Website cloning is a process by which a developer or programmer creates a website script with similar design architecture as a pre-existing website. The resulting website is called a website clone and the script, a clone script.

Website cloning is inspired by a website idea because of its success. Although it is “copying a concept, it is not copying the code of the pre-existing website. It is like being inspired by a house architecture and reproducing that architecture. You still need a good architect and a contractor to decide how to clone that house. The similarity is only for the end user to appreciate. The materials that form the foundation of that architecture can be very different! Similarly, a website clone is not a copy of the pre-existing website. The coding is not necessarily the same. If it were, then that would be a violation of intellectual property laws. In a sense, a clone script a not a real clone. It is an alternative code that results in a website or front end architecture that is similar to a pre-existing website. It is only the end user who appreciates the similarity.

The programmer’s idea for the coding is not necessarily the same as that of the original programmer of the pre-existing or inspiring website. Therefore, two clone scripts of the same pre-existing websites can be very different despite their front end similarity. Two Google clones can share similar features while some features may also be unique. In addition, the back end or administration panels of the two clone scripts may look very different and deferentially appreciated by the user admin of each site. And the reference site. These clone scripts are built t offer opportunities for new online entrepreneurs to begin an online venture without the need to start from scratch. The advantage is that the buyer already know what s/he is getting.refers to getting inspired from a successful website idea and copying‘ that concept to create a new website ‘clone’ that not only has majority of the same features that the reference site had, but adds new unique features of its own. Website clone scripts of popular websites allow aspirant entrepreneurs to create and start their website venture without the need to develop it from scratch.

So the million dollar question is whether Website Cloning is Legal, right?

So the million dollar question is whether Website Cloning is Legal, right?

So the million dollar question is whether Website Cloning is Legal, right?

The answer is yes. Website cloning, just like cloning a house or a building is absolutely legal, only and only if the developer is not breaching any intellectual property (IP) law. The developer cannot or should violate any copyright, patent, or trade mark of the inspired or pre-existing website. exiting In fact, the developer of the clone script must have a disclaimer stating that the owner has not copied any part of the pre-existing code into the website code or clone script. If you are purchasing a clone script, you should make sure that the vendor makes this clear to be sure that using that technology is safe.

Having said that, considering a clone script does not have the same coding as the reference website, it is misleading to call it a clone script. The term clone implies that the script was copied by a thief. Despite the front end similarities, the script owner did not copy those inspiring features. In fact, You will find thousands if not millions of websites with similar functionalities, but they do not call themselves clones. To illustrate, The scripts of WNBA website and the San Francisco examiner, which use the WordPress platform have more in common than Google clone script and Google search engine. A clone script does not result from copying the design of another website, and such practices would be a violation of intellectual property and patent law. This would be more like hijacking a website for reproducing its design. The industry may call it a website clone, but you know what it means.      A website clone script simply allows online entrepreneurs to rapidly develop a business with both popular and unique features while minimizing startup cost. In fact, it is encouraging for “website clones” to offer unique features in their target industry that their users will appreciate.

The developers of Website clone scripts and companies which develop Website clones actually provide coding services in addition to these clone scripts to add special features to allow the user of the new websites to have a unique experience.

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