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Ethos Life insurance
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Ethos is a new kind of life insurance for people who don’t have time for fine print, extra doctors appointments or hidden fees.

Ethos creates modern, ethical life insurance. We treat you like family—we won’t upsell you on expensive policies that don’t make sense for your budget. At Ethos, we offer modern, ethical life insurance to protect the life you’re building and the people you love. we offer ‘term’ life insurance. More importantly, though, we approach life insurance the same way we approach life—people first, money second.

At Ethos, we are building life insurance for people who don’t have time for fine print, extra doctors appointments, or hidden fees. Because modern life is already complicated, but applying for life insurance doesn’t have to be.

Our CEO, Peter Colis, knows that most life insurance is sold by independent insurance agents. Their time is money, so they often focus on upselling expensive policies to wealthy people. Where does that leave the rest of us? That is why our team is salaried, so they work with you to figure out what coverage you need.

Ethos is here for life.

We will be around to celebrate birthdays, babies, new homes, and other life events; we’re not leaving you after you sign up.

We’ll offer ongoing services that enhance your life (education, content, etc.).

So what’s ‘term’ life insurance?

Term life insurance lasts between 10 and 30 years, which makes it ideal for people in the prime of their life.
Why? Because we don’t think anything will happen to you, so we’re able to offer far more coverage if something does happen. And since now is the time that your family depends on your income the most (mortgages, college savings accounts, etc.), term life insurance makes sure they have financial help—even if the worst happens.