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WordPress Happy Themes, club membership for lifetime use and upgrades

WordPress Happy Themes makes it extremely easy to build a great website using WordPress and incredible awesome themes with lifetime use and upgrades from a one-time payment. WordPress Happy Themes hates WordPress themes that come with thousands of options that do not work properly. Our WordPress themes are clean, fast loading, flexible and easy-to-use which allow you to start your blog, website and online business quickly (and amazingly). With WordPress Happy Themes, you can start a website in 3 steps 1. Purchase domain & hosting Your Domain Name is a unique web address that point to your website ( Website Hosting is a type of service that store and power your web site content. We've been dealing with dozens of domain & hosting providers over the years. We highly recommend Bluehost. 2. You will need to Install WordPress, which is Your website core & backend. WordPress is free internet software platform you can use to create a professional-lookin…
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Top Responsive Lawyer WordPress Themes to build custom websites for Law Firms

Responsive Lawyer WordPress Themes are mobile-friendly  premium themes built for attorneys and law firms, and you can access all themes to build websites for yourself or your clients with lifetime upgrades. The legal industry highly depends on trust. If your customers think that lawyers are not trustworthy, then it will negatively affect your reputation as an attorney. Your website must reflect the prestige of your business, just as your physical location does. Therefore, a lawyer's website should clearly project an image of success and honesty. Responsive WordPress Themes designed for lawyers must provide features that make it easy to navigate and help build trust with your clients. The followings are top responsive lawyer WordPress themes for either private attorneys or law firms. This list includes both free and premium themes. Free and Premium Lawyer WordPress themes HumanRights – Theme Apt for Lawyers and Attorneys HumanRights is a responsive WordPress theme for …
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Google Adsense clone script, ad server by Inout script

Google Adsense clone script is an ad server, a powerful ad management and ad serving script developed by Inout script, a brand of Nesote Technologies.

Google Adsense clone script by Inout, otherwise called Inout Adserver, is a powerful ad management and ad serving script for webmasters. Inout Adserver combines Adsense, Adwords, Adroll and many features centered in a business model ideal for starting small and scaling larger as the business grows. Take advantage of the most advanced and powerful ad serving script on the market along with its popular addons.

Visit official website for more information on Google Adsense clone script Inout Ad server

Our powerful dashboard allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. All the functions you require to manage ads, Advertisers, Publishers and their revenue are incorporated into Inout Adserver. The advanced and powerful architecture design enables easy man…

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What are Google featured snippets?

Google featured snippets are snapshots from specific pages on a website that provide comprehensive and concise information related to the search of a keyword phrase. Google featured snippets are called Position zero, the natural habitat of featured snippets. Google featured snippets, How to Rank in Position zero? What are Google featured snippets? It is what SEO Gurus refer to as position zero (0). It is the natural position of featured snippets If we go back in time just, It will not be difficult to realize that the Google search results looked sort of the uniform. For every position, there is a headline followed by breadcrumbs and meta description. Today,  because of Schema markup, we are able to see a lot more information directly from the search engine results pages or SERPs. We still get the results of the top 10 positions. Nevertheless, we also see a sacred place, the so called "position zero" which any website can get. Let us focus for a moment on the Google f…
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How to choose a winning Domain Name for your website SEO

Domain Name for your website SEO means nothing without careful branding. Learn how to choose a domain name coupled with branding to achieve great success. Domain name sounds familiar to most and can be easily purchased. Many years ago, the keyword-matched domain name you picked for your website used to have a much higher impact on search engine rankings. However, in 2012, Google realized that there are a lot of websites with appropriate domain names but not enough interesting content to keep visitors on the sites. Thus, Google decided to change that. As you know, keyword is key! Many website owners and webmasters realized that if the domain names matched the main keyword for their websites, that increases the chance that their websites would rank for that keyword. Therefore, business owners would develop the tendency to buy keyword-matched domain names (KMDN) for their sites, though with little focus on quality content. This was smart to do as KMDN was, by itself, an import…
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