Sony X750H 55-inch LED TV -4K Ultra HD 2020 Model


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About the Sony X750H 55-inch LED TV item

  • 4K PROCESSOR X1: See incredible 4K pictures, rich with real-world detail and texture, powered by our 4K Processor X1. Even images filmed in Full HD are upscaled close to 4K resolution by 4K X-Reality PRO using a unique 4K database
  • TRILUMINOS Display: See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color and gradation
  • SMART ANDROID TV with GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Use your voice to control your TV and smart home devices, easily search for movies and shows, get answers, and manage tasks
  • HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture is the way TV was always meant to be watched. Ultra-high resolution and HDR video content combine to bring dazzling detail, color, and contrast to everything you watch while keeping a far wider range of brightness
  • GAME MODE: Take your PlayStation experience to the next level with a Sony 4K gaming TV featuring dedicated Game Mode for a smoother, more responsive gaming experience
  • MOTIONFLOW XR240: Less blur, even in fast scenes. Content appears with lifelike motion
  • DESIGN: Stay focused on the big picture with a refined design and narrow bezel that blends into any environment
  • Experience thrilling movies and games in incredible 4K HDR and clear sound. Everything you watch looks remarkably rich and natural, enhanced by the 4K Processor X1. With Sony’s Android TV and the Google Assistant, quickly access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on the screen, and more using your voice.
  • From a real customer:

Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2020

Size: 55-InchConfiguration: Sony X750H TV Verified Purchase

Initial Impression: The packaging was great. Well protected. Super easy to open pull the white plugs and the top of the box just slides off a great job

Aesthetics: I’m super picky about bezels. I can’t STAND a thick bezel. You could show me a great picture with a thick bezel and I would hate the smart TV. I’m happy to see they’ve decreased the bezel size in this year’s models it’s truly a piece of art. I wasn’t overly excited when I saw the pictures of the stand legs, but they turned out to be better than I thought. I would still prefer them to be on the outer edge of the TV, but I understand why Sony decided to go with the placement since finding a Sony X750H TV stand to accommodate for legs any further spread out, especially with the TV size would be a lot more difficult. The legs are a sturdy build with a nice finish in case you do not mount makes me think twice about mounting.

Set-up/Software: Seamless. I fell in love with my prior Sony model and I’m glad to see they’ve kept the key features and added on some. The android interface is very intuitive All in all it was super-fast, super easy. The screens were fluid and easy to understand. As a photographer, I tend to get frustrated easily when things aren’t natural, but the Sony X750H TV has a good UI/UX design. It has all the apps I need/use (and then some). I love having Netflix and Prime as app. Definitely, a plus since I listen to music on my Sony X750H TV through my surround sound often and used to resort to using a Chromecast to do so now I just use google music built into the Sony X750H TV. The google assistant is super easy and awesome love telling my TV to watch my favorite programs or listen to my favorite music when the remote isn’t handy.

Picture: What everyone wants to know! It’s great! For the model/price point, I don’t think you can beat the picture. Compared to similar brands like Samsung, this is definitely a lot sharper NO competition but I expect nothing less from Sony. The blacks are darker and the whites brighter. The presets for different picture modes are incredible and you can switch easily depending on what you watch. I find myself sticking to “Standard” mode the most. There is little to no glare on the screen, and I have the TV placed right next to a wall of windows with the blinds open 90% of the time. I think the “Standard” TV mode helps in this regard as well. The game mode is awesome I already see a huge difference in latency compared to my older TV. COD has never played so well. The TV is incredibly bright I was really surprised but it also looked clear and crisp. The HDR on Netflix was amazing everything looked incredibly lifelike it outshines all higher-end TV’s I’ve purchased in the past I guess technology just gets better and better.

Other: I love the remote. I know the TV is still in the entry/mid-level category, but the remote is sleeker and “smart.” Love the Netflix button top-notch Sony. There’s plenty of inputs and connectivity through android give me everything I need. Can’t be any happier with my purchase.