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Best Dropshipping Suppliers 2019: Top 11

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Best dropshipping suppliers for 2019: if you’re just starting out with an e-commerce store or you’re just looking to add the right suppliers and products to your store, then this is the place for you. My list of 11 is just what you need, and that is coming up. I’ve been involved with e-commerce and drop shipping easily for the last decade and was involved with a group that put together a course that has taught over 10,000 students how to do drop shipping we started all this back in about 2015 right as the Renaissance of drop shipping was reborn we use platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce and we even built our own command center where we integrated with Aliexpress to both import products into our store and automate the whole fulfillment system now due to the popularity of drop shipping mainly because of its low initial startup cost there are more options than ever to get started with dropshipping and here is my list of eleven places that you can go to find suppliers and even a couple of tools to help get you started okay.

  1. First of the best dropshipping suppliers: The first on my list is Salehoo, and it really is one of my favorites on my list. The way that they have things laid out for folks is really succinct; it’s really great. They have a very detailed directory. Their wholesale directory is very detailed, and they have this free market research lab that really helps you find trendy and profitable products. You could sort and filter any number of different ways on Salehoo. Not only do they help you with that, but they also have a lot of free training guides and a blog as well as a forum, which is super nice. You can chat with other people that are in the same boat as you. So Salehoo is high on my list okay.
  2. Second of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers: on my list is Drop Fi. they originally, back in 2015, were working with Shopify. Now they work with WooCommerce and commerce HQ and several different eCommerce platforms. They also only used to connect to Aliexpress, but they now also connect with eBay to do drop shipping, which is interesting to source products from eBay Sellers. Drop Fi is a great platform. They do so many things, and it was really the first platform that I cut my teeth on for automation, true automation from tracking to orders; you name it. If I’d really done it all, and I still use them today. You can see here’s the backend of the account, and here’s some of the orders and order taking that it allows. So I still use drop Fi’  today, and I highly recommend it.
  3. Third of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers: The next on my list is Over low. Over Low is a neat one. It’s very similar to drop Fi in that it works exclusively with Shopify. It has its own little handpick niches of verified sellers that they’ve already pre-vetted on your behalf. They also allow you to bulk order up to a thousand orders in one shot. Now I know a lot of you are saying well I’d love a thousand orders, but you can do bulk purchasing. So at the end of the day, at the end of the week, when you sit down and do your purchasing you can do it all at once through over low ok.
  4. Fourth of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers:  the next one on my list is worldwide brands. Worldwide Brands looks like it’s a little more of the old-school tradition. it’s a wholesaler directory, but really what makes it shine is that it has 100%, certified suppliers. So many times
    you can do a google search and try to find manufacturers or suppliers and only be led down a path where you know it’s dead ends or its spammy, or they’re trying to sell you something different. But this is a list of all real legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers. So for that I totally recommend it.
    Unfortunately, they do not have any plugins that make it convenient to import the products into your store okay.
  5. Fifth Best Dropshipping Suppliers: the next on my list is a Small Series and no list would be complete without Alibaba or Aliexpress. These really are two the mainstays of drop shipping, in my opinion. They just have so much to offer in terms of the sheer breadth and the number of suppliers. Now it’s hard because they’re not all vetted, but you can do your own vetting. You can actually check out my link here. It should be in the top right-hand corner of the video on my finding and vetting Alibaba suppliers. But they do offer so much, and they do offer it for less than what most U.S.-based manufacturers and suppliers can offer because it’s China. You also have an option with Aliexpress something called Ali drop, and this is a WordPress plugin that really automates the importing of your products. It automates the shipping and fulfillment, and for all of these sorts of things, there is a cost to it. But I think it’s well worth it if this is the direction that you’re really looking for. You have a WooCommerce store. There is another plugin that is powered by the Ali Drop plugin, and that is dropshipping. So, this is just one more option along the lines of the same thing as Olly Olly drop, except this one is at no cost for their basic program okay.
  6. Sixth of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers: Wholesale central is next on my list, and it is a lot like Worldwide Brands from a second ago. But one of the things that they have that’s nice is they have a decent tool for filtering through the categories.  What’s nice is they directly link you to the manufacturer or wholesaler. There is no middleman. I don’t take any cut. There is no Allegiance. So they do directly connect you with who you need
  7. the next on my list is Doba, and they really are kind of one more of the comprehensive dropshipping companies because they not only provide a very detailed list of manufacturers and wholesalers, but they really have already done setting up the relationship with them for you. So they are a middleman, unlike the last one I talked about. They are a middleman, and they charge a fee but in my opinion, I think it’s well worth it because it limits the amount of time that you have to spend setting up relationships. So you can go through Doba and pick one of these plans and get it all set up and start using them right away.
  8. Eighth of Best Dropshipping Suppliers: the next one is DropShip Direct. They do let you set up a free account to join and get access to their huge inventory. One of the best things about them is the size of their inventory, and it works a lot similar to Doba in that you choose your product first and then you can just
    request to have that item shipped to your customer after you make some sales. one of the things that I really like about this company is that if we click over here to the inventory tab and scroll down, they have licensing deals in place where you can sell Ohio State coca-cola, whatever. You can start to sell this type of licensed product which is a rarity in the dropshipping world okay.
  9. Number nine on my list is Sunrise Wholesale now one of the reasons that I really like sunrise wholesale is that you can sell products from top brands. So you really get to have access to name-brand items, and that is unlike what you would have from something like Over Low or DropFi or Aliexpress where you’re just getting access to products like a blender no brand blender or eyebrow trimmer or whatever. This is why I like Sunrise Wholesale okay.
  10. Number 10 on my list is Motor List: now the Motor List is great because a lot like the previous sunrise wholesale, Motor List also elects you to sell from top name-brand items, but their guarantee is that they will ship it to your customer within three business days. So that is a huge benefit for most people that have concerns about selling dropship, which is the speed of the shipping. But with Motor List, that has been taken care of for you okay.
  11. The last one on my best Dropshipping Suppliers 2019 or number 11 is Drop Wow. Drop wow is probably the new kid on the block with respect to dropshipping. Suppliers they came about in late 2017 but have really made a name for themselves since they have the U.S. and Asian suppliers. They also over here have a Shopify app that they have integrated, which makes it a lot like Drop Fi or Over Low in that it will take care of the auto-order processing for you. It is so nice, and they do have quite an extensive list of inventory of wholesalers to choose from. So Drop Wow makes my list creeping in at number 11

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