Dreamhost review: the greatest giant of web hosts, with over 400,000 active customers and over 1.5 million websites-unbelievable but factual!

Dreamhost is colossal, simply a dinosaur in website hosting, holding a market share of over 400,000 active users and hosting more than 1.5 million web sites.

Dreamhost is an Award-winning Web & WordPress Hosting. As stated above, they host over 1.5 million websites, blogs and apps. That is nuts, completely mind-blowing! You can access their official website here.

Dreamhost is historically one of the oldest web hosts. A few undergraduate students at Claremont College launched this company back in 1996 in the early years of the internet, California. Needless to say that it is actually highly regarded,  with PCMag’s ‘Best Web Hosting Service’ award, an honor the firm has earned for two consecutive years. They are probably the only company offering a 97-day guaranteed refund based on the promise of 100% uptime; otherwise, you will automatically get a refund.[the_ad_group id="28"] There are many attractive features from DreamHost. As …
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