MOTA Pro Live-5000 FPV Drone – One Touch Landing and Take Off Feature, HD Video with Live Stream Bullet Points

May 12, 2020 - Comment

Product Overview The Pro Live 5000 is a 6 rotor drone built with a more efficient Y-Axis design compared to drones in the market today. In addition to its power, the Y Axis gives it a slim profile design that can fit where most drones would not be able to, making it easy for anyone

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Product Overview
The Pro Live 5000 is a 6 rotor drone built with a more efficient Y-Axis design compared to drones in the market today. In addition to its power, the Y Axis gives it a slim profile design that can fit where most drones would not be able to, making it easy for anyone to maneuver and ideal for commercial applications in remote inspection, surveillance and more.

Industrial Applications
Any industry can utilize a drone, and with this one at an affordable price it’s time you got one. Stable flight allows for a good eye in the sky and headlights allow for effective flight in the dark as well. Utilize this drone to inspect leaks in roofs or issues with wiring in tight dark places that would be a hassle for humans. Drone technology lets you get a new perspective and therefore lets you work in new ways that can increase productivity.
Workers in the energy industry can use this drone in hard-to-reach places like power plants or cable lines to identify issues using live stream. Construction workers can use it to inspect dangerous areas to reduce the risk of accidents, and they can actually survey huge construction sites with an aerial view instead of spending time going up and down service elevators or walking around large perimeter sites.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are sophisticated technologies to understand, so take a look at the manual to get a head-start. Refer to our website for additional information about our product, as well as a fly safely poster to help you take care of you, your drone, and others when you decide to embark on your adventure.

MOTA Customer Care
As always all MOTA products come with our 5-star dedicated customer service. If you are having issues with shipping, defective product, or usability, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within hours.

Product Features

  • All-new 6 rotor Y-Axis build, Pro Live-5000 functions include advanced One-Touch take-off and landing technology, live stream function reimagines service industries like surveillance, remote inspection, specialized training in outdoor sports and more
  • Mobile Integration – Our Pro Live-5000’s uses radio to stream, allowing for a seamless transition for businesses to begin using drones, adds to its reputation as a cost effective power quadcopter capable of streamlining industrial labor
  • Smaller than a piece of paper – Get a better view of tight spaces such as pipelines or ceiling areas of corporate offices. Industrial grade 360 mAh Lithium Battery gives this drone 6-7 mins of flight with video, and with a control range of up to 100 feet
  • Remote inspection using drones promotes safety and increases productivity. Personal trainers can help his or her trainee get a better idea of how to improve form. Coaches can take advantage of the bird’s eye views of team plays and perfect strategies
  • Package includes one rechargeable, manufacturer does not sell individual batteries, although there may be 3rd party batteries available. We recommend a pre-flight check as prompted through the manual to ensure proper flight. Camera view corners may be obstructed by propellers


Anonymous says:

A leap up from the JetJat live! I’ve previously owned the Moto JetJat live drone, and decided to step up to the 5000. First impressions were good, much bigger than the Live. Very excited to see that it has its own controller with a screen as well. One of my biggest problems with the Live was it was hard to get a hang of the flying because you have no feedback from a touchscreen. I immediately plugged in the battery while I installed the prop protectors (guess thats what you call them). Battery all charged up I took it out side and started the fun. The auto take off and land is amazing! works perfectly. Using the controller is very easy and intuitive to use. This thing so so much easier to fly, pretty stable. I enjoy flying it. heres a list of the pros/consProVery easy to flyActually have a controllerdecent sized FPV screenAuto takeoff/landtrim works greatConsCant fly in decent breezerange is very short (only seemed like a 100ft and lost ability to…

Anonymous says:

An EXTREMELY fun and easy to fly drone, with a price that CAN’T BE BEAT! Length:: 5:00 Mins I just got this drone and have to say, it is a blast and SUPER EASY to fly. The six axis drone is so easy to fly I have taught my 3 year old how to control it. I hold the controller and she sits in my lap and works the sticks. Out of the box it was ready to fly and I love that it had a video screen attached to the controller so you can see what the camera sees. The camera is 720P and you can see the blades of the drone in part of the image, but for what I use it for, this is no big deal at all. It is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to fly, but also means you cannot fly it in anything above a light breeze unless you have a lot of experience flying. The auto take off and auto landing are the best features on this drone. Hit a button and the drone lifts off and hovers about 3 feet off the ground. Hit the auto land and it will slowly and gently set down taking the risk of hard landing out of the equation. It is a fast flyer,…

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