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3D Printing Basics! (Ep1)

3D Printing Basics! (Ep1)
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Thanks to Prusa Research and Prusament for supporting the series http://go.toms3d.org/prusa

New series! Hackaday had complained that getting started with 3D printing was still too hard, so over the next weeks I’ll be releasing a 10-part series that covers all the knowledge about 3D printing that is too easily taken for granted.

Hackaday article https://hackaday.com/2020/03/05/3d-printering-getting-started-is-still-harder-than-it-needs-to-be/

00:00 3D Printing Basics (ep1)
00:20 The Episodes
01:21 How to watch
01:50 What is a 3D printer?
05:27 Examples for 3D printers
06:39 What do we use 3D Printers for – Tool or Hobby?
10:31 LetΒ΄s recap

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