WordPress Happy Themes makes it extremely easy to build a great website using WordPress and incredible awesome themes with lifetime use and upgrades from a one-time payment.

WordPress Happy Themes hates WordPress themes that come with thousands of options that do not work properly. Our WordPress themes are clean, fast loading, flexible and easy-to-use which allow you to start your blog, website and online business quickly (and amazingly).Click here to check out the themes Club membership

With WordPress Happy Themes, you can start a website in 3 steps

1. Purchase domain & hosting
Your Domain Name is a unique web address that point to your website (abc.com). Website Hosting is a type of service that store and power your web site content. We’ve been dealing with dozens of domain & hosting providers over the years. We highly recommend Bluehost.
2. You will need to Install WordPress, which is Your website core & backend.

WordPress is free internet software platform you can use to create a professional-looking website, blog and app. More than 28% of web sites in the world are built on WordPress. It’s the easiest and the most flexible website content management system (CMS) for beginners as well as PRO users.

3. Now you can Install one of the Happy themes, which will provide your website’s look and feel. A WordPress theme provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress websites. Our WordPress themes are not only about colors and layouts, but also improve engagement with your website’s content in addition to being beautiful & easy-to-use.

Premium support

Our theme support is extremely helpful. With support staff that cover different timezones, customers will get their support tickets answered quickly. Our team have been making various of WordPress themes and plugins since 2008, we know what features that WordPress users really want. We promise to release at least 10 new themes per year. We also update our existing themes frequently to make sure all of them compatible with the latest WordPress version. Design is in our heart. We’ve focused on creating beautiful and trending websites for more than 12 years. We have an good eye on designs.Click here to check out our themes Club membership

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