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Video Advertising Vs. Video Marketing

Doodly, doodle video creator, video marketing and explainer video software

Video Advertising and Video Marketing  are not exactly the same. Are you aware of the distinction between these two concepts? Don’t worry if you are confused about it. By the way, most people are. Despite being involved with broadcast and video production for over eleven years I still get confused and need to think about it. I do quite a bit of video marketing myself, particularly explainer video production, as you can see on one of my Facebook pages. So let us talk about the topic of interest here. There are still some significant similarities between the two, and these are becoming less clear as the digital video production continues to advance. I sometimes write about the merging of these two fields due to digital technology.

It may sound arbitrary to distinguish video marketing from video advertising. However, there is a difference. Video advertising is narrower than video marketing. It is, in fact, a component of video marketing. Video advertising tends to explicitly highlight a product or service for the sole purpose of selling it using paid for space. It does not matter if it is on TV or an Internet platform such as a YouTube video or an electronic billboard. Paid for space is usually referred to as advertising, and it may be a part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Suppose that you decide that there are three different ways you are going to target customers. You have two videos describing two related products or services circulating on multiple social media sites. Then you wrote an article for a blog or a newspaper in addition to ad placements in local newspapers. Inside the article, you decide to show an ad. These are all considered multiple instances of advertising, and, together, they are part of your marketing efforts. Thus, video marketing may comprise many instances of advertising videos such as explainer video, video commercial, or a video testimonial from a customer.

Back in 2005, the internet and television/video were two separate entities, as were cell phones. Now, it is impossible to imagine a cell phone without the Internet. Cable television offers Youtube, Netflix, Amazon videos, and others. Cable TV, cell phone, and the Internet have merged into inseparable aspects of our lives. 2005 is only less than 14 years away, but it feels as if it has always been that way. Our lives move so fast now because of this digital-TV merger. Digital bandwidth went from 3G and then 4G, and soon 5G will come to prominence. Back at the beginning of this millennium, most of us were more than happy that the cell phone had replaced the pay phone. Soon, the ability to text our favorite photos was a real perk. Now we not only have the internet in the palm of our hands, but we can also stream live TV. We have to wonder what is next then. Although it appears that I am going off topic here, the adverting industry becomes more complicated. Video advertising is no longer limited to TV. Now many marketing executives have to consider streaming video advertising as an important aspect of their marketing campaigns. As you can see, before what we know now as 4G video advertising was mostly about commercials that we see on TV. A marketing campaign was limited to Billboards, local newspaper or radio ads, unsolicited phone calls, and TV commercials, All of a sudden, the Internet-TV merger makes marketing a lot more complicated.

Marketing = TV Commercials, newspaper ads/ Radio ads, search engine marketing, blogs, and social media

You can certainly imagine a big circle for MARKETING, which can be divided into small circles for various advertising  aspects including billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, TV/Internet commercials, TV/internet explainer videos, search engine marketing (SEO, paper click or per impression advertising), blogs, and social media..  

Now the remarkable emergence of the internet has resulted in streaming, social media, video sharing, photo sharing, apps, downloading etc. When you merge all that with digital video production, you have a very integrated and undefined industry for advertising and marketing videos.  Given all of this information, let us now clearly define Video Marketing compared to Video Advertising.

Video Advertising is a video that explicitly describes a product or service with the intent to attract customers using space offered to the advertiser by a third party that we may call publisher., It could use a platform like TV or internet. These videos, although they may vary in length, are typically short (secs or <2min).

Video Marketing is any type of video that is produced with the intent to promote a brand, and selling may not be a direct measure of the outcome. Therefore, video marketing goes beyond a video ad. It can be a collection of videos to promote a belief that results in more effective video advertising campaigns. For example, branding Apple as a superior company may influence people to have a more positive view of an iPad after a TV ad. In more simple terms, video marketing includes Video ads + branding. They both appeal to emotions, but marketing is deeper. It has a more lasting impact.

An activity that has become very popular in video marketing is explainer video. Explainer videos also vary in length, but they do not just tell you about the features of a product or service. They tell you a story to change your views or instill in you a positive view of something you may have never thought of endorsing or purchasing. Explainer videos target your belief to make you more likely to use a product or the products of a company. Interestingly, many TV ads now begin to adopt the style of an explainer video. The use of explainer videos has stimulated a lot of interest in the development of video marketing software, and developers are making these video marketing tools much easier to use. I highlight below one of the popular software programs, which allows you to make doodle videos. What is remarkable is the versatility of using whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard animations. The software comes with many music clips, and you do not need a powerful video card to use it on a decent computer. I have used it myself among others, and this is the one I would recommend. You can check it out here: the video creator will help you generate powerful Videos Designed to Attract, Engage, & Convert, with whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard animations.

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Doodly, doodle video creator, video marketing and explainer video software
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