SEO writing history

SEO writing: a brief history of SEO writing by Valerie Niechai; Brief? It is actually a thorough article by an SEO PowerSuite expert. SEO writing: You do not even need a time-machine to peek at how content was created two decades ago. And you surely remember that level of frustration you felt when searching for something at those times. Search engines were young, and people totally made use of that situation. However, I've seen the comparison of different SEO writing periods made by Rand Fishkin, and I fancy sharing its summary with you: 2001 (or Archaic period) 2008 (or Middle Ages) 2018 (or Modern period) Keyword stuffing — a really effective tactic back then. Keywords are still important in strategic locations. Solving the searcher's query— search engines are teaching themselves to solve our queries in the most agreeable way, so SEOs have to do that as well. If they want to rank higher and for longer, of course. A bunch of pages targeting close…
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