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Migiwata Professional Large Grafting Tool for Garden Fruit Trees and Vines, Full Metal Body and Sharp V Type Blade, Cut 5-20mm Dia. Rootstock and Scion, Save 50% of Labor Costs, 90%+ Success Rates

tool January 30, 2019

For many people, grafting is not an easy job, especially the plant cutting and joining part. You have to make sure the rootstock (base plant) and scion (top plant) stem are of the same cutting angle. Otherwise, the cuts can’t fit together well for good cambium contact and new hybrid plant will be prone to die.
This Migiwata grafting cutting tool can solve this problem.
The Migiwata professional grafting tool is designed to cut both the scion (the shoot or bud to be grafted) and the rootstock, the main plant onto which the graft will be made (usually chosen for its strong roots). Proper alignment of the two parts is essential to the success of the graft – it allows a structural union that does not impede the essential transfer of nutrients to form as the graft heals. The pro grafting tool ensure proper alignment by using the same blade for cutting both the scion and the stock, whichever the type of graft.
As long as you have rootstock and scion of the same diameter, two centered V-shaped cuts will fit them together perfectly, giving you a stable graft, with maximum cambium contact, ready for taping. With a good taping job, no wax or whipping is needed.
The Standard Grafting Tool is appropriate for stock up to 20mm(4/5″) in diameter. It performs one type of grafts – V-graft.

Materials: aluminum alloy body, and SKS7 blade
Usage: fruit tree grafting
Color: light brown
Cut grafting stocks: from 5mm up to 20mm diameter

Grafting Cutting Tool x 1pc
V-shape Replaceable Blade x 1set

Keep it away from children.
Don’t use it on dry or old hard wood.

Buy with Confidence: Within 90 days, if you’re not completely satisfied with the product quality, please CONTACT US, 100% refund.

Replacement blades of this grafting tool is available here:

Product Features

  • Made of premium material: sturdy aluminum alloy body and replaceable sharp SKS7 blade
  • High survival rate: cuts fit together perfectly for maximum cambium contact, significantly improving the survival rate.
  • Easy to learn and operate: any green hands of grafting will be able to use the tool in a few minutes, no need of pro’s guidance.
  • Super time-saving: cut, join, tape, and the grafting job is done. You don’t have to shave same slopes on both branches with a knife as in the old laborious and time-consuming way.
  • Suitable for grafting fruit tree branches whose diameters are between 5 and 20mm; one set of V shaped replaceable cutting blade included

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3 Responses to “Migiwata Professional Large Grafting Tool for Garden Fruit Trees and Vines, Full Metal Body and Sharp V Type Blade, Cut 5-20mm Dia. Rootstock and Scion, Save 50% of Labor Costs, 90%+ Success Rates”

  1. Easy repeatable grafting Excellent product. Blade is very sharp and does a good job cutting. Using this tool I was able to do 30 whip grafts using the omega cutting blade in about an hour. I did have to change blades after about 50 grafts because it was starting to crush the wood rather than cutting it.One tip that will really help your grafting is to use a pair of digital calipers to ensure you are matching the exact size of your scion and rootstock. You will get a very tight union if you do this…

  2. I’m so happy to have this tool I did grafting in loquat tree right after receiving this tool. The blade is very sharp, the quality of this tool is without complaints. The result of grafting is very successful. I’m so happy to have this tool. It gave me much safe issue to do grafting. I’m strongly recommend this item to the people interested in grafting.

  3. great grafting aid! As a beginning grafter I figured I needed all the help I could get! I read the great reviews and thought why not try it. Glad I did. its makes grafting so much easier for someone just starting out. Have had very good results using this tool. The scion and root stock make a perfect match, thus increasing a successful union of the two. I specialize in Japanese maples and this tool along with increasing skill has added many new maple cultivars for our nursery….Highly recommend!

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