U-Earth Biotech Ltd

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Contact Information
38 Craven Street, Greater London, England WC2N 5NG
Detailed Information

U-Earth produces the first and only biotech purification systems for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Thanks to a completly natural biological solution called U-Ox, paired with water, our purifiers are able to capture and destroys air contaminants, viruses and bacteria dangerous for humans.
This is the result of 30 years of scientific research funded by the US government.  U-Earth is a plug-and-play purification system that uses very little energy, it works 24/7 and has no filters to replace. We developed AirCells and Amadahy to purify and decontaminate outdoor and indoor spaces such as offices, factories, faciliites, hotels, private homes, communal city areas and hospitals. U-Earth’s technology is truly revolutionary.

Hours of operation – 9am to 5pm

Area served:- Worldwide