Free SSL Certificates: Here are 3 Best WordPress Hosting Companies with Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL Certificates: 3 Best WordPress Hosting Companies that actually allow their users to use SSL certificates free of charge, which is huge as Google requires secure websites now to avoid errors in your browser. Free SSL Certificates are important for webmasters. This video is about the three best WordPress web hosting companies that will give you free SSL certificates and save you a bunch of money. Hi my name is Adam from where I make WordPress videos for non-techies.Now you need an SSL certificate whether you know it or not. I know that I needed one, and I got one. If you look on my website, it says secure and I got the green padlock. A lot of people just know it is this green padlock you need for every website. When it comes to WordPress hosting, free SSL certificates become a key feature. Here is why. Interserver offers free SSL certificate for all your websites. 3 Best WordPress Website Hosting Companies That Include Free SSL Certificates: Interserver…
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