phones they are on the go and they simply don't like to wait a long time for a website to appear on their screen so this is really

important because of that and also because Google uses this has a mattre to to see the quality of your website so it's important for you to have a good uploading time for your website and for you to check for you to actually analyze the the time that your website takes to a plot you can go to a website called ping dum test speed so you go over here to this website and

you just need to put the URL over here of your website which is this one press test now and this will is well actually see in a few seconds the amount of time that your website takes to upload so actually just took one second to upload my website which is really really fast as a good performance this website and this depends on a lot of different factors it depends for example on if your

web host has a good connectivity to the Internet they have a slow connectivity to the internet then website will also take longer to upload it also depends on the theme that you are using on your website if you are using a theme that has a lot of coding then it will take also longer for your website to upload another thing is also the plugins that you have installed on your website if you

have a lot of plugins installed on your website then usually takes longer for your website to upload and also depends on the plugins that you are using for example some time ago I figure out that jetpack which is a plugin for WordPress and actually it's a pretty good plugin but I found out that it nearly took one second to upload on my website and I know that one second might not sound much but

on the Internet it's a huge amount of time and if you want to see how you can actually analyze the amount of time that your plugins are taken to a put on your website you can click on the link that you can see on the screen so you can watch my other video where I explain this all in detail another thing that you can do so you can improve the the speed

of your website is use a service called cloud clear and actually actually I'm going to leave the links on description from this video so you can go to this this website and the other one but this is a free service and it actually helps you improve the speed of your website basically what happens is when you have a website all of the information of your website is install on your web host servers

for example if your web host servers resides in the United States then if someone is trying to access your website from China then it takes longer for that person to be able to see your website instead of someone who resides in the USA so something that you can do is use this server this service called cloud Flur and basically what happens is your website gets copied to their servers and their servers are spread

all over the role so what happens is if someone is trying to assess your website from China then they will assess the nearby server that they have probably in Asia and they will be able to see your website faster on their computer or mobile screen so you I really recommend for you to use this servers because it helps you a lot when it comes to that so that's about up how you can

improve your uploading time now let's talk about the plugins that you actually need to install so you can optimize your website let's go to WordPress dashboard and let's go to the plugins section and add new the first plugin that you want to install is called WP super cache and sometimes this comes already with the installation of WordPress so as you can see I already have this plug-in installed and I'm not going really in detail

with how you can use this plug-in and the other word which I'm going to talk about next because if I did that then it would be probably more two hours of video and you certainly don't want to watch that but if you want to learn more details about this plugin and though the next one I'm going to talk about I'm going to leave a link on the screen so you can click

on that link and watch my other video where I explain them in detail anyway WP super cache will allow you to improve the performance of your website so I can upload faster on someone's computer or mobile screen the other plugin that you want to install so you can optimize your website and this is really important it's called Yoast SEO and this is possibly one of the best plug-ins out there for this basically this plug-in

allows you to customize each page individually of your website so you can better wipe those pages on Google as you can see I already have it installed but if you don't have it installed you will see the Install Now button and you just need to press on this button and press in the next page activate so you can start using this plug-in then you can see that a new section will appear on

your sidebar and you want to go to this section because the first thing that you always want to do is simple optimize the front page of your website so you get to SEO and you click on titles and metas on titles and metas you want to go to home page and you can see that once you get to home page you this you have over here a template but you don't want

to really use a template for this because the reason why you don't want to use the template is because you want to optimize each page of your website and it's important to notice that each page in your website can pretty much rank for one or if multiple keywords at the same time so in this case you put over here the keyword that you want for some reason I pressed okay so over here you

put the keyword that you want for your homepage and it's important to notice that your homepage is basically this one and meta meta this is the meta title and this is the meta description the meta title and the meta description is the same title in the same scription that will appear later on on the google search engine results page it's always important for you to add an enticing title where you include your your

keyword over here and also an enticing description so people will actually see it and want to click on that link so they can go to your website and also this meta title will also appear on your top section of your browser actually once I change this you will be able to see that it will change on the top section of my website so over here it's really not relevant but I put over

here let's say that best chocolate chip cookie but you certainly want to put something that is more enticing than this this is just an example and over here you just put a description so you want to put over here a description and also the meta title over here you want to include the the keyword of your homepage the one that you want to rank for or you can even include several keywords but

make sure that you make this appear natural don't start spamming your keywords everywhere possible as I said nowadays it's about user experience and you just put some keywords so Google will have an easier time intensifying the content inside of your page and you might want even to put over here a few keywords inside of your description like chocolate-chip cookie the reason why you want to put your keywords over here on description it's not that

nowadays this has any value when it comes to SEO but the reason is in the search engine when someone sees this page on the listing on google it will appear bold and that will actually entice people to click on this link more than the other ones who Pro which probably don't have anything appearing bold on description so once you have this part then you just need to Save Changes now the other thing

that you want to do is you want to go to this extension which is XML sitemaps an XML sitemap there's not much that you really need to do over here the only thing that you should make sure is if this function is actually working on your website or not because sometimes it seems that I have a few problems when it comes to the XML sitemap for some reason it just doesn't work well

on my website but as I said XML sitemap if you don't know what it is well once I open this page this is exactly what XML sitemap and don't worry this is not for your visitors to be able to see it because it looks cerebral but it's only for google robots to simply go to your website and having an easier time finding the all of the pages that you have in your

website this is specially important once your web so it grows a lot you have a lot of pages in your website because this allows the the crawlers to more easily find your new content in that way index it quickly on Google search engine ok so just make sure that if this is working you can also exclude some the you can also exclude posts or pages or even media from appearing on your set

map if you want that just by going to post types you can even go to exclude posts and just put the Eid belonging to that post so you can exclude from being from appearing on your XML sitemap or even the categories tags and format in this case I'm just going to leave everything as standard and I'm not going to change anything now let's go to a post and let's let's talk about how

you can actually optimize a post that belongs to your website this is possibly one of the most important parts when it comes to optimizing your website as you can see I just have one post but I'm going to create a new one and I'm going to optimize it so I'm just going to press add new so I can add a new post on my website ok so now I'm going to talk about

several aspects that you can optimize your your website posts and many of the aspects I'm going to talk about now will actually help improve the quality of the content that you write for your website the first thing I want to talk about is the amount of content that you should include in your posts has been proven more and more that Google is giving better rankings to websites that I post with a lot

of information and post that or have at least 1200 words have been doing better in the search engine now I know that this is a lot of content and if you have a website many times it's hard for you to always write that amount of content for every single topic because some topics simply don't serve so much content now what I recommend for you to do is write some main content for your website

this can be some main articles that you include in your website this can be how to guys this can be the guides related to a service that you have your website or but a product and inside of this guides you write at least 1200 words or even more and in this guy's you offer a lot of information about whatever you're writing about and just by having this mint piece of information inside of

your website it will actually help you that she better rankings not only for that main content but also for the rest of your website okay so you can do one or even more of this type of articles and this will help you have better rankings on Google and if you have for example a e-commerce website I know that if you have this type of websites what happens is you have a lot of

products and typically you just have this brief description of one of 300 or 400 words for each product and that's not much content now what you can do is you can include a block inside of your website a blog section where you offer guides tutorials or whatever you want to offer over there and in your blog section you have a lot of content a lot of written content instead of your articles if

you actually go to many e-commerce websites now on this you will see that many of them actually always have a blog section included and that's because just adding this blog section to your e-commerce website will help you achieve better rankings for the rest of your website so that's the first thing I want to talk about and now let's just have some content actually some fake content to this because that I have over here

so I'm get to a website for for me to get this which is this one and words okay I'm just going to copy this and show you want to add a real content to your website don't make the same thing I'm doing over here but this is just an example so this is the first thing that you should pay close attention to the second thing is simply to include bulletin points inside your

content just make this an abbot and as I said good SEO has become more and more about user experience and what you really want is people go to your website and basically spend a lot of time reading or content even going to other pages of your website because all of this will tell Google that your website is certainly providing good content and it deserves to have higher rankings inside of their search engine

and having bulletin points allows people to go to your website post and simply reading immediately the most important aspects about that topic so just make this a habit you can also have numbered lists and this is not something that directly affects your SEO rankings it's more something that affects indirectly because as I said if you have everything well organized people will want to spend more time inside of your website and that that time that

they spend your website is really what will affect your rankings in Google so this is something that you should always include other thing is to include good images inside of your posts and in this case with 1000 and 200 words I would include at least four five or four good images and the reason why you should include images is because after the person read your enticing title it and the Internet to your post

it's really the images that you have that you have inside of that post that attracts people to read the rest of your content so you should always include a couple of images and set up for content so I'm going to include over here let's say a few of them it's like this and if you want you can even include a video and a video inside of your content and this really depends on

the niche that you are integrated some niche have a tendency of using more videos inside of your content even though you already have all of this written content you can also include a video and then typically I like to include the video in the very top of my post because many times we'll go to website and they simply don't want to read 1000 and 200 words and they just prefer to watch a

video and if you have a video they will watch the video and just imagine if that video is about 10 minutes then that means that person will spend at least 10 minutes in your website and that will tell Google that you are certainly providing good content because people are actually spending a lot of time in your website the other thing is to include a good title so you can just go to this

bar and just include a good title let's see best chocolate let's say how to make a website just just like this and make sure in this title to include because this will be your main title for this post make sure to include your keyword inside of this title okay and if you don't know you can go to this website called let me see title analyzer and write better headlines so over here you can

just grab this title you go over here you include inside of this blank space analyze now and you get a punctuation too and it basically tells you how good this title is so this will actually as you can see this settles nothing special but this this website actually helps you improve the quality of the titles that you have to your website and your titles is really something very important in your website because you

want to have enticing titles to every single post on your website because that's really one of the first things that attracts people to read your content it's the title that you had now let's talk about the two most important words really should always include your main keyword the first one is in the meditative belonging to your poster page of your website and as I said previously the meta title is the third of that

later on will appear on the search engine results page so you can see once I go right below now since I have installed Yoast SEO I have this Yoast SEO box which allows me to optimize this page that I have in my website once I click over here this this snippet editor I can pretty much put the the title that I want a letter on appearing on the search engine results page so

you always want to put your min title over here your main keyword I mean over here and also make this title really enticing because that will improve the click-through that you later on will have for this page and below you can have a description if you want for your website and as I said previously this doesn't really matter if you had your keyword or not but the only reason why you want to

have your keyword inside of your description is it's because later on it will appear both on the search engine results page for your website and that's something that actually attracts people and clicking on your website more the other part is on the URL extension of your website now I actually forgot to talk about something previously but what you should always do is you go to settings of your website and you get you have

this permalink section which you want to click on it once you go over here what you want to do is you want to go below where it says custom structure and you want to write exactly this post name actually I already have over here so you want to put percentage post name percentage because this will let you actually put more easily the main keyword and set up their URL of your post which

is also very important because that's something that Google we use this to identify the content you have inside of that page so now I'm getting to do that and actually I'm going to save this as draft you can see that now they are l changed a bit and I don't have the date of this date the date of this post appearing over here so now what I'm going to do is I'm just going

to press at it and I'm going to write how - so basically I'm going to include my main keyword for this post over here so you always want to have your main keyword inside of your meta title of that post and also inside of the URL extension for that post those are the two most important parts where you should always but always include your main keyword for that post when I come see

your content do you should try to include your main keyword inside of your content but this really depends if it actually makes sense because if you are targeting on your post longtail keyword such as how to make a website or something that has even more words than this this keyword then it probably won't make much sense for you to integrate that inside of your post because it's far more important for you to

make content that is easily readable by the people who go to your website instead of just focusing your content on the search engine also if you are talking about a specific niche then you certainly will integrate relevant keywords inside of your content for example if I was teaching someone to make a website through WordPress then I certainly would talk about WordPress inside of my post and WordPress is actually a relevant keyword to how to

make a website or if I was teaching someone to use how to make a website through HTML and CSS then I certainly would talk about HTML and CSS throughout my content and those words are related to how to make a website and once Google goes this poster will see this this words included inside of my post and that will help them and then to find more easily what this content is all about you

should only also include your keywords inside of your headers of your post and in this case you can see that I already done that because this is my header one for this post and actually once you get to the the coding belonging to this post you can see that over here this is and setup my header one so you should always include your main keyword inside of your header one and then

in your header two and so on you can also include related keywords as I said previously it's important to notice that each post in your website can rank for multiple keywords at once so a related keyword could be for example over here how to make a blog with WordPress and I could put this inside of my header too so I would go over here to paragraph and I would select header - so

this would actually help me later on to rank for how to make a blog with WordPress so you can do that you can include secondary keywords inside of your header - and so on and that will actually help you rank for those keywords also another thing that you should get in the habit of doing is including internal links inside of your website posts internal links is nothing more than your linking to another post

that you have inside of your website the reason why you want to do this is because first you can include you can include your keyword inside of that link and that will help you rank more easily the other post that you have in your website for that keyword and also it helps Google more easily find other content that you have inside of your website so for example if throughout my content I decide

to talk a little about search engine optimization then I would do something like search engine optimization I would select everything where I have search engine optimization I would go to this small icon so I could create a link and over here on URL I would put the link for the post where I talked about SEO but in this case in this website I don't have a post related to that but I would do

that and when someone clicked on this link it would be taken to the other post where I talk about search engine optimization and the reason why I include that has my anchor text search engine optimization it's because in my other post I'm trying to rank for that search for that keyword and this allows you to more easily rank for that keyword keyword because basically you are telling Google that that other post that you

have inside of your website you talk about search engine optimization but you don't want to always include your keyword inside of your links sometimes you want to include click here or read more and so on you really want to randomize this because if you always include the same keyword over and over again Google ones like that they will see you has someone who is trying to manipulate their system and that's something that they

simply don't like so try to randomize this a bit use click here with more or use another keyword inside of your anchor test for your links another place where you also want to include your keyword is inside of the alternative test belonging to your images and for you to change this you simply click on your image and once you do that you can see that several new options appear and you want to

click on the one that says edit once you do that you can see that a window pops out and over here you have alternative test and in this space you want to put your main keyword and delta2 test appears for example if this image doesn't open up for some reason instead the alternative test appears and it gives a brief explanation about what that image would be about and also it's something that Google uses

so they can more easily identify the content that you have inside of that page an alternative test also is something that you also want to randomize you don't want to always include the send keyword in every single image that you have inside of that webpage so this is something that you really want to randomize for example making a block would be something related to this keyword so you really want to change this up

and not always use the same keyword over and over again now I just need to press update and there you go the last thing I'm going to talk about on page SEO is you should always include external links inside of your posts and basically what you want to do is you want to link to other websites that have related content has yours but have more influence on the internet than your website the

reason why you want to do this is because Google sees has good web sites tend to link to other good web sites and by doing that you're pretty much telling Google that your website is good because it's linking to other good web sites so what what I could do is I could create a link to a post it Kapiti has related to WordPress because in this case I'm talking about how to make

a website and I would teach people how to make a website through out through WordPress so I could link to a post that ekp here has talking about WordPress so I'm actually going to EQ PD once again and once again you can go to Wikipedia and you can pretty much see everything that I've mentioned throughout this video then putting in practice you can see that they use their keyword in the extension of the

URL you can see that they use the the main keyword under header one for their website page you can see that throughout their content they have their keyword included you can see that they also have internal links inside of their posts you can see that over here free open source once I click on this link I'm taken to another page that they have inside of their website where they talk about free open-source

software you can also see that below they have plenty and plenty of external links to other websites that have related content to theirs so you can pretty much see that aqui PD is well optimized when it comes to SEO and you can pretty much get all of the ideas which I've spoke about throughout this video they pretty much put everything in practice also they have a lot of information related to WordPress as you

can see so this is exactly what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to your website so what I'm going to do is simply I'm going over here and let's say that I'm talking about WordPress so I want to link to a page that EPA has related to that topic so I simply do I just put WordPress I make this has a link and over here I simply put there well

for the page that eeka buta as related to WordPress and I just had a link and once someone clicks over here they are taken to EQ pedia so that's something that you may actually want to do actually I something that I forgot to do is you always want to put open link in new tab because you want to be four people once they click on that link you are still in your website

you don't want people leaving your website and going to another one so you always want to try and maintain people inside of your website so those are all of the tips that I have for on-page SEO and it will certainly help you a lot when it comes to that so now let's go to off page SEO off page SEO consists mostly on you getting backlinks from other websites pointing to yours backlink is

nothing more than a link inside of another website that is pointing to your own website and the idea behind this is that website will pass some influence from their website back to your own website and the influence that your website starts accumulating from having multiple backlinks throughout the internet will actually help your website boost its rankings inside of Google search engine now a lot of things I've radically changed over the years when it comes

to getting backlinks to your website in the past all that really mattered was getting huge quantities of backlinks it really didn't matter where you got your backlinks and just by doing that you would get a good ranking inside of Google search engine for example people used to basically spin articles and live in multiple websites similar to ezinearticles and in each article they would leave a backlink to their website and just by doing that they

would get a good result inside of Google search engine or they would even build their own private network websites all owned by them and in each website that they owned it would leave a backlink to their main website and just by doing that they also would get good results on Google now this things really don't work that way I don't recommend for you to use that kind of strategies especially if you have intentions

in having a website that will last long on the Internet and not get penalized by Google because when you get penalized by Google it's like while they are receiving thousands of people coming from Google and then the next day you aren't receiving anyone from Google and that's how the panel is penalisation is from Google or so you really want to avoid that nowadays it's more important for you to get backlinks that come from

high-quality websites that belong to your niche and also the process has really changed a lot over the years in the past it was mostly about building backlinks and badges I mean you were the one who was actually creating those things your website man nowadays it's mostly about earning backlinks which is really different your earn backlinks by having high quality content inside of your website the type of content that people go to website they've created

and they want to share it in inside of social media networks such as in facebook on Twitter on Google+ and even inside of their own website it's also about using those social medium networks so you can promote your content and also using those social media networks so you can help people inside after your niche because by helping people inside of your niche in Twitter and Facebook and so on people will start seeing you

has an intuitive figure instead of your niche and someone who they actually want to follow so I'm going to give you a few tips so you can do that the first thing I want to talk about is for you to start using the power of social media networks to either promote your content but also to help people inside of those social media networks and when it comes to this there are a lot of

social media networks out there but quite honestly there is only a few of them that i really suggest the first one i want to talk about is Google+ and in Google+ you can create a page for your website but also you can join several communities that belong to your niche and inside of those communities you cancer promoting the content that you have in your website then you have Facebook and in Facebook you

can create a fan page for your website where you can also promote your content but also you can join several groups which were quite similar to the communities that you have in Google+ and inside of those groups you can start promoting the content that you have in your website if your website is more related to images then I always recommend for you to join Instagram for example if you have a photography website then

Instagram is real ideal because in Instagram people are constantly looking for new and cool images then you have also Pinterest also great for website that is mostly related to to photos and images and YouTube YouTube is really amazing if your website allows it then you start using YouTube because YouTube is the third largest website on the world that receives the most traffic and it's always a great way for you to start building your brand

your website you can build a channel and start promoting your content through videos YouTube is really ideal for that also you have Twitter another really good platform where you can promote your content your posts and so on and then you have Reddit and reddit you have something called reddit's or you can call it well communities and you have communities that are related basically to anything that you can possibly imagine inside of Reddit so you

will certainly find a good community that you can join belonging to your niche where you can sir promoting the content that you have in website but also star helping people out inside of those communities and when it comes to this I recommend for you to initially join at least three social media networks and try to learn as much as possible about those social media networks so you can start getting more followers so you

can start getting people sharing your content more and more so just that join three is three social media networks and that's always a good start when you you have a new website the other website I want to talk about is called Cora Cora is similar to Yahoo answer it's basically a website where people go and they ask questions and while other people answer them but the great thing about choir is you can reply to

several questions into belonging to your niche and you can give a good answer to them and include a link back to the content that you have in a website and it's always a great way for you to promote your content so I will recommend core because it has a lot a lot of people at the moment using this platform another tip is for you to start commenting in at least five blocks within your

niche that are more popular than your website now the reason why you want to do comments in more popular websites is because many times those websites allow you to leave a link back to your website and once someone clicks on the name that they can't find on your comment they are taking to your website you're not probably doing this so you can get a backlink because the backlinks that you get from the

comment section from most blogs are quite irrelevant but the reason why you are doing this is because those websites typically have a lot of people and if you live a helpful comment people will actually click on your link and go to your website so it's always a great way for you to get more people to your website for you to be able to find a blog within your niche what you can do

is you can go to Google and once you go to Google you can search for best in this case I am searching for SEO blocks but you certainly want to include your niche over here instead of SEO best SEO blocks and you can see that the first page that I have in this listing is top 10 sources to stay up-to-date so I can go to this website and I can find 10

websites or a listing of 10 websites where I can start leaving comments under articles now as I said this is a great way for you to start pushing some traffic from those websites back to yours another thing that you can also do is you can market your website even more is free to join at least two forums within your niche and try to be daily active inside of them you can either leave questions

or also help people out within your niche and also the great thing about some forums is in some forums each time that you leave a comment you can also include a signature and inside of this signature you can also have a link to your website now if you are actually leaving really helpful comments many times people will be interested in checking what this link is and they will click on it and then

they will go to your website now this is quite similar to living comments in a blog I mean the the links that you normally get from the from a forum it's not very relevant when it comes to SEO but the reason why you are doing it is because this firms many times have a lot of people and that means that you might actually get a lot of traffic coming from this firms

to your website as I said before nowadays it's all about earning links to your website and you got to make that task really easy for the people who go to your website so it's always a good idea to include social media buttons inside of your posts so people can easily share your content inside of Facebook on Twitter or whatever platter from they like using so for this there are plenty of plugins out there for

this purpose but in my case I like to use social media feather and this is this is a really good plugin so social media feather so you just need to search for social media feather it's this first plug-in just press install now activate the plug-in and you can see that now I have this install I go to settings and you have plenty of options over here but the one that you want

to use immediately is this one display sharing buttons so I'm just going to use this option so I can start using it but it certainly if you want to use this plug-in I recommend for you to check the rest of the options so you can get a better idea of what exactly you can do using this this plugin so once I press Save Changes I get to my website I'm actually going to

this post over here and you can see that now one someone with my post they have this social media buttons which allows them to share in facebook this content or on Twitter and so and so on so this is a great plugin and I really recommend for you to install it before I wrap this video up I want to talk about one last missing ingredient so you can really sit in SEO and

the last missing ingredient it's called patience you gotta be patience if you want to see any kind of results that come from SEO because you might apply everything which I've spoke about in this video today on your website but honestly it will take probably a couple of months until we start seeing any kind of results especially if your website is new it might take three to six months until we start noticing any kind

of traffic coming from Google so big patience always work on your website build new content and always apply the strategies which I mentioned in this video and you will start seeing more and more traffic coming from Google so this is really a long-term investment on the traffic that you can get to your website and initially it should always focus on social media networks so you can start getting some initial traffic to your website and

that's always something that motivates you because you will get some some people reading your content leaving some comments and website and so on so that is all for this video I hope you enjoy and that you learn a lot in this video if you enjoyed this video please subscribe and leave a like below so you can also receive some weekly video updates where I talk about WordPress about SEO and much more so

stay there and stay tune with prositetutorials

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