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Legacy Learning Systems to learn & master music, dance, photography, and other arts in the comfort of your home, using multimedia training courses.

Legacy Learning Systems created the Learn and Master series to produce very comprehensive multimedia training courses for those who want clear instructions in the comfort of their own homes. Legacy Learning Systems is based on the idea that learning should be fun, systematic, and unintimidating. We think that each new skill must build on the previous one. Initially, our courses were in music instruction. However, we later added other topics related to the arts, hobbies, career, and a variety of special interests are under development.Visit our website

Our Mission is to bring Personal Dreams Within Reach. Almost all of us have that one thing we’ve always wanted to learn. Whether it is to sing, to dance, to play an instrument or to surf, sail, cook, or speak a foreign language, we all have something we wish we could do.

As time passes and life gets in the way, that little dream can seem farther and farther out of reach. School is out of the question. Private lessons are pricey and inconvenient. But what if something could make it possible?

That is our mission. To make difficult skills accessible through multimedia self-education courses. To bring personal dreams within reach.

What Should You Expect from a Legacy Learning Systems Course?

First, your lessons will be always be laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression with everything you need in one place. No need to buy countless training videos from a patchwork of sources.

Second, your Legacy course will take you far beyond the basics of the typical instructional video. We get you started quickly, but your lessons will take you as far along the path to mastery as you choose to go. You won’t find a more comprehensive multimedia training course on your topic anywhere!Visit our website

 We are not finished when you buy a course from Legacy Learning Systems. We are finished when you have reached your dream. Visit our website today!