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CALCULATING uPunch Time Clock Bundle

CALCULATING uPunch Time Clock Bundle
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uPunch Time Clock Bundle with 200 Cards, 3 Ribbons, 2 Time Card Racks, & 2 Keys (HN4500), 38% off going fast!

The uPunch Time Clock Bundle is now 38% off and going fast; so it is up to you to grab one now, Take your punch card time clock to the Cloud with this Electronic Calculating upunch Time Clock bundle. This time clock bundle gives you everything you need to start managing your employee time and attendance, including one uPunch HN4000 electronic Calculating time clock, 200-time cards, two 10-slot time card racks, three ribbons, and 2 keys. Not only does the HN4000 allow employees to punch in and out with the ease of a traditional punch time clock, but it automatically tracks and calculates employee hours on paper timecards.

The FREE optional uPunch Cloud software gives you the ability to MANUALLY ENTER employee hours worked. This device does NOT connect to the Internet and does NOT send data automatically to the cloud. From the software you can run pay period reports, track daily or weekly overtime, export to payroll systems, and simplify payroll recording and data organization for your company.

Eliminate Manual Errors

The calculating bundle is full of priceless tools to track hourly employees, including the uPunch HN4000 Auto Align Calculating Time Clock, 200-time cards, two 10-slot time card racks, three ribbons, and two keys.

uPunch offers the option to manually enter employee time card data into a free online account, accessible from any internet connected device. The cloud-based software gives you advanced time tracking features, pay period reports, daily and weekly overtime tracking, and the ability to export to payroll systems.

Instantly identify late employees with punches marked in red ink. Set up automatic lunch and break deductions. Customize settings so all overtime hours and unscheduled punches can be highlighted on the time cards for easy reporting.

Calculate daily or weekly overtime based on your needs. Utilize punch rounding to simplify calculations. Flexible time clock settings allow users to enter a custom time for the start of a new day, rather than midnight. This works well for businesses with late hours such as a bar or restaurant.

This four-punch per day time clock precisely tracks and calculates in and out punches for up to 50 employees. The automatic feed and alignment feature perfectly lines up the time card for accurate punching and clean printing each and every time.

The upunch time clock is easy to mount on a wall or table and program, while the automatic card feed feature aligns timecards for accurate punching and printing.

The flexibility of the HN4000 allows you to use the clock as a stand-alone time clock or in conjunction with our FREE cloud-based software.