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We are a local Minnesota roofing company that has been providing roof installation, replacement, and repair services to St. John MN homeowners and property owners for more than three decades. Our team consists of experienced residential roofing experts and commercial roofing experts that provide excellent roofing services. From selecting the suitable roofing material for your building- regardless of your personal taste, the building’s architecture, year constructed or the current condition – to installation, we ensure your roofing needs will be completed to perfection!
Local roofing constructors with a Minnesota Reputation
Midwest Roofing is proud to be a local, family-owned roofing company in St. John Minnesota. We are licensed and insured in Minnesota therefore we pride in our workmanship and superiority as far as service delivery is concerned. Because we know the great value of a good roof, we use quality materials from manufacturing partners that we trust.
We understand how Midwestern roofs experience extreme weather conditions and harsh winters. We also understand that there are several roofing companies in St. John MN that you can choose from, that is the reason why we stand out by respecting our clients’ time. We offer good care to your home as if it is our own!
Our team of professionals have a multitude of knowledge as experience working on diverse roofing types including:
– Cedar shakes
– Flat roofs
– Metal roofs
– Tile roofs
– Asphalt shingles
– And many more!

How to Choose the Right Roofing Material
A good number of homeowners and property owners in Minnesota spend so little time thinking about their roofs, the materials they are made of and whether or not it is the appropriate material for their buildings. When selecting a roofing material, you have different options to choose from. Our team of experts are happy to help you make the right choice since we work with different materials including:
Metal roofing
Pros: metal roofing last for the longest time (50+ years), low maintenance, can be painted, environmental friendly, hardly damaged by extreme weather and hail.
Cons: Most pricey, prone to rusting.
Asphalt Shingles
Pros: Less costly, comes in different colors, can last for a descent period of time (20+years)
Cons: harsh to the environment, easily susceptible to extreme weather and hail.
Cedar shakes
Pros: Wood-like appearance, friendly to the environment, lasts for about 20+ years.
Cons: high maintenance, susceptible to rot and can be damaged by insects, not fire resistant.
Slate or tile roofs
Pros: unique appearance rarely seen in Midwest, resistant to fire, lasts for 40+ years.
Cons: quite costly to install, mot require extra frames for support.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Roof
Roof can naturally reach the end of its functioning years without experiencing any roof damage. it will just look old and worn. If you delay to replace the roof, however, that could result in more damages. It is therefore important to watch out any warning signs of a damaged roof and add a roofing project in your TO DO list and contact Midwest Roofing Services for a re-roofing project. The following are potential signs that call for a re-roof.
– Your shingles roof may be at least 20 years of age but several factors can accelerate the wear and tear process calling for shingle repair services, or shingle roof replacement services St. Paul MN. Curled shingle edges
– Cupped shingle tabs
– Cracks on shingles
– Moss on roof
– Rusted metal roofs

We work with Quality Roofing Brands
To assure that we offer the best services that not are not only satisfactory but also offer great aesthetic value, we partner with the best roofing brands. With products from trusted companies like TAMKO and GAF you can be assured that your roof will serve you for years.
Fast Installations and Replacements
At Midwest Roofing Service, we know how time is valuable. We therefore offer our clients quick estimates, inspections, roof replacements, and repairs. Whether you are in need of a simple roof repair or you need the entire roof to be replaced, our team ensures that the whole process is done quickly so that you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home or office sooner. You will experience our top-notch service the moment you get in touch with us. Once you contact us. Our professional service representatives will schedule time for one of our roofing experts to meet up with you at your convenience.
Roofing Emergency Services
We understand that when your roof gets damaged by one of the heavy storms, or strong winds that we experience living in the Great Plains region, you will need to fix the damage as soon as possible. As a local company born in St. Paul, we have experienced such uncertainties many times and have adopted to be a flexible team that can handle such emergencies. We have a team that responds to all emergency needs on a 24/7 schedule. If you need your roof to be fixed urgently, and you want the services of Midwest Roofing Services, you can contact us and mark your message as priority so that we can bring your order to the top of the list. One of our professions will contact you as soon as posible and start the necessary steps that will ensure that you are safe and secure and your home or business will not undergo any further damage from following storms. Why should you wait? Contact us to start enjoying the services of one of the best roofing companies in St. Paul, MN.
We Believe In Customer Service
Midwest Roofing Service has been operating for more than 3 decades. You cannot stay in business for this long if you don’t value your customers. We are not only committed to offering an outstanding job, but also to educate our clients on the services we provide. Your home or business is among the most expensive purchases you will ever make and we know how crucial it is to you, and how important our clients are to us. Please feel free to navigate our website to analyse our services and reputation. If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know.

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