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Myths and facts of Homeopathy

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Once considered as an alternative medical system effective in limited conditions, homeopathy has now become the second-largest medical system in the world. Several people putting faith in the power of homeopathy are on the rise. Dr. Shalini Vinay, a world-renowned homeopath, and Best Homeopathic doctor in Gurgaon emphasize the healing benefits of this medical science. She has been devoted to providing a better-quality life to her patients for over 19 years. She treats her patients with the utmost care and believes in evidence-based treatment at her clinic (Best Homeopathic clinic in Gurgaon). Patients treated beyond satisfaction laud her skills, expertise, and pleasant experience with her.

Despite this expansion and wide-spread practice, several misconceptions are floating around the system. Often only the people who are benefited by the treatment are aware of the facts of the procedure. Some people even think that non-medical people develop this medical system. Here are some facts about homeopathy, which would clear the myths prevailing about the treatment system.

Myth: Homeopathy medicines are slow in action

Fact: Homeopathy remedies are not deliberate, and their time of work depends on the severity of the condition. Most often, people turn to homeopathy when they do not get satisfactory relief from other medicines. In such cases, the situation is already worsened and takes time to cure. The sooner you take the medication, the faster the results would be.

Myth: These medicines are placebo

Fact: Many people argue that the effect of homeopathy treatment is only psychological, and it has no effect physiologically. However, the truth is, it does influence your body’s systems. Many clinical trials have confirmed that homeopathy works on your body to make it healthy and is much beyond to just a placebo. It heals your body and promotes natural healing power or immunity.

Myth: Work only for chronic ailments and not for acute diseases

Fact: In fact, homeopathy is highly effective in treating severe conditions. It not only cures these illnesses but also reduces the chances of their reoccurrence. It provides direct relief from cold, viral fever, headache, etc. Many patients choose homeopathy as their regular treatment option due to natural and no side-effect properties of its remedies.

Myth: The diseases aggravate with their use

Fact: It only happens when we chose a higher potency or frequency of the medicine. This effect settles with the withdrawal of medication or by switching to a lower strength. In other cases, we observe no such aggravation.

Myth: These are good only for the functional problem

Fact: Many people think that homeopathy works only for functional diseases like headache, weakness, etc. But the truth is, it is effective in treating structural pathology. The retreating pathological results for diseases like hepatitis, tumor, etc. establish this fact.

Myth: There are several dietary restrictions and would starve you

Fact: General restrictions are applicable for some diseases and medicines like any other conventional medical system. For instance, you would have to limit sugar for diabetes, fatty food for high cholesterol, and excess salt high blood pressure. Homeopathy puts similar restrictions on some medications. Avoiding strong coffee and smoking after taking medicines would have a better effect.

Myth: Homeopaths are not doctors, even self-medication would work

Fact: Homeopaths are doctors, just like any other conventional medical practitioner. Homeopathic doctors receive extensive training of over five years and practice only after proper registration. Also, each homeopathy remedy has vast applications and affects your body in multiple ways. Taking these medicines without knowing the details can cause an adverse effect. You should always consult a qualified, skilled, and experienced homeopath to receive the treatment.

Myth: The system gives no value to the diagnosis

Fact: This is the biggest misconception about this treatment. Diagnosis is paramount in homeopathy treatment. Your doctor provides maximum time in discussing your symptoms and differentiates between general and individualistic signs. It is only after a detailed investigation; your doctor determines the best course of treatment for your illness. Diagnosis is the step in the treatment that is most time-consuming and contributes most to the cost.

Myth: we cannot use it with other medicines

Fact: More than half of the patients seeking homeopathy treatment take some other conventional medication for different conditions. You can continue your supplements or medication for diabetes, blood pressure, etc. while taking homeopathy remedies for some ailment. However, you should discuss with your doctor about these medicines so that he/she may identify if there is any interference between the two and adjust the remedies accordingly.

Myth: These medicines contain heavy metals

Fact: If you think that homeopathy medicines contain metals or steroids, you are highly mistaken. These medicines are the most natural medicines made from plants, herbs, and animal products. For that reason, these are considered the safest remedies.

Myth: It miraculously cures every disease

Fact: Just like any other medical system, homeopathy also has its limitations and scope. In the case of irreversible structural changes like in AIDS, it can only improve quality of life, but cannot completely cure it. Also, it cannot serve as a substitute for surgery but can only provide assistance in pre-surgical care and speed up the recovery process.

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