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hello everyone my name is Darrell and today I'm going to show you guys ten really cool and really unique WordPress themes that you have probably never even heard about because a lot of them aren't available on so I know you guys are tired of seeing like the same themes being advertised on all these different blogs and advertiser networks trust me I've been there it's annoying too so I'm gonna

share with you guys mine and you guys might switch over some of these after you see them so check it out guys so number 10 is going to be the Torah theme now this is actually a newer theme that came out and it comes with premade layouts everybody so it does a lot of the hard work for you now it's pretty highly rated it just came out they do have a pro

version but let's give you guys a demo of some of their pre-made layouts now they're going to give you guys these really cool and unique layout so every button so just pretty much put in your information and you're all ready to go and gs can see it's really cool for a free theme it's great for a lot of small businesses it does not support ecommerce as far as my knowledge goes but nonetheless it's

still a very good looking theme and you know has like a video section and it's I got another look at their demos so just by looking at this you know this does look like a premium theme so they could charge for this in the future we don't know yet but I know they have a pro version so that's why I think the tour theme deserves some recognition as a free theme because

it looks really good you know it's a free theme it looks really cool and you can get these really amazing pre-made layouts for your website so that is how tora made number 10 let's go on to number 9 alright guys so number nine is the astrayed theme now this is not available on WordPress stock board yet it really deserves some attention because it's just a beautiful looking WordPress theme now it just looks clean all

together like these icons right here that's about us it's really slick and it probably ideal for a small business but it also supports the WooCommerce plugin so you can actually turn this thing into a shop if you want to sell something a little bit more professional like laptops or you know pcs or something like that now they also have a pro version but let's show you guys the shop really quick so this is

this is the shop and it just looks really easy it's simple it looks good and I love the layout it looks really cool and unique they have a forum support so if you guys need help they can help you with that as well now this is the pro version the pro version looks even better it has this big full-page layout with these icons right here and it just looks it looks better

now this timeline is really cool looking and this is also responsive so if you shrink the screen this is going to actually shrink with it as well so it's responsive it looks good just like that so we know that it's responsive we know it looks good I'm going to keep going now they have these really cool pricing tables it looks really cool they have their team gadgets the workflow they added this like a

like a I mean just just these layouts they have right here a really professional-looking so and this right here is the contact page so it looks even better than the original so you get that in the pro version you guys can buy these all I'm gonna link every single one of these themes I'm just gonna link the free ones and let you guys decide if you guys want to purchase these things but

they're definitely worth the look so Astrid Pro and Astrid made my number 9 list all right coming in at number eight is the bento theme now the bento theme is really diverse it has a lot of cool features that a lot of free themes don't have like I want to show you guys the blue commerce shop the WooCommerce shop is really cool because I have this grid layout now this is the basic

standard shop I'm sure you guys have seen this but this free theme has a messenger style where you can have your shop looking like this so this is very different a lot of free themes do not provide this and they have layouts for everybody so let's just say you're looking for something you just can't find it they have creative landing pages for you guys like this one right here this has a video background

it's a really cool looking theme it just looks really cool and I think in order to purchase the expansion pack it's only like a one-time fee of like 17 bucks if I scroll down right here yeah this is it so you get a one-time payment for 17 bucks you get the expansion pack and you get access to all of their layouts right there or you guys can just go ahead and just say

you know I'm just gonna stick with a free theme for now and check it out but it's really worth your time it has a lot of cool features it looks really really cool so that is how the bento theme made my number 8 list guys number 7 on the list is the access press store theme now this is a really cool theme and I personally have done a tutorial on this because

I recognize it as a really cool ecommerce theme now this theme is free but they do have a pro version and this is a quick rundown other theme so it's a really cool looking theme and they have those images that kind of just fling out at you it looks really cool I personally would have done a white background though for this theme because I want those blocks looking like that and they have

this really cool section right here with a video and you can watch it right here you can link your YouTube channel right there now this is a really cool way it looks it just looks amazing and it has a slider right here they also have another thing up here like the sticker right here see this up here this usually changes but then the demo they don't have that but I know it changes

I've used this theme now they also have different header layouts so this is another style header sort of like this now and there's shop the shop looks really good it looks really clean it just looks like a really good website and for a free theme I can easily match this up with a premium theme so I've used this before I think it's professional I think it looks good and they do have a pro version

so if you want to consider buying their pro version you guys can buy it I think it cost around 60 bucks you can you guys can compare the you know the free and the premium version but all in all I think the access press store theme is really professional it looks really good and that is how it made my number seven list number six a little miser theme now the optimizer theme is

available in WordPress stop org it is a free theme they do have a pro version and it is compatible with GU commerce now one cool thing about this theme you guys can see this video right here it has its own special customizer so this customizer is actually really easy to create pages you can create a landing page in a matter matter of minutes it's really cool and you guys can choose to use

some of these layouts that they have so here's some of their layouts right here now if you want to buy the pro version you guys can get these if not you guys can just create it yourself so these are all some other things you can get with the pro version now let's show you guys an example of some of their layouts so this is one of their layout it looks pretty cool

they have their menu over here it's a it looks pretty good looks very unique I like it and over here is my personal website that I have created with the optimizer thing so this is my website and I created this with the free version guys so remember use the free version first before you decide to upgrade or purchase the premium theme because sometimes people panic and they rush into it and they just buy

it really fast and they're like oh wait I don't want this theme I have done that don't worry guys so this is my shop page and this is all done with the free theme so it looks really cool it's really easy you have a Contact Us page and you know I haven't updated this in a while but this text pulse to be black nonetheless it is still a really cool theme I recommend

it and it's free so go ahead and give it a try and that is how the optimizer made my number six list so number five is the black beard theme now this theme has a sister theme called the responsive boat theme also maybe you guys have known it as Zahra flight so this is a really cool one-page WordPress theme it's very smooth and it has a lot of cool parallax effects it's

a very simple theme and the thing I like most about this theme is the page builder guys the page builder makes this theme so easy to make a website you can make this in probably a matter of 15 minutes and it's also compatible with WooCommerce so this is the shop page and you can add something to the carts if you do the cards and then from there you can proceed to checkout so

it's fully compatible with WooCommerce and it just has a lot of cool things and when I click on the features or about it sort of just drags it down to a different part of the page because this is a one page theme but maybe you don't want a website with 50 pages right you can just put everything on the first page so it's a it's also made by shop idol I'm sorry theme

aisle which is a very reputable company they make a lot of premium and free WordPress themes so the black bear theme made nine number five list all right number four her theme now this theme is very promising and it just actually became available on now they have two features but there's something about this thing that's different from every theme on the list so this is the basic free version and right here they

have these icons that sort of twirl around have these graphics right there and when I scroll down you notice it has this arc right here so this arc is a relatively new style that people are starting to do on their themes and it looks really clean I mean I love the way it looks they have a call to action right here they have our work so this is probably a blog section right

here or projects that you want to show people next you have our team section and it also has their social icons with the little twirly design so this looks really cool and as we keep scrolling down we see this little Arc thing that really gets our attention you know it's it just lets me know it just it looks amazing I love it you know I don't know what you guys I love the

way that looks and this is your skill section so if you want to tell somebody about your skills I personally don't recommend these on anything because why would you tell somebody you suck at something like this guy oh we're not good at singing well okay all right and then they have this parallax effect right here if you have your blog layout right here you have your clients section right here but the footer section really

stood out to me as well I mean I love the way you hover over these and it sort of gives you that graphical icon and I just love the way the theme has this like you know this multicolored design right there so let's show you guys the pro version now so this is the pro version and they added a lot to the pro version one thing is it's compatible with WooCommerce so here

we have our services and now they added this call-to-action button and now they have this different layout right here so the arc now has this different layout it looks really cool they have this timeline right here of something you want to show people about your company and right here the arc theme continues you have your layouts and then right here you have this really cool looking of you know introduction to your creative corner

page so this is like a maybe a portfolio or something like that you want to show people and the arc still continue so that looks really good and this is your our team section and your skills once again another little small parallax effect you have your blog section right here and you have your client and you have the same footer section as well which looks really cool I love the way it looks

now let's show you guys the shop page now this is the shop page and it just looks you know it's a basic standard pop the shop page it doesn't have anything that crazy about it that set out to me nonetheless it's just an amazing and you theme I really like this theme I'm probably going to end up doing it at aura line so that is my list number three is the Brit theme

now the Brit theme from what I've been told is an amazing theme it's very easy to use and it has a lot of cool things like it has these social icons here at the top you notice already it has this really unique layout with this capital B right here and this is actually a link as well so let's scroll down and show you guys this theme now it has this slider effect

it also has these hover over options you know and I hover over something it highlights up like that and when I hover over these pictures the picture zooms in so it's a really cool looking layout they have and this is their sidebar widget right here so these right here are actually widgets but it just looks really unique it just looks so so artsy right that it's a it's a really cool looking theme and

it's it's a free theme it doesn't cost anything and the header I'm sorry the footer also has this unique sort of jagged Chris cost layout so it looks really cool and on their page style right here it's just a standard page they have their categories right there such as you know travel or something like that and then you can go ahead and you know talk about travel but if you're a blogger or

if you're a photographer I highly recommend this theme because I've been told that this thing also has a very very easy page builder to use so that is it and the BRIT theme made my number 3 list is the be one page theme now this is a beautiful theme it looks really cool it's super creative and it has a lot of cool features that a lot of things don't now if you scroll

down right here they have these really cool-looking layouts right here and they have these arcs in this layout you see how it's like arc like that that's a new style that a lot of WordPress themes are starting to do now this demo is a little slow I don't know if that's how the real WordPress is but it does still nonetheless look amazing right there and they have all these cool sections now I know

some of these sections are probably with the pro version so I don't know yet what you get with the free version but I know that it's just an amazing design it looks really good and it also integrates well with WooCommerce see I'm pretty sure these video sliders are for the pro version but you can actually play the music right there so that's another cool feature that they have they have these pricing tables and

the theme just looks really amazing it looks good now it's a pretty long theme but I'm sure these are separated by blocks or something like that but nonetheless be one page it just looks amazing and this is their shop page so this is their shop page right here and it just looks really cool it looks simple and I can easily see myself doing a tutorial on this theme because it just looks creative

it looks easy and that's why I really rate this theme highly now I don't know how the page builder is with this thing yet all I know is the design is just outstanding it looks great it looks modern and I think it's probably one of the best free themes that you can probably get on the market so the b1 page made my number two lists and number one so we finally made it

and for those of you who watch my channel you guys probably knew this was coming so the number one theme is the shop aisle theme now the shop aisle theme is a free ecommerce wordpress theme and it has a lot of unique features that a lot of premium themes don't even have so this is our first section right here where you can put stuff into categories you have your latest products sections right

here you have this beautiful video slider and you guys can add any YouTube channel or YouTube video that you want in here and it also has exclusive products but what that is it's actually a slider and it continually slides products and it advertises all your products so it's it's really cool it's really unique and the footer section right here looks really cleans very simple and you have your social icons here at the bottom and

I have done two tutorials on this thing so over here is my Pokemon website so I have created this theme I'm sorry this website with the shop I'll fan and right here we have the same exact thing of course I didn't add a lot of products but it's relatively the same thing as you guys can see and if you guys are interested in making a Pokemon website you guys can check out my

tutorial on this cuz I show you how to use this theme because it's not only about the theme itself but it's so easy to make everything everything's already done like your about Us page it's a template all you have to do is just put in your information and you're done this section right here actually plays a youtube video they didn't put that in their demo they should but it plays a youtube video and

you have your widgets right here and hundreds of people have made websites with my tutorials on this let me just show you guys so if I go to my website right here Darrell Wilson and go to the website gallery all these people have created websites using the shop I'll theme there are some other ones like access press and the customizer but these websites a lot of them were made with the shop while

thing because it's so easy it's great for beginners and I highly recommend it and all these right here are just pre-made layouts all you need to do is just put in the template put in your information and you're done and this is the shop page so it has a standard shop you can add in reviews it has its filtered by price their gadgets right here on the right on the left side it's

a it's a free theme it does have a provision but it's up to you if you want to buy it it's 100 bucks you know but if you're gonna stick with this theme I would consider buying it so I'll go ahead and link all these themes in the description now I know that a lot of things out there I probably didn't mention that are really really good but I just wanted to

show you guys some themes that deserve more recognition because a lot of the themes out there are over height like the storefront theme I personally don't like that theme I think it looks really really ugly oops so that is my list guys go ahead and comments and let me know what you guys think about my list so that is it my name is Daryl and I'm signing out

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WordPress themeshello everyone my name is Darrell and today I'm going to show you guys ten really cool and really unique WordPress themes that you have probably never even heard about because a lot of them aren't available on so I know you guys are tired of seeing like the same themes being advertised on all these different blogs and advertiser networks trust me I've been there it's annoying too so I'm gonnashare with you guys mine and you guys might switch over some of these af...