SEO – What in the world is Search engine optimization?

SEO Software Channel Joe Sandy: today we're going to talk about SEO; ways that you can improve your search engine rankings for laser-targeted traffic from keyword phrase searches. SEO or search engine optimization, what is it? Let's start off by asking this question. What is SEO? Well, the power behind the Internet is fueled by search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo. These search engines use highly advanced formulas, formulas that determine what gets seen in the search results and, more importantly, formulas that determine where the search results get placed. These formulas are called algorithms. You've probably heard that term before, but algorithms determine the overall ranking of your site. SEO - What is it? Rankings are determined based on several highly relevant, key factors. Getting these factors to work together successfully is known as search engine optimization or SEO. Let's go back and talk about the key factors in SEO. We have titles, words, words used in links, …
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