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Duex Pro Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor, FREE Shipping

Duex Pro Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor, FREE Shipping
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Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor, the Duex Pro Portable Monitor, The On-The-Go, 12.5″ Full HD IPS Display, USB A/Type-C, Plug and Play, Dual-Side Sliding, Sleek and Lightweight Design, $40 off & FREE Shipping

Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor, the Duex Pro Portable Monitor, might just be what you need as a businessman, a teacher, or a scholar. Before Enjoying Your Mobile Pixels Monitor Let’s take a quick look at the installation video! Or search the name of “Installation Video for Duex” on Youtube. You will also find the video tutorial recorded by the founder, Jack Yao. TIPS ON USING DUEX PRO ●Duex pro must be seated against the tabletop. The magnets are only meant to hold Duex pro upright, they cannot hold Duex pro on by themselves. This was the design intention. ●If you are using a Windows laptop, and the screen is blinking, please do the following: 1. Remove your DisplayLink driver by using the following software: 2. Reinstall the Windows Driver using the following software: 3. Restart your laptop. ●If your Windows laptop us saying “Device Not Recognized“, or the blinking is happening on a Mac laptop, please do the following: Please connect a USB hub to the laptop, and then connect the Duex Pro to the hub.

the Duex Pro Portable Monitor features

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  • Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor
  • Full HD 1080P Display: 12.5” IPS Screen, Full HD 1920×1080 display, Brightness 300 nits, compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A laptops, Mac, PCs, Phones, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch, etc.
  • Flexible Rotation & Dual-Slide Sliding: Provides a full 270° rotation, with the option for a 180° presentation mode. Choosing your optimum viewing angle for any situation. You can also slide DUEX Pro to either side of your laptop screen.
  • Single Type-C Cable to Power and Display: Simply plug DUEX Pro into your laptop, and you’re ready to boost your productivity by up to 50%! USB Type-C cable and USB-C to A Adapter included.
  • Simple to Use & Easy to Attach: Place magnetic adhesives on the laptop, Attach DUEX Pro on adhesives, then Plugin and Slide out. It is that SIMPLE!
  • Compact and Durable: Ultra-portable award-winning design at 1.6 pounds and 0.48 inches slim to pair perfectly with ANY laptops. Product Dimensions- 12.8 x 8.6 x 0.48 inches.Created with high-quality industry materials and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with transporting your laptop around. 1 Year Warranty is provided!