WPEngine WordPress hosting review: They are probably the best web host for WordPress hosting online or anywhere for that matter.

WPEngine WordPress hosting review; Why they are the best web host for WordPress sites: Security is reason #1.

WPEngine has a lot of different features that make your WordPress site blazing fast and also secure. There has been a lot of hacking going on lately, and WPEngine has what it takes to protect your website. It does a great job of providing their own version of WordPress that is stripped down and secure; so you literally never get hacked.

WPEngine WordPress hosting review: Web page Loading speed is the number 2 reason they are the best web host for WordPress sites

Your site is blazing fast, and there are always backups using backup point. For a real quick start out on how to install WordPress, once you’re logged in, you have a dashboard area where it does show all of the installs for your account. You simply click Add install and then you can type in your install name for whatever you want to call it. If you have a business plan there’s a checkbox here for multi-site that allows you to just check a box and it’ll turn your WordPress into a multi-site. That’s if you’re looking to create a WordPress multi-site. It’s very simple. Just hit create install and that will put your WordPress website into the queue. Your site is actually done. Another cool feature is CDN. It is a content delivery network; so it actually delivers all of your content super-fast. If you need to add some redirect rules for a website, this basically backs up your website daily usually early in the mornings when you get started. There is no risk of losing anything along the way. It also allows you to do a manual backup.

WPEngine WordPress hosting review: About SSL certificate and site migration?

You can actually buy an SSL certificate right from your dashboard in WPEngine. It will install it for you. It literally just walks you through the process. The other thing is there’s a utility area where you can find some tools. There’s also a site migration area so where you can download the site migration plugin and install it on your WordPress site. You can migrate your WordPress site in literally 10 or 15 minutes depending on the size of the website. So it’s super-fast. Typically, it’ll take you to the manually migrate my website area and walk you through a checklist of how to export your database and all that good stuff. PhpMyAdmin allows you to see all your databases and place any command you like, including updating tables, etc. It is just like a cPanel. It is a great fast secure awesome WordPress hosting platform it is the best hosting platform that I’ve seen.

WPEngine is just super-fast! In my opinion, it’s the best hosting company for WordPress out there. It’s just really easy, simple, and dumb down. So if you are having issues with your current host, WPEngine has amazing customer support; you can actually get to Class A customer service with WP Engine. They always fix it with me on the phone. They have lightning fast hosting and never had a site to get hacked. It is just all around the best platform to use, and I’ve been doing this for fifteen years now. It is amazing! So if you’re looking for a new hosting company, if you’re evaluating WP Engine, just go ahead and get on it. It’s literally the best decision you will ever make; so that is my WPEngine WordPress hosting review.

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